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Wed, 22 Feb 2017
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Fluoride's neurotoxicity: Drinking fluoridation chemicals now linked to brain harm & cognitive deficits

A coalition of environmental, medical and health groups, including leading national nonprofit Moms Against Fluoridation (MAF), has served the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with a Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) Petition calling on the Agency to ban the addition of artificial fluoridation chemicals to public water supplies due to the evidence-based risks that drinking fluoridation chemicals poses to the brain.

The TSCA Petition, which includes over 2,500 pages of supporting scientific documentation, claims that drinking fluoride has profound harmful effects on the brain that were never understood years ago when communities started adding the chemicals to the drinking water.

Now that science has extremely sophisticated laboratory tools and technologies, scientists are able to examine the brain in detail as never imagined decades ago. This Petition reveals broad brain changes from fluoride, ranging from IQ deficits, neuroanatomical and chemical changes, to the worrisome effects on the fetal brain.

"In times past when fluoridation was instituted, science only had the scalpel or basic X-ray technology, and we simply weren't able to assess the brain in the way technology can today," states MAF leadership.

Comment: Fluoride: No such thing as a safe level of exposure!


The neuroprotective effects of cannabidiol

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of over 100 active cannabinoids in cannabis. It accounts for 40 percent of the plant's extract and widely considered to be one of it's most powerful constituents that heals cells. Emergency teams in cardiac and stroke units may one day use CBD's neuroprotective effects to prevent the onset of debilitating symptoms developing from stroke and cardiac arrest.

The reason cannabis is so effective medicinally is directly related to its ability to interact with receptors in the body which inhibit inflammation and prevent disease. Cannabis does this so well, that few drugs can compete with its level of potency which come essentially with no side effects.

The new study from China documents"for the first time" how CBD can exert a potentially neuroprotective effect against brain ischemia/reperfusion injury.

Brain ischemia is a common clinical condition, and is involved in many serious diseases, including stroke, cardiac arrest, and respiratory arrest.

Comment: More on CBD:


The fragile vaccine house of cards is tumbling fast

If ever there were a social-political-medical and scientific myth about anything, the current state of vaccinology and vaccine 'science' fits the bill in more ways than healthcare consumers probably even can imagine.

The myth goes back hundreds of years to the unscientific hypothesis and work of Edward Anthony Jenner (1749-1823), who is credited as being the 'father of vaccines' and the 'father of immunology'. First and foremost, Jenner's been touted as being a physician, and that 'factoid' has been disputed over and over again.
It turns out Jenner's first smallpox vaccination experiment (his own son) ended up with brain damage and died young, most likely from a vaccine-related immune deficiency. The medical textbook definition of a vaccine adverse reaction is encephalitis (brain inflammation) which can lead to permanent neurological damage (aka brain damage, autism, developmental delay). [....]

By 1807, he [Jenner] convinced the Royal College of Physicians and the British Parliament that his once defunct and admittedly unprotective vaccine was safe and effective, and as well could produce large revenues.[1] [CJF emphasis added]
Since Jenner obviously was an 'astute' business person, he was able to convince others that his newfangled health hypothesis was a moneymaker.

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The Health & Wellness Show: Digital 'pharmakeia': Glow kids, screen addiction, gaming and the hijacking of children's brains

Join us on this episode of the Health and Wellness show as we talk with Dr. Nicholas Karadaras, Psychotherapist, addiction expert and founder of Hampton's Discover a progressive adolescent treatment program. Dr. Kardaras is the author of a new book - Glow Kids: How Screen Addiction is Hijacking Our Kids and How to Break the Trance. In this episode we discuss the trouble with tech: addiction, gaming induced psychosis, electronic screen syndrome, tablets in schools and the effects of screen addiction on young developing brains. We also discussed possible solutions and how to unplug from the matrix.

Running Time: 01:26:46

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Breaking Interview: Lead Author of 'Dirty Vaccines' Study Speaks Out

In a remarkable new study with potentially immediate and earth-shattering effects on the vaccine industry and the regulatory agencies that oversee their safety, researchers at the National Council of Research of Italy and the International Clean Water Institute, USA have found extensive and inexplicable widespread contamination of vaccines with particles that, according to the authors of the study, clearly should not be present.

The study, published in the International Journal of Vaccines and Vaccination, examined 30 vaccines (44 samples in total), and found particulate matter, in aggregates and clusters. The composition of those clusters, the researchers say, are consistent with "burnt waste". They also found red blood cells of unknown origin, and extensive metal contamination, including lead, chromium and tungsten.

These findings come at time when vaccines are under increasing attack for their likely role in sudden-onset and long-term disorders, including autism, ADHD. HPV vaccines have been linked to Guillan-Barre syndrome, premature ovarian failure (sterility). There is also now a consistent pattern of reports of contamination of vaccines with unwanted viruses and retroviruses, residue from human and pig tissues, and pathogens like bacteria. And while ongoing controversies surround both the vaccine safety science, the US District Court (Eastern Pennsylvania) is reviewing allegations that Merck spiked human serum samples with rabbit antibodies to increase the apparent efficacy of their MMR vaccine to avoid entry of competitor's vaccines into the market.

The authors are certain that no contaminants of this type should be present in any vaccine. In fact, in the one veterinary vaccine tested, the results came back clean - no particulates, aggregates, clusters, metals, or red blood cells.


PUFA: Possibly the worst thing for your health that you eat everyday

We live in a time where is seems as if everything under the sun is bad for us. Some even claim the sun itself is harmful to our health! I try and avoid all these overhyped claims. But there is one consumed food substance that deserves more attention. This substance is far more damaging than the commonly feared foods. Yet is still consumed in enormous quantities around the world on a daily basis. It's a substance that even many health conscious individuals are not even aware of. Meanwhile it's consumption is linked to heart disease, obesity and even cancer.

I am referring to Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids. Also known as PUFA's. In particular Omega 6 PUFAs.

Comment: For some more information on the health consequences of consuming dietary omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids, see the following articles:


Yale University study shows association between vaccines and brain disorders

© New York Magazine
A team of researchers from the Yale School of Medicine and Penn State College of Medicine have found a disturbing association between the timing of vaccines and the onset of certain brain disorders in a subset of children.

Analyzing five years' worth of private health insurance data on children ages 6-15, these scientists found that young people vaccinated in the previous three to 12 months were significantly more likely to be diagnosed with certain neuropsychiatric disorders than their non-vaccinated counterparts.

This new study, which raises important questions about whether over-vaccination may be triggering immune and neurological damage in a subset of vulnerable children (something parents of children with autism have been saying for years), was published in the peer-reviewed journal Frontiers in Psychiatry, Jan. 19.

More than 95,000 children in the database that were analyzed had one of seven neuropsychiatric disorders: anorexia nervosa, anxiety disorder, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), bipolar disorder, major depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) and tic disorder.

Comment: For more information, see: Mercury, Vaccines and the CDC's Worst Nightmare:
Pharma is the largest lobbyist in Washington. It now has more lobbyists on Capitol Hill than there are Congresspeople. The industry spends twice as much on lobbying as oil and gas and almost four times as much as the defense and aerospace industries. Imagine that! Congress was already drowning in Pharma money in 1986 when it gave those companies immunity from lawsuits arising from vaccine injury. In that way, vaccine makers rid themselves of the courts and the lawyers. With Congress and the regulatory agencies already captured, Pharma succeeded in thereby eliminating the final check and balance against bad corporate behavior in a free market. Once they were liberated from liability, vaccines became a major industry profit center. It was that legislation that launched the vaccine bonanza that began in 1988. ~ Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


Infant twins die simultaneously after vaccines, medical board rules 'just a coincidence'

© Stock photo of infant twins
Given that the sudden and simultaneous deaths of twins rarely occur, you would think- especially given the fact that they had been recently vaccinated - that it would receive quite a bit of attention. However, this story went largely unreported. (In order for twins to meet the criteria for simultaneous SIDS both babies must have died independently and within the same 24 hour time period.)

PubMed reports that identical twin girls, aged 3.5-months and delivered via c-section, were found dead (by their poor momma) in their crib, both laying face up. Not surprisingly, both babies were healthy will no serious medical history. Two days before their death, both of the girls had received their second dose of oral polio, DPT, and their first dose of hepatitis B vaccines. They had a fever the day after the vaccines and were given a teaspoon of acetaminophen.

All that and yet, "the death scene investigation, judicial investigation, parental assessment, macroscopic and microscopic autopsy findings and the toxicological analysis didn't yield any specific cause of death." Because the case was so rare it was referred to a board of multidisciplinary medical professionals at the Institute of Forensic Medicine, in the Ministry of Justice, in Istanbul. And yet, the Board still decided that the data they had was consistent with SIDS.

(Let this sink in: a medical journal is reporting that twins, who were recently vaccinated, both died but it's nothing more than the luck of the draw. Unexplainable. That makes about as much sense as pediatricians who claim some kids "just get fevers all the time.")

Comment: Dirty Vaccines: Every human vaccine tested in new study was contaminated with metals and debris

Evil Rays

Exposure of Latino children to air pollution linked to increased diabetes risk - study

© Lucy Nicholson / Reuters
Hundreds of Latino children who were studied for over a decade faced a heightened risk of developing Type 2 diabetes after exposure to nitrogen dioxide and tiny pollutants from cars and power plants, a new report finds.

A recent study from scientists at the University of Southern California (USC) tracked 314 overweight Latino children living in areas with high levels of air pollution, and found they had an increased risk of contracting Type 2 diabetes.

The study is the first to find a correlation between air pollution and diabetes risk.

The children who participated in the study came from areas that, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), have excess nitrogen dioxide and tiny air pollution particles that are created from automobiles and power plants. Over 12 years of testing, scientists found that chronic exposure to these conditions was linked to a breakdown of insulin-creating cells in the pancreas, called beta cells, which help maintain blood sugar levels.

Every year, the children were asked to fast before they came into the Childhood Obesity Research Center at USC, where scientists measured their glucose and insulin levels. They found that when the children turned 18 years old, they had about 36 percent more insulin than normal, meaning their bodies were becoming less responsive to insulin.

"It has been the conventional wisdom that this increase in diabetes is the result of an uptick in obesity due to sedentary lifespans and calorie-dense diets," Frank Gilliland, senior author said in the study. "Our study shows air pollution also contributes to Type 2 diabetes risk."

The team at USC concluded that long-term exposure to air pollution had a greater effect than gaining 5 percent body weight.

The study suggests that people who want to reduce their risk should avoid exposure to air pollution as much as possible, especially young children and infants.


Lead levels elevated in bloodstreams of 6K Southern California workers

© News Tribune
Shipyard workers exposed to lead.
Increased lead levels have been found in the blood of more than 6,000 construction and manufacturing workers in California, a new report says. Such increases can lead to problems such as kidney disease and hypertension.

The report by the California Department of Health's Occupational Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, contains the results of blood tests conducted on 38,440 workers between the years of 2012 and 2014. Of the workers tested, 6,051 were found to have elevated levels of lead in their bloodstream, which is defined as five micrograms or more per deciliter (about 3.3 ounces) of blood.

Most of those found to have elevated levels of lead in their system were men between the ages of 20 and 59, and had Hispanic surnames. Many lived in Southern California, particularly in Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties.

A total of 14,002 workers had two or more blood lead level (BLL) tests, of which 2,782 (20 percent) were found to have elevated lead levels multiple times. Such chronic exposure increases the risk for health effects including hypertension, kidney disease, cognitive dysfunction, and adverse reproductive outcomes, according to the report.

Comment: Companies put on notice by regulatory agencies, such as OSHA, tend to make deals. They opt to lower the settlement penalty by promising to fix safety and health issues in exchange for not having to admit fault or liability for violations alleged to have taken place. This obviously lets the company off the hook for major medical culpability. Workers should determine if safety and health issues are being met with their interests in mind when they take jobs in toxic conditions.