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A frenemy fungus provides clues about a new deadly one

© Kateryna Kon/Shutterstock.com
The fungus Candida albicans causes candidiasis, or thrush.
It seems like every few years there's a virus or bacterium that threatens human health in a new way. But a new fungus that is a threat to humans? That doesn't happen very often. That's why we in the medical mycology community - the people who study dangerous fungi - are so intrigued and concerned by news reports about a new, deadly fungus called Candida auris.

C. auris is believed to have been first identified in 2009 in the ear canal of a patient in Japan, but has taken the medical community by surprise with its rapid spread across the globe in the last decade. C. auris has now been detected in about 20 countries and shows no evidence of stopping.

What makes this well-traveled fungus fascinating and scary? Unlike other species of Candida, it is known to survive in hospital rooms for prolonged periods of time and is responsible for several outbreaks due to patient-to-patient transmission. The most concerning characteristic of this fungus, however, is its ability to withstand anti-fungal treatment.

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Objective:Health #12 - The New Red Scare - Freaking Out About the Measles

O:H Measles Header
The measles are coming! The measles are coming!

Recent "scare media" reports would have us believe the measles is a deadly 'disease', and our governments are reacting to any surfacing of measles infections with quarantines worthy of an Ebola outbreak.

However, prior to the release of the vaccine, measles was thought of as being relatively benign - requiring only a few days of rest before being completely free of the infection, while getting the benefit of lifetime immunity from future infections.

So why is measles currently treated as a deadly modern plague while the last generation used it as a plot device for comedy on sit-coms? Is all the panic really justified?

Join us for a fascinating discussion of the measles, including the media and government's overreactions, mandatory vaccinations, as well as actual health BENEFITS of natural, wild measles infections and new research involving therapeutic uses of the measles virus in fighting cancer.

And stay tuned for Zoya's Pet Health Segment, where she talks about reading cat behavioral cues.

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ZERO U.S. Measles Deaths in 10 Years, but Over 100 Measles Vaccine Deaths Reported https://healthimpactnews.com/2015/zero-u-s-measles-deaths-in-10-years-but-over-100-measles-vaccine-deaths-reported/

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Eating at the right time may reduce adverse effects of shift work and jet lag

Shift Worker
© Pixabay
British researchers have identified insulin's role in helping keep the body clock functioning properly. The hormone acts as a signal to let different cellular processes operate in line with each other.
Knowing the right time of day to eat can help improve the health of people working on a shift or those suffering from jet lag.

In a study featured in the journal Cell, researchers from the Medical Research Council and The University of Manchester have identified how insulin signals the proper timing of meals in line with the body's circadian rhythm.

By understanding how the hormone works, scientists may be able to develop new ways to mitigate the effects of body clock disruptions on people's health. Some of these include eating at the right time or taking medicines designed to trigger insulin production.

"We already know that modern society poses many challenges to our health and wellbeing - things that are viewed as commonplace, such as shift-work, sleep deprivation, and jet lag, disrupt our body clock," said Dr. David Bechtold, senior lecturer at Manchester and one of the authors of the study.

"It is now becoming clear that circadian disruption is increasing the incidence and severity of many diseases, including cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes."


Teen cheerleader's sudden death was caused by strep: 'We wouldn't wish this nightmare on anyone'

A 13-year-old Kentucky girl
A 13-year-old Kentucky girl who died hours after falling ill at her cheer competition was suffering from strep, her family has learned, two months after the sudden loss.

"Apparently, an underlying Strep infection overwhelmed her immune system with little or no warning, and catastrophic results," the family of eighth-grader Lilliana Schalck said in a statement. "We wouldn't wish this nightmare on anyone."

But Lilliana's family said in the statement that speaking publicly about her autopsy report "might help prevent a similar outcome for someone else."

"Lilliana would surely help if she could, and this is just an extension of that spirit."

Alarm Clock

A case study of how Pharma is killing science


Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Note
: Even the editors of the leading medical and scientific journals admit that Pharmaceutical companies have taken control of the medical publication industry so completely that most peer-reviewed articles about pharmaceutical products are the product of manipulation and fraud. In 2003, Dr. Richard Horton, the editor-in-Chief of The Lancet, the world's most prestigious medical journal acknowledged that peer-reviewed journals have "devolved into information laundering operations for the pharmaceutical industry " Science, he added "has taken a turn toward darkness." The BMJ (British Medical Journal) editor Dr Peter Doshi concurred, adding that data cited in many articles "is insufficient to the point of being misleading." Former New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM) editor, Marcia Angel observes that: "It is no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published or to rely on the judgement of trusted physicians...I take no pleasure in this conclusion which I reached reluctantly over my two decades as editor of the New England Journal of Medicine."

Medical journals are today utterly dependent on pharmaceutical industry advertising which can account for up to 99% of revenues. Journal editors routinely accept kickbacks from Pharma. This power has given Pharma the capacity to plant fraudulent studies about vaccine safety and to kill or force retraction of peer-reviewed studies that raise questions about vaccine safety and efficacy. The latest casualty in Pharma's war against truth is an alarming 2019 study showing grotesque behavioral abnormalities in sheep injected with aluminum adjuvants similar to those found in Merck's Gardasil and Hepatitis B vaccines.

Comment: Read more about Autoimmune/Inflammatory Syndrome Induced by Adjuvants:


Measles outbreak: Quarantines issued at UCLA, Cal State LA; hundreds of students, faculty under orders

Health officials issued quarantines at UCLA and Cal State, Los Angeles to prevent the spread of measles, with more than 100 students and faculty members at each university under quarantine orders.

UCLA said 117 students and faculty are being held while they await medical records to determine whether they're immune to the illness. More than 500 students, faculty and staff who may have come into contact with a student who contracted measles were screened. The student with measles attended classes at Franz Hall and Boelter Hall on April 2, 4 and 9 while contagious, according to UCLA.

"We expect that those notified will be quarantined for approximately 24-48 hours until their proof of immunity is established. A few may need to remain in quarantine for up to seven days. We have arranged for those who live on campus to be cared for at UCLA while they are quarantined," UCLA said in a statement.

Some students at UCLA said they were unaware of the quarantine order.

Comment: See also: CDC scaremongering: US measles cases approaching record number for the decade

Evil Rays

Lloyds and other insurers refuse to cover health claims caused by 5G wireless technologies

5G technology

No part of the country will be safe from ultra-high frequency signals.

Lloyds of London, one of the world's premier insurance groups, is refusing to insure health claims made against 5G wireless ("wi-fi") technologies.

How curious that Lloyds of London has excluded from their policies any negative health effects caused by wi-fi technologies. Now, WHY would Lloyds leave all that money on the table if these technologies are so safe? And, why are other insurance companies following Lloyds' lead?

If you think that following-the-money provides insights, you'll probably conclude that something VERY BIG is embedded in this decision.

Here's some background (including links):

The FCC and other government regulatory bodies, in collusion with the big telecomm industries, are ferociously pushing smart meters, 5G and the Internet of Things.

This roll-out is not only happening in the US, but all over the world. The giant telecomms gush enthusiastically about how EVERYTHING will be connected

Comment: 5G wifi: A global health catastrophe in the making
I live in Vienna, Austria, where the 5G rollout is suddenly upon us. Within the last five weeks, pre-5G has been officially announced at Vienna airport and 5G at the Rathausplatz, the main square in Vienna, which attracts tens of thousands of visitors to its Christmas market each December and skating rink each January, which are special treats for children. Along with birds and insects, children are the most vulnerable to 5G depredation because of their little bodies.

Friends and acquaintances and their children in Vienna are already reporting the classic symptoms of EMR poisoning: nosebleeds, headaches, eye pains, chest pains, nausea, fatigue, vomiting, tinnitus, dizziness, flu-like symptoms, and cardiac pain. They also report a tight band around the head; pressure on the top of the head; short, stabbing pains around the body; and buzzing internal organs. Other biological effects such as tumours and dementia usually take longer to manifest, but in the case of 5G, which has never been tested for health or safety, who knows?
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Japan leads the way: No vaccine mandates and no MMR vaccine = Healthier children

incentive trap
In the United States, many legislators and public health officials are busy trying to make vaccines de facto compulsory - either by removing parental/personal choice given by existing vaccine exemptions or by imposing undue quarantines and fines on those who do not comply with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's (CDC's) vaccine edicts. Officials in California are seeking to override medical opinion about fitness for vaccination, while those in New York are mandating the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine for 6-12-month-old infants for whom its safety and effectiveness "have not been established."

American children would be better served if these officials - before imposing questionable and draconian measures - studied child health outcomes in Japan. With a population of 127 million, Japan has the healthiest children and the very highest "healthy life expectancy" in the world - and the least vaccinated children of any developed country. The U.S., in contrast, has the developed world's most aggressive vaccination schedule in number and timing, starting at pregnancy, at birth and in the first two years of life. Does this make U.S. children healthier? The clear answer is no. The U.S. has the very highest infant mortality rate of all industrialized countries, with more American children dying at birth and in their first year than in any other comparable nation - and more than half of those who survive develop at least one chronic illness. Analysis of real-world infant mortality and health results shows that U.S. vaccine policy does not add up to a win for American children.

Comment: While the correlation between infant mortality rates and vaccination rates doesn't necessarily imply causation (that vaccines cause child deaths) it is rather suspicious. If not vaccines, what could be causing such high infant mortality rates in the US? At the very least, this should be the subject of an intensive review to figure out just what's going on. This will likely never be done, however, given the pull of Big Pharma and the risk of them looking bad.

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Bacon n Eggs

Why food could be the best medicine of all

blueberry syringe
© Zachary Zavislak
When Tom Shicowich's toe started feeling numb in 2010, he brushed it off as a temporary ache. At the time, he didn't have health insurance, so he put off going to the doctor. The toe became infected, and he got so sick that he stayed in bed for two days with what he assumed was the flu. When he finally saw a doctor, the physician immediately sent Shicowich to the emergency room. Several days later, surgeons amputated his toe, and he ended up spending a month in the hospital to recover.

Shicowich lost his toe because of complications of Type 2 diabetes as he struggled to keep his blood sugar under control. He was overweight and on diabetes medications, but his diet of fast food and convenient, frozen processed meals had pushed his disease to life-threatening levels.

After a few more years of trying unsuccessfully to treat Shicowich's diabetes, his doctor recommended that he try a new program designed to help patients like him. Launched in 2017 by the Geisinger Health System at one of its community hospitals, the Fresh Food Farmacy provides healthy foods - heavy on fruits, vegetables, lean meats and low-sodium options - to patients in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, and teaches them how to incorporate those foods into their daily diet. Each week, Shicowich, who lives below the federal poverty line and is food-insecure, picks up recipes and free groceries from the Farmacy's food bank and has his nutrition questions answered and blood sugar monitored by the dietitians and health care managers assigned to the Farmacy. In the year and a half since he joined the program, Shicowich has lost 60 lb., and his A1C level, a measure of his blood sugar, has dropped from 10.9 to 6.9, which means he still has diabetes but it's out of the dangerous range. "It's a major, major difference from where I started from," he says. "It's been a life-changing, lifesaving program for me."

Comment: Consider it's often poor food choices that get people into their sick states in the first place, it only makes sense that changing people's diets can have beneficial results. While the interventions mentioned are positive on the whole, it would be nice to see some interventions reflective of the latest research on diets like Paleo, Ketogenic or Carnivore. One can only imagine, given the anecdotal and scientific results reported, what sort of healing we could see.

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WSU researchers see health effects across generations from glyphosate

biologist Michael Skinner WSU
© Washington State University
Washington State University biologist Michael Skinner WSU researchers seen health effects across generations from the popular weed killer glyphosate.
Washington State University researchers have found a variety of diseases and other health problems in the second- and third-generation offspring of rats exposed to glyphosate, the world's most popular weed killer. In the first study of its kind, the researchers saw descendants of exposed rats developing prostate, kidney and ovarian diseases, obesity and birth abnormalities.

Michael Skinner, a WSU professor of biological sciences, and his colleagues exposed pregnant rats to the herbicide between their eighth and 14th days of gestation. The dose - half the amount expected to show no adverse effect - produced no apparent ill effects on either the parents or the first generation of offspring.

But writing in the journal Scientific Reports, the researchers say they saw "dramatic increases" in several pathologies affecting the second and third generations. The second generation had "significant increases" in testis, ovary and mammary gland diseases, as well as obesity. In third-generation males, the researchers saw a 30 percent increase in prostate disease - three times that of a control population. The third generation of females had a 40 percent increase in kidney disease, or four times that of the controls.

Comment: The the number toxic effects of glyphosate coming to light keep adding up more and more. While some states and countries are reading the writing on the wall and instituting or proposing bans, it seems that many are more inclined to believe Monsanto's propaganda, that the herbicide is harmless. But as the study above suggests, it may be future generations that pay the ultimate price for our ignorance.

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