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Mon, 25 Mar 2019
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Frankenfish Alert: US regulators clear path for genetically modified salmon

© Alexi Hobbs/AquaBountyTechnologies via AP
This 2016 photo provided by Alexi Hobbs shows salmon raised at the AquaBountyTechnologies hatchery in Fortune, Prince Edward Island, Canada. On Friday, March 8, 2019, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said it had lifted an alert had that had prevented AquaBounty from importing its salmon eggs to its Indiana facility, where they would be grown before being sold as food.
U.S. regulators on Friday gave the green light to salmon genetically modified to grow about twice as fast as normal, but the company behind it may face legal challenges before the fish can be sold domestically.

The Food and Drug Administration said it lifted an alert that had prevented AquaBounty from importing its salmon eggs to its Indiana facility, where they would be grown before being sold as food. The agency noted the salmon has already undergone safety reviews, and that it lifted its alert because the fish would be subject to a new regulation that will require companies to disclose when a food is bioengineered.

Comment: The GMO technology that created the Frankenfish is NOT a 10,000-year tradition of genetic manipulation by farmers. It is mad science, where animals are manipulated in a lab with untested consequences to human health, animal welfare and the environment. The following are just a few examples of biotech mad science gone wild:
The latest news on the Genetically Modified foods front is the FDA approval of the GMO salmon in the US, or "Frankenfish", as it's not-so-affectionately termed. This marks the first genetically modified animal food to be approved for entry into our food chain, and its approval in other countries is anticipated to follow, despite widespread public outcry.


Virus outbreak leaves US warship quarantined at sea for 2 months

USS Fort McHenry

The USS Fort McHenry warship (pictured) is currently operating in the Persian Gulf
A US warship has been quarantined at sea for two months due to a virus outbreak.

Of the 703 sailors and marines aboard the USS Fort McHenry, 25 have been diagnosed with parotitis, a viral infection similar to mumps, according to US military officials.

The ship is currently operating in the Persian Gulf in the Middle East.

The virus broke out in December and the most recent case was reported on March 9.

The patients were quarantined and treated in the ship's medical facility after the parotitis spread across the ship.

Comment: Outbreaks of all kinds appear to be on the increase all over the planet, check out the links below to see just how often these unusual outbreaks are being reported:


Health censorship! Amazon bans books related to autism cures and vaccine truth

amazon ban
Amazon is removing books that promote supposed "cures" for autism, the Associated Press reports. It's part of an effort by several big tech companies to cut down on the spread of misinformation about vaccines.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says there is no cure for autism spectrum disorder, only medications that can help some function better. Decades of medical research has also consistently shown there is no link between vaccines and autism.

Comment: Untrue. One of the CDC's own doctors, William Thompson, blew the whistle on the link between vaccines and autism -- using the CDC's own data -- back in 2014.

A spokeswoman for Amazon.com Inc. confirmed the books were no longer available on the site, but did not provide additional information, according to the AP.

Last week, fellow tech giant Facebook announced it is cracking down on the spread of vaccine misinformation. Facebook will now reduce the rankings of pages and groups that promote medical myths across the platform, taking action against verifiable vaccine hoaxes, the company said. According to the company, the steps it is taking will make misinformation appear less frequently in News Feeds, public and private pages and groups, search predictions and recommendations.

Comment: So many lies, so little real science. One thing is true: Facebook, YouTube and Amazon are establishment gatekeepers.


Child cancer clinic in Russia accused of infecting over 100 patients with Hepatitis C

Drawing blood
© Sputnik / Grigory Sysoev
A Russian hospital specializing in treating children with cancer stands accused of years of negligence, with over 100 patients reportedly infected with Hepatitis C. Management has denied responsibility.

The hospital, which is located in Blagoveshchensk in Russia's Far East, is currently being investigated by federal law enforcement. A probe was launched after parents who claimed their children had been infected filed a complaint. The scandal came to public attention last December, with the reported number of victims growing from a few to 26 to over 100 on Thursday.

The latest accusation comes from Kommersant newspaper, which cited one of the parents involved in the case, who asked for anonymity to shield her from possible pressure.

"After this got into the press, more parents came up saying their children got infected with Hepatitis C after being treated there. We stopped the list at 100 cases, which happened between 2013 and December 2018. In the last three years it was about 60 people."


Controversial chef/host Pete Evans urges fans to ask questions, sharing anti-vax podcast

Pete Evans
© Channel 7
Evans has shared a number of increasingly radical views over recent years and entered into regular stoushes with medical leaders.
MKR host Pete Evans has flirted with a new anti-vax stance, urging his followers to ask questions about vaccination and medicine.

Posting yesterday to his Instagram account, Evans shared links to the podcast of anti-vax parent and exercise coach Paul Chek as he interviewed a fellow anti-vaxxer, osteopath Sherri Tenpenny.

In the podcast, Dr Tenpenny, who is well-known in the US for her views, shared provocative opinions about the intellectual superiority of unvaccinated children, and argued that all doctors are uneducated about vaccines.

Comment: You've got to hand it to Evans - he's clearly not afraid to bring up controversial issues and put forward perspectives well outside the mainstream. In general, you know a person is on the right track when they get smeared by the mainstream media simply for sharing something on Instagram!

More on Pete Evans:


Why so many babies are getting their tongues clipped

infant baby
© Shutterstock

In recent years, surging numbers of infants have gotten minor surgeries for "tongue tie," to help with breastfeeding or prevent potential health issues. But research suggests many of those procedures could be unnecessary.

It's uttered in hushed tones during mommy-and-me yoga classes and at Montessori-school drop-offs, discussed ad nauseam in breastfeeding support groups and on parenting message boards.

It's called tongue tie, and it's everywhere. In online mom groups, it's blamed for all sorts of parenting woes. Baby isn't gaining weight, or won't take a bottle? Have you tried checking for ties? Kid won't nap? It's probably related to tongue tie. Baby have a rash? Check under the tongue!

Comment: See also:


Why herd immunity is a hoax

herd of sheep
The following referenced information contains opinion and perspective on a health topic related to vaccine science, policy, law or ethics that is being discussed in public forums, including in medical, law and other professional journals; newspapers, magazines and other print; broadcast and online media outlets; state legislatures and the U.S. Congress.

Readers are encouraged to go to the websites of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) for the perspective of federal agencies responsible for making national vaccine policy recommendations; to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for information on regulating vaccines for safety and effectiveness; to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for research related to vaccine use; and to National Institutes of Health's National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) for information on the development of new vaccines.

The World Health Organization has stated that "vaccine hesitancy" is one of the top 10 global public health threats.

Comment: The herd immunity argument is diabolically genius in persuading people to get vaccinated. By making it seem like your choice not to vaccinate affects the entire population it induces guilt as well as the ire of true believers (almost everyone at this point). You'll either be guilted into getting vaccinated or bullied into it by your peers. Never mind that vaccines don't confer herd immunity, it's opposite has been repeated enough in the MSM to make that inconvenient truth unthinkable by the masses.

See also:


Hit the lights, it's time for a nap!

sleeping at the office
© Jason Lee/Reuters
Ma Zhenguo, a system engineer at Renren Inc in Beijing, sleeping at the office of the Chinese credit-management company on 27 April 2016.
A few months ago, two Americans arrived for a meeting at a sprawling, corporate campus in Sichuan Province in China. (They asked not to be named because their work is confidential.) To get to the conference room, they crossed a vast span of cubicles where hundreds of young engineers were busy at their desks, a scene replicated on every floor of the 10-storey building. The meeting was to discuss a dense, text-heavy document, and it began with the client reviewing the day's agenda: they'd talk until 11am, break for lunch, have nap time, and then start again at 2pm.

Lunch was in a cafeteria the size of a football field where women with hair nets and soup ladles regulated the movement of a column of people. The visitors lost sight of their hosts, so they got into line, bolted down their meal, and retraced their way to the building where they'd had their meeting. When the elevator door opened, the window blinds were drawn, the computer screens were off, and the whole floor lay in grey shadow. The workday could have been over but for the fact that people lay about everywhere, as switched off as the ceiling lights.

The Americans hadn't seen anything like it since morning-after scenes at their college fraternities. They had to step over some bodies. Other people were tilted forward in their seats with their faces on their desks, like they'd been knocked out from behind, while others still had cleared their desks and lay on them face-up.

The Americans hoped that their hosts, upper-tier executives, would be awake in the meeting room, but they were just as dead to the world as everyone else. One of the Americans coughed into his fist. No one stirred. There were still 45 minutes to go till the 2pm meeting. So he took a seat and pretended to join the mass nap. He didn't feel like sleeping and would have felt too vulnerable even if he did, but it was a tight space, the woman facing him, a lawyer, was snoring away, and he was afraid that, if she woke up, she'd think he was staring at her. 'I figured it was safer if I just closed my eyes,' he told me.

Comment: See also:

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Objective:Health - Are We Born to Run... Barefoot?

objective health run barefoot
Ever since humans have existed, we've been running. In many ways, it seems we were born to run. Running increases muscle mass, cardiovascular fitness, bone density, improves insulin sensitivity and helps to reduce stress. It also has many brain benefits, including helping with learning, strengthening focus, increasing motivation and more. Put simply, running improves quality of life in many unexpected ways.

But what if we're doing it wrong? It turns out that the way we've all become accustomed to running, with our "high tech" shoes and gear, may actually be detrimental to our bodies. Nature seems to have designed our bodies perfectly for running, so why are we listening to billion-dollar sneaker companies and messing with our perfect system? Barefoot running, or minimal running, is becoming more and more popular in the running world, citing benefits from lower injury rate to improved posture.

Is it time to ditch the shoes and get back to nature like a bunch of hippies? Join us for a lively discussion on the benefits of running and how to do it right!

And stay tuned for Pet Health with Zoya. This week she shares tips on how to tell if your dog has arthritis.

Running Time: 01:10:25

Download: MP3 - 64.7 MB


The Impact of Vaccines on Mortality Decline Since 1900—According to Published Science

Graph Down
By JB Handley, Children's Health Defense Director and Co-Founder of Generation Rescue
Since 1900, there's been a 74% decline in mortality rates in developed countries, largely due to a marked decrease in deaths from infectious diseases. How much of this decline was due to vaccines? The history and data provide clear answers that matter greatly in today's vitriolic debate about vaccines.

CHICAGO, Illinois —Since 1900, the mortality rate in America and other first-world countries has declined by roughly 74%, creating a dramatic improvement in quality of life and life expectancy for Americans.

The simple question: "How did this happen?"