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Mon, 21 Oct 2019
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Parents shocked as UK schools teach 6-10yo kids to touch their 'private parts' in beds & showers

School girls
© Jean-Paul Pelissier / Reuters
Parents in Britain are outraged after more than 240 primary schools introduced lessons on "self-stimulation" for children as young as six as part of their sex education program.

A teaching manual, published by the Mail on Sunday, instructs how to teach children aged six to ten about "the rules of self-stimulation." The lessons are part of the new All About Me program rolled out in more than 240 primary schools in central England's Warwickshire County. The program, in turn, is designed to be taught in accordance with the compulsory Relationship and Sex Education (RSE), which will be implemented all across the UK next September.

In the section called 'Touching Myself', the teachers are advised to tell the youngsters that "lots of people like to tickle or stroke themselves as it might feel nice," including touching their "private parts." The children are told that this is "really very normal," despite the fact that "some people may get cross or say that it is dirty."

The children are then warned that it is "not polite" to touch themselves in class or other public places, and they should "only" do it when they "are alone, perhaps in the bath or shower or in bed."


Dr. Gary Null: Communications Decency Act Immunity Letter

Dear Senator:
It is time for Congress to take action and remove immunity under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act ("CDA"). The immunity has allowed the big tech companies - the companies that control the information received by the American public - to shield themselves from liability while they abuse their power to censor viewpoints they disagree with. The immunity has left big tech companies no motivation to follow their policies or have a neutral point of view, no motivation to protect the First Amendment right to free speech, no motivation to protect a person's right not to be defamed. Congress has a responsibility to the American public to remove an immunity that hinders rather than protects their First Amendment right to free speech, to protect them from defamation. And for decades Congress has neglected that responsibility.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr: The government is covering up vaccine deaths

© Sleuth Journal
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is continuing his personal crusade against Big Pharma and Big Government collusion, authoring a hard-hitting article explaining that the government are withholding information from the public about vaccines - and covering up vaccine deaths - in order to protect pharmaceutical companies.

RFK Jr. writes:

Vaccine scientists and the public health community cautiously and occasionally will admit that vaccines can cause adverse reactions just like "any other medication or biological product." Although experts are less willing to openly disclose the fact that adverse reactions can and do include death, one has only to look at reports to the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) to see that mortality is a possible outcome.

Comment: Interview with Dr. Jacob Puliyel: WHO's revised norms are allowing the use of unsafe vaccines

Microscope 2

Ancient viruses could help kill cancers

virus papioma
DNA "echoes" of viruses that infected our ancestors millions of years ago could help the immune system to identify and kill cancer cells, according to new research from Crick scientists.

The new study, published in Genome Research, looked at "endogenous retroviruses," fragments of DNA in the human genome that were left behind by viruses that infected our ancestors.

Over millions of years, our ancestors were infected with countless viruses and their DNA now makes up more of our genome than human genes. Approximately 8 percent of the human genome is made up of retroviral DNA, while known genes only make up 1-2 percent.

Comment: See also: Also check out SOTT radio's:


New York bans unvaccinated children from public schools

School bus
© REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton
Orthodox Jewish boy walks by a Yeshiva school bus in New York City
Under a new law that just went into effect in New York, children who were not vaccinated on religious grounds will no longer be permitted to attend public elementary schools in the state.

The new law, which was passed in June and took effect on Friday, gave parents of unvaccinated children a 14-day deadline from the start of the school year to show they had taken steps to give their children at least the first age-appropriate dose in each required immunization, such as the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine.

Comment: See also: Jessica Biel joins anti-vaccine activist RFK Jr. to lobby against California pro-vaccination bill

Black Cat

Teen's bizarre sudden-onset schizophrenia & hallucinations caused by something millions of us own

Mean looking cat
© Pixabay / Martin Fuhrmann
The teen's cat harbored a dangerous pathogen.
In 2015, a 14-year-old patient developed rapid-onset schizophrenia with hallucinations, thoughts of suicide and homicide. He also believed his cat was trying to kill him, which was closer to the truth than you might think.

His pet cat was not, in fact, a homicidal maniac but it did harbor the pathogen Bartonella henselae, which is associated with 'cat scratch disease.'

This bacterium is typically found in cat blood, particularly that of kittens, and just one bite or scratch can be enough to transmit the pathogen to humans, causing localized swelling and lesions, in addition to issues in the heart and nervous system.

Now, according to new research by scientists at North Carolina State University, in extremely rare cases, 'cat scratch disease' may also induce extreme schizophrenia.

The unnamed patient developed psychiatric symptoms in 2015, claiming to be the "damned son of the devil" while experiencing violent outbursts and suspecting that the family cat was trying to kill him.

Eye 1

Woman who cries crystals instead of tears baffles doctors

© Mara Brandl / imageBROKER.com via GlobalLookPress.com
An Armenian woman whose eyes weep crystal-like discharges instead of watery tears has left doctors baffled by the bizarre and painful condition, according to local reports.

Satenik Karazian, 22, from the Shirak region, started experiencing symptoms two months ago. Initially, she'd thought she got some dust in her eyes at the dentist, then her family suspected it was a shard of glass.

Evil Rays

Why the Swiss are rebelling against 5G rollout

Bern 5G protest
A woman protests the rollout of 5G at a demonstration in Bern in May.
Switzerland was among the first countries to begin deploying 5G, but health fears over radiation from the antennas that carry the next-generation mobile technology have sparked a nationwide revolt.

Demonstrators against the technology are due to fill the streets of Bern later this month, but already a number of cantons have been pressured to put planned constructions of 5G-compatible antennae on ice.

The technology has been swept up in the deepening trade war between China and the United States, which has tried to rein in Chinese giant Huawei - the world's leader in superfast 5G equipment - over fears it will allow Beijing to spy on communications from countries that use its products and services.

Comment: The fact that the Swiss are informed and motivated enough to organize opposition shows that they're still able to think. Meanwhile, the rest of the Western world is complaining they're not getting their increased radiation dosage fast enough.

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Objective:Health: #31 - The Vaping Crisis - They're Coming For Your Vapes!

O:H header
Across the US, hundreds of people have come down with a severe and mysterious respiratory illness that seems to be linked to vaping the act of inhaling vapor produced by a vaporizer or electronic cigarette which has surged in popularity in recent years. The FDA announced a criminal probe into vaping as the number of reported cases of lung illnesses linked to the practice rose to 530. Some states and cities have already banned flavoured vape products, with Trump talking about a nation wide ban.

But are the bans necessary? Researchers have yet to figure out what about vaping is causing these issues. Vaping has been around for over a decade, yet only now are people coming down with this condition. Is this reactionary nanny-state solution really warranted?

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health as we dig deep into this latest panic gripping the US.

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Pesticides? 'Mystery' lingers over more cases of infant birth defects in Europe

German babies deformities, pesticide residues infant deforities
Authorities are at a loss to explain why several babies born in a west German province have similar hand deformities. One hospital, where three such cases were seen, described the baffling phenomenon as "striking."

With "no nationwide registry" to keep track of deformities, the St. Mary's Hospital in Gelsenkirchen, near Dortmund, has admitted it is difficult to accurately monitor the situation or establish any kind of pattern.

Three babies were born at the hospital with undeveloped palms and fingers on one hand, between June and September this year. RT has twice contacted both the city administration of Gelsenkirchen and St Mary's Hospital seeking more information on the situation, but has received no response.

In a public statement, the hospital said it had not seen deformities of this kind "for many years." It left open the possibility that three cases so close together might simply be a "random accumulation," but admitted that it found "the brief period in which we are now seeing these three cases" is "striking."

Could there have been even more?

Comment: The similarity to the birth defects noted in France and the fact that all cases were in the same locality points suspiciously to the effects of pesticide spraying. Given the links between birth defects and pesticides along with companies such as Monsanto/Bayer who are known for their methods of obstructing investigations - there's probably less of a 'mystery' than an unwillingness to admit the obvious. See: