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Fri, 29 Jul 2016
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Crazy? Psychiatrist uses fever machine to treat depression

In Ancient Rome, people suffering from melancholia were sometimes treated with warm baths. Today, Arizona psychiatrist Charles Raison is trying to revive the idea behind the practice by studying the effects of high temperatures on depression.

Even as Americans consume psychiatric medications by the fistful (about one in eight Americans are on an anti-depressant) psychiatry is in a state of disarray. Some studies claim that anti-depressants rely on a placebo effect, pseudo-science pervades addiction treatment, and critics of Big Pharma argue that depression and other mental illnesses have been marketed around the globe in order to create demand for their products.

While the number of people who identify as having a mental illness has grown, so has the proliferation of treatments: mental health professionals praise everything from opioids to psychedelics, to exercise (the New York Times is on it, having re-discovered the therapeutic benefits of exercise year after year: 2000, 2011, 2014, 2016). In Raison's treatment we've apparently got the benefits of hot yoga—without the yoga.

Comment: At least the doc is thinking outside the box and using a bit of creativity. Perhaps the treatment helps detoxify the patients which leads to an improvement in mood?


The U.S. government supports your junk food habit

At a time when almost three-quarters of the country is overweight or obese, it comes as no surprise that junk foods are the largest source of calories in the American diet. Topping the list are grain-based desserts like cookies, doughnuts and granola bars. (Yes, granola bars are dessert.)

That's according to data from the federal government, which says that breads, sugary drinks, pizza, pasta dishes and "dairy desserts" like ice cream are also among Americans' top 10 sources of calories.

What do these foods have in common? They are largely the products of seven crops and farm foods — corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, sorghum, milk and meat — that are heavily subsidized by the federal government, ensuring that junk foods are cheap and plentiful, experts say.

Comment: There is something very broken about the subsidy system, it is set up to benefit Big Ag, Big Food and Big Pharma:


Lap dances, free lunches and other outrageous ways Big Pharma bribes doctors to peddle their drugs

At the 2010 meeting of the American Psychiatric Association in New Orleans, a psychiatrist from the East coast shared her anger with me about the recent clamp down on Pharma financial perks to doctors. "They used to wine us and dine us. An SSRI maker flew my entire office to a Caribbean island... but now nothing," she lamented.

She was right. Before news organizations and the 2010 Physician Financial Transparency Reports (also called the Sunshine Act, part of the Affordable Care Act) reported the outrageous amount of money Pharma was giving doctors to prescribe its new, brand-name drugs, there was almost no limit to what was spent to encourage prescribing.

At another medical conference I attended, soon after, when it was suggested that doctors not accept free meals from Pharma reps because of indebtedness, a doctor asked in all earnestness "but what do we do for lunch?"

He was right. Doctors seldom have to go hungry at lunchtime when Pharma reps are around. Not only do reps reliably bring lunch and free drug samples, until fairly recently they wielded thousand-dollar budgets to send doctors on trips to resorts, golf vacations and to sought after sports events. No wonder the docs saw them.

Comment: See also:
Conflicts of interest in the medical field: New law aims to expose Big Pharma influence on physicians
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Snakes in Suits

Mark of the beast: Monsanto behind 'independent' report discrediting the organic industry

© El Ciudadano
Organic foods are the antithesis of genetically engineered (GE) foods and, as organic food popularity grows, they're also one of the biotech industry's greatest opponents.

Organic foods are, by their very nature, free of GMOs (genetically modified organisms), and this is one of the traits that makes them superior to their conventionally grown (and often GE) counterparts.

Discrediting the organic industry would be one way for the biotech industry to cast their GE crops in a more favorable light, so when a report came out in 2014 bashing organics, industry funding was likely to be found. For years, however, the report got away with claiming to be independent.

Published by Academics Review,1 a non-profit "led by independent academic experts in agriculture and food sciences,"2 the report slammed the organic food industry for causing "false and misleading consumer health and safety perceptions about competing conventional foods."

It implied that the organic industry was trying to deceptively entice people to pay more for organic produce that is no better than conventional produce.

Even a quick review of the research shows that this is not the case — organic food crops have fewer, if any, pesticide residues and also contain up to 69 percent more antioxidants than conventionally grown varieties, for starters.3

What is even more important about this particular report, however, is that it was not even close to the "independent" review it claimed to be. Rather, it was a carefully orchestrated, conflict-of-interest-ridden attack meant to discredit the organic industry in order to directly benefit its opponents.


Asthma flare-ups worsen in proximity to fracking sites

© Jonathan Ernst / Reuters
Asthma patients are 1.5 to four times more likely to suffer an asthma attack if they live in an area with plentiful or large fracking wells, according to a new study which sheds negative light on the already-controversial drilling method.

Researchers from Johns Hopkins University studied 35,508 electronic health records from patients who were treated between 2005 and 2012 at the Geisinger Clinic in Pennsylvania - a state which saw 6,200 wells drilled between the mid-2000s and 2012.

Within the electronic records, the researchers identified 20,749 mild asthma flare-ups, with doctors prescribing new drugs to help patients manage symptoms. An additional 1,870 patients suffered cases of moderate worsening, visiting the emergency department. A total of 4,782 patients were hospitalized for severe exacerbations.

Comment: With fracking, asthma flare-ups may be the least of your worries:

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Lab analysis shows strawberries and many fruits are contaminated with 20 different cancer causing pesticides

We are often told that fruit is one of the healthiest foods you can eat. However, choosing the wrong fruits can actually have a negative impact on your health. While fruits are full of fiber and vitamins, they can also be full of cancer-causing pesticides.

A new report shows an alarming amount of pesticides are making their way into the conventionally grown strawberries sold in Swiss supermarkets. The study entailed testing samples of the fruit sold in supermarkets as well as the fruit and soil from strawberry farms situated in the Seeland region of Bern and Thurgau.

A total of 20 different pesticides were found, with fungicides being the most common. One sample had traces of 11 different pesticides. Twelve out of the 13 samples taken from supermarkets showed the presence of pesticides that are potentially carcinogenic, and eight of them had at least four different types of pesticides.

2 + 2 = 4

Monsanto tries to build a society of GMO & pesticide devotees - one child at a time

© althealthworks.com
The company covertly indoctrinates children through education propaganda.

On Oct. 14, 2015, the International Food Information Council and the American Farm Bureau Federation released a free, 38-page, downloadable lesson plan called "Bringing Biotechnology to Life: An Educational Resource for Grades 7-10."

The International Food Information Council is a front group funded by some of biggest names in biotech and junk food: Bayer, Dow, DuPont, Coca-Cola, Kellogg, Nestle and more. The American Farm Bureau Federation, according to SourceWatch, is a "right-wing lobbying front for big agribusiness and agribusiness-related industries that works to defeat labor and environmental initiatives, including climate change legislation." The organization is adamantly against GMO labels, and even spoke out against Roberts' and Stabenow's deal for being too lenient.

Comment: Monsanto 'Biotechnology Book for Kids' Caught Brainwashing Children
The public is not buying the lies regarding Monsanto's GMO crops, and as a result biotech giants are scrambling to preserve their dwindling role in our society. There is a serious war on for the minds of developing children right now, and it is being waged by government-approved mega corporations who care not for the health of these children but for profits. The claims made within this book are not only scientifically unfounded, but they are seriously dangerous to the health of children and adults alike. This phony book is far from an 'educational' resource.


Congress passes opioid bill while ignoring research on the pain-killing effects of medical marijuana

Congress is patting itself on the back after passing the Comprehensive Addiction & Recovery Act (CARA) and sending it to Obama's desk. The "overwhelmingly bipartisan" bill is meant to address the opioid epidemic currently gripping the U.S.

It was an easy one for congressmen to brag about to their constituency, but the legislation is notable for its failure perhaps more so than its achievement. Namely, the failure to recognize medical cannabis as part of a viable alternative for treating chronic pain, and failure to call out the role of Big Pharma in getting the nation hooked on opioids.

CARA can be applauded for seeking to direct addicts into recovery programs instead of jails, give addiction treatment to those already locked up in the drug war, and expand access of naloxone to first responders for opioid overdoses.

Comment: This bill may lead to more treatment access for the opioid addicted but at the same time it doesn't decrease the amount of opioid prescriptions being written by doctors. Could Big Pharma's bottom line have anything to do with it?

Big Pharma terrified: Pill sales plummet as medicinal marijuana is legalized


Vaccine rights are being removed while safety issues are increasing

© healthimpactnews.com
As noted by Barbara Loe Fisher,1 founder of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), July Fourth celebrates the American Declaration of Independence, which asserts that "all men are created equal," and are "endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights."

Unwilling to submit to the tyranny of the aristocracy any longer, the Declaration is a pledge, promising that the United States would uphold the "unalienable natural right to life and liberty that belongs to every person."

Yet today, 240 years later, we again find ourselves in a situation where we're increasingly oppressed by an elite "who want the legal right to judge, shame, segregate, discriminate against and punish fellow citizens who do not share their beliefs," Fisher writes, adding:
"Nowhere is this truth more self evident than in the oppressive implementation of one-size-fits-all mandatory vaccination laws that fail to respect biodiversity or human rights and crush citizen opposition, in violation of the informed consent ethic and freedom of thought, speech, conscience and religious belief ...
The appropriation of unaccountable authority by medical trade and the militarization of public health in the 21st century should be of concern to every person who values life and liberty."

Comment: Additional articles by Barbara Loe Fisher:


Measles hysteria strikes Denver: Shoppers warned about possible exposure to over-hyped illness

Tri-County Health Department Executive Director Dr. John Douglas is interviewed by CBS4’s Kathy Walsh.
People who visited Target, King Soopers or any of five other locations in the south Denver metro area are being warned about possible exposure to measles. That's because a baby with measles was at all of those places sometime last week.

Tri-County Health Department Executive Director Dr. John Douglas says measles is the most infectious of infectious diseases. It's a respiratory infection and spread by coughing and sneezing.

According to Douglas, the baby was at spots in Denver, Parker, Lone Tree, Littleton and Highlands Ranch. He says the health department has contacted nearly every person known to have been in contact with the baby. The department is now notifying the public out of an abundance of caution.

Comment: Since when did a routine, easily recoverable childhood illness turn into something akin to the Black Plague? This sounds like another recruitment campaign for the measles vaccine. If you really want the measles, get the vaccine: