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Sun, 30 Apr 2017
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MRI scans that measure brain age may one day predict the risk of early death

Doctors could soon determine if you are at risk of dying young using an MRI scan.

The scans could also be used to spot those who are at risk of poor health, new research has found.

A team of neuroscientists in London have trained computers to test the 'brain age' of patients based on the volume of their brain tissue.

The new test measures the overall loss of grey and white matter - a hallmark of the brain's ageing process.

Grey matter is a major part of the body's central nervous system, which helps send messages along the nerves from the brain to the rest of the body.

Meanwhile white matter is the tissue that connects the grey matter to different areas of the brain.

The new scans are not yet ready for clinical trials, the researchers stressed.

But they hope they could one day be used as a tool to identify those at risk of cognitive decline and dying before the age of 80.


Study finds higher salt intake is associated with lower blood pressure, contradicting decades of medical advice

In another blow against decades of accepted medical wisdom, one of the most prestigious, long-running studies reports that lowering sodium intake doesn't reduce blood pressure.

The study also implies that most Americans are consuming a perfectly healthy amount of salt, the main source of sodium. But those who are salt-sensitive, about 20 to 25 percent of the population, still need to restrict salt intake.

Consuming fewer than 2,500 milligrams of sodium daily is actually associated with higher blood pressure, according to the Framingham Offspring Study report, given today. The American Heart Association recommends consuming no more than 2,300 milligrams of sodium daily, equal to a teaspoon of ordinary iodized table salt.

High blood pressure is a known risk factor for heart disease and stroke. Hence, lowering salt intake is supposed to lower blood pressure and thus reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. But the study found that supposition to be unfounded.

Bacon n Eggs

World-leading cardiologists: Long-held belief that saturated fats clog arteries and cause heart disease are 'plain wrong'

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Warnings about saturated fats, are 'plain wrong' say leading doctors
Decades long warnings that saturated fat clogs arteries and causes heart disease are just "plain wrong", three world-leading cardiologists have claimed.

They said scare stories that dairy products like butter and full-fat milk pose health risks were misleading as was an obsession with counting cholesterol.

Instead, the best way to protect against stress and stave off killer coronary heart disease was simply to eat "real food" and take a brisk daily walk.

Respected cardiologists Dr Aseem Malhotra, Professor Rita Redberg, of UCSF School of Medicine, San Francisco and Pascal Meier of University Hospital Geneva and University College, London, said evidence suggests no association between saturated fat and heightened risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes or death.

They also claimed clinical trials showed inserting a stent to widen narrowed arteries had failed to reduce the risk of heart attack or death. Their controversial views have sparked a huge row and put them on a collision course with the British Heart Foundation.

Comment: More and more doctors are coming around to the idea that what has been the commonly-held notion that fats lead to clogged arteries and heart problems is merely a myth:


Titanium dioxide and the link to obesity

There is a growing body of evidence to indicate that this may just be the case, for it is certainly disturbing a great many of our body's processes. Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is food additive found in a significant percentage of processed food products we consume including dairy, cereals, condiments, sauces and many others.

Modeling is based on the consumption of manufactured foods containing Titanium dioxide. When Food intake is approx. 500gms per day, the consumption of titanium dioxide may be as high as 1%. This equates to approximately 5gms of Titanium Dioxide being consumed per day

Under normal conditions, the body can only excrete approx 0.8gms each day. Above 0.8mgs, bioaccumulation starts to occur, as the following figures illustrate:

Equates to 4.2gms of weight increase per day
Equates to 1.533kgs increase in 1year
Equates to 15.33kgs in 10 years


RFK gives eye-opening interview on the dangers of vaccines on Tucker Carlson

Robert F. Kennedy Jr was recently a guest on Tucker Carlson's show for Fox News, and in it he revealed it was only the second time he'd ever been allowed to discuss the dangers of vaccines on such a platform. This restriction is hardly a surprise, and it's no secret that networks and shows are paid vast amounts of advertising dollars by big pharmaceutical companies to paint a particular picture — one that continually promotes vaccines as necessary and safe.

Hundreds of scientists and doctors from around the world who are now publishing studies that raise concerns about vaccine safety share this sentiment. Dr. Christopher Shaw, a professor at the University of British Columbia in the Department of Neuroscience, Ophthalmology, and Visual Sciences, is one such scientist. Regarding the HPV vaccine, he writes, "It is a vaccine that's been highly marketed, the benefits are over-hyped, and the dangers are underestimated." (source)

Comment: From this article: Since 1989 the US government has paid out $3 billion to vaccine-injured Americans
The United States federal court has presided over landmark cases for the autism community, filing official court decisions that have linked vaccinations as an environmental trigger of autism. The court in which all of these decisions are rendered is the Office of Special Masters of the United States Courts of Federal Claims, otherwise known as "Vaccine Court."

The U.S. government created this specific court in 1986 to protect pharmaceutical companies from the direct lawsuits that were arising due to the preponderance of illnesses and injuries that were stemming from the company's vaccination products. By establishing the Vaccine Court, the government now protects the pharmaceutical industry by trying the cases and awarding damages from a federal excise tax added to the cost of each dosage of a vaccine.

In the "Vaccine Court," the burden of proof lays squarely on the claimant. In other words, a family must show a clear causal connection between a vaccination and its adverse effects. For the autism community, this standard is made more challenging because the "Vaccine Court" does not accept "autism" as a legal determination. This is because autism is a clinical diagnosis, labeled on the basis of a collection of clinical features and created by causes that are still unknown. But the autism community has still persevered, and compelled the court to acknowledge the link between their children's autism diagnoses and vaccinations' environmental triggers.

Life Preserver

Phytomedicine: Critically ill patients with drug-resistant malaria cured using dried leaves of Artemisia annua plant

© Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI)
In her lab at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), Pamela Weathers, professor of biology and biotechnology, has developed several high-producing cultivars of the plant Artemisia annua, which she propagates using tissue culture. The plants are used in research that has shown that a therapy using dried, powered leaves of Artemisia annua is an effective and low-cost cure for malaria.
When the standard malaria medications failed to help 18 critically ill patients, the attending physician in a Congo clinic acted under the "compassionate use" doctrine and prescribed a not-yet-approved malaria therapy made only from the dried leaves of the Artemisia annua plant. In just five days, all 18 people fully recovered. This small but stunningly successful trial offers hope to address the growing problem of drug-resistant malaria.

Details of the cases are documented in the paper "Artemisia annua dried leaf tablets treated malaria resistant to ACT and i.v. artesunate: case reports" by an international team lead by Pamela Weathers, PhD, professor of biology and biotechnology at Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI), who has pioneered the use of dried leaves of Artemisia annua (DLA) as a malaria therapy.

"To our knowledge, this is the first report of dried-leaf Artemisia annua controlling ACT-resistant malaria in humans," the authors of the Phytomedicine paper note, adding that more comprehensive clinical trials on patients with drug-resistant malaria are warranted. "Successful treatment of all 18 ACT-resistant cases suggests that DLA should be rapidly incorporated into the antimalarial regimen for Africa," they added, "and possibly wherever else ACT resistance has emerged."


Surgeon General Vivek Murthy - vaccine/drug pusher asked to resign from duty

The White House on Friday abruptly, and without warning, dismissed U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, a holdover from the Obama administration.

"Today, Dr. Murthy, the leader of the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, was asked to resign from his duties as Surgeon General after assisting in a smooth transition into the new Trump Administration," the Department of Health and Human Services said in a statement, according to USA Today.

The US public has been forced to sit by over the recent years as Murthy shilled for Big Pharma to target children. To kick off National Infant Immunization Week in 2015, Murthy teamed up with Sesame Street and Elmo for behavior placement directed at your children. The campaign sought to convince the real decision makers when it comes to childhood and infant vaccination; the children and infants. Having undertones of plain creepiness throughout the advertisement, the Surgeon General implied to your children and Elmo that their bodies can fight germs only with the help of vaccines.


Monsanto's glyphosate herbicide detected in organic foods

Think you can avoid glyphosate by buying organic? Think again. A new investigation by Tropical Traditions reveals that many products in the organic grain market in the U.S. contain glyphosate residue at levels almost the same as conventional grains.

You and your loved ones likely ingested Monsanto's cancer-causing herbicide with breakfast this morning and the FDA couldn't care less.

The FDA is demonstrating their incompetence yet again by completely ignoring a critical report that shows how ubiquitous Monsanto's carcinogenic Roundup has truly become.

According to the report released by the Alliance for Natural Health USA, detectable levels of glyphosate, the chief ingredient in Roundup, were found in numerous breakfast food items. Glyphosate, which has been linked to cancer by the World Health Organization, was found in bread products, cereals and coffee creamers.

Comment: Damning new report shows the entire global ecosystem contaminated by glyphosate

2 + 2 = 4

Get rid of bad breath, tartar, and plaque with just one ingredient!

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice used to help improve oral health and detoxification. It involves the use of pure oils in order to pull harmful bacteria, fungus, and other organisms out of the mouth, teeth, gums and throat.

o how do you oil pull? It isn't that hard at all - all you need is some coconut oil or sesame seed oil, and you swish it around your mouth for a short time each day in order to improve oral health. Oil can cut through plaque and remove toxins safely and effectively without harming the teeth or gums.

The health benefits of oil pulling are quite astounding! Many people online have documented their success and health benefits they have received from oil pulling. Here is a list of 10 amazing benefits of oil pulling to help improve overall health:



For a tasty way to gut health, make your own probiotics

On a recent foray to my local health food store to find some powerful probiotics I endured a little sticker shock. A one month supply of probiotics was going to cost me from $30 to $79 dollars. I care a lot about my health, but spending almost $1000 bucks annually on a single food supplement isn't going to work for me, especially when I can make my own probiotics, which just happen to be way better, for about $2 a month. You can too.

The bacteria in our bodies equals the number of cells we have. We are like a walking biodome for trillions of these living creatures. If we don't take care of our microbiota, then our health truly suffers.

If bad bacteria take over our guts, we are likely to develop chronic gut inflammation that can lead to depression, heart disease, joint pain, obesity, more frequent colds and flu, and even neurodegenerative diseases. No thanks!

Colonizing the gut with probiotics is super important, but these live bacteria and yeasts which live in our digestive systems can be placed there by the foods we eat - and sauerkraut is one of the easiest, cheapest, most probiotic-friendly foods on the planet. We don't need to pay a small fortune to get our probiotics in pill form.

Comment: The Health & Wellness Show: Some of my best friends are germs