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Wed, 26 Oct 2016
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Vaccine cover up & fraud continues: CDC's flagrant refusal of a court subpoena

"On Sept. 22, in a letter from CDC Director Thomas Freiden,
[Frieden] CDC denied Smith's request. Smith explained that 'this denial was a disappointment but not a surprise, since the inescapable implication of Dr. Thompson's testimony is that the agency fraudulently altered the science to undermine autism cases worth potentially $1 trillion in compensation ordered by Congress'." [8]

There must be something either in the water or the air in Washington, DC - the federal district and government agencies, in particular, or Atlanta, Georgia - that enables federal employees and bureaucrats to break the law and not be held accountable! Isn't that interesting? One such exceptional example is the circus of events that surrounds the Democrat's presidential candidate's actions as Secretary of State deleting over 30,000 emails from her personal email server, plus not being able to remember 'things' under testimony to the FBI's investigation!

FBI Director James Comey seems to have drunk some of the 'cool aid', water or breathed too deeply because of his unbelievable exoneration of Hillary Clinton's obvious illegal and criminal actions, which other government employees had them land in prison, John Kiriakou being one CIA employee about whom I wrote [1].

However, nothing seems to match the chutzpah, or impudence, of government employees than what goes on within the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention AND the U.S. Food and Drug Administration!

Bacon n Eggs

Focusing on the pleasure of eating can lead to choosing smaller portion sizes

The rapid rise in portion sizes in the west has gone hand in hand with rising rates of obesity. No country in the world has the quantity of fast food outlets with the diversity of portions sizes as the United States. To curb supersizing, governments and public health institutions have advocated portion size limits and health warnings, but they have had limited success. Many European nations can teach the west a thing or two about eating. They pursue cuisine which is full of flavor and high in satisfaction. They don't believe in low-fat, low-carb, low-taste, or low-calorie, but they do believe in enjoying their food, taking the time to eat at the table, knowing when to stop eating and educating their children about food.

Overall calories, the types of foods we eat, decreased expenditure and an loss of self-integrity are the biggest contributors to plus-sized cultures. Due the nature of our metabolic inefficiency, more people than ever before have tremendous challenges in losing weight and keeping it off.

Consumers feel they are being infantilized and food marketers feel they're being squeezed as they typically extract higher profits from bigger portions.


Zika virus found to change human cells - report

© Carlos Garcia Rawlins / Reuters 451
Everything we know about Zika fever may change due to a discovery from the University of California, San Diego's School of Medicine. The disease only recently became public knowledge and has been the subject of a significant amount of scientific study.

One alarming aspect of the Zika virus is the insidious way it can damage neurological and immunological functions and also cause developmental defects in newborn infants, such as microcephaly. But a recent study from UC San Diego could help scientists develop drugs to lower the risk of birth defects in pregnant women who become infected.

Researchers found that the disease actually changes a part of human genetic material to "hide in plain sight," Tariq Rana, the lead author of the study and a professor of pediatrics at UC San Diego, told USA Today. In a study published in the journal Cell host & Microbe, Rana and her fellow researchers explain that Zika may cause birth defects when it enters a human cell.

Comment: See also:


Australia begins persecution of anti-vax nurses and midwives - calls for public to turn them in

While Australia whines about the lack of democracy and freedom in places like Syria, it is doing everything in its power to ensure that nothing resembling either of those things is allowed within its own borders.

Apparently having found itself in a race with France, Germany, the UK and the United States, for which country can eliminate personal liberties, freedom of speech - or even thought - while launching wars all across the world on the basis of protecting those things, Australia is proving itself to be a capable competitor.

The examples of Australia's thought control policies are legion, but the most recent is surrounding the vaccination hysteria in the ability of free adults to choose whether or not they accept toxic chemicals (or life-saving medicines with no side effects) into their bodies.

According to a report by the Guardian, the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia has announced a fatwa of jihad against nurses and midwives who discourage vaccination or are critical of vaccines.

Comment: The swell of legal and social anti-vaxxer persecution has taken on international proportions of late - especially among Western countries and governments so obviously in bed with Big Pharma. See our recent Focus piece on these developments in the U.S. and continue to keep note of how this situation continues to worsen...

Vaccine State USA: Mandatory vaccinations are here - California law requires total compliance


More Junk Science: Flu deaths reality check. How Public Health lies to you

Do thousands of Canadians really die every year from the flu? The flu folks keep saying so. I've already heard it repeated several times this year and flu season has just started. This is what the Public Health Agency of Canada said in a recent press release: "Every year, between 2,000 and 8,000 Canadians die of the flu and its complications."

In a CBC interview a few weeks ago an editor of the Canadian Medical Association Journal said: "Four thousand to 8,000 people die every year of influenza."

It comes directly from the desk of Canada's chief public health officer. "The flu is serious," he tells us from his website. "Every year, between 2,000 and 8,000 Canadians die of the flu and its complications."

© Vasily Fedosenko/Reuters
Flu's winter companions include coronavirus, adenovirus and Streptococcus pneumonia.
Did you ever wonder how they know that? The fact is, they don't know that. "This is a scientific guess. This is not the truth," Dr. Michael Gardam, director of the infection prevention and control unit at the University Health Network in Toronto and a longtime flu watcher, told me.

The fact is, no one knows how many people die after being infected with the flu virus. The death estimates are not based on body counts, lab tests or autopsies.

Comment: It is worth noting that the same methodology is used to calculate deaths from smoking, as well as for many other conditions, including obesity. As the article stated, you can make a model say whatever you want. Clearly this is what is happening in the many areas where Big Pharma wants to maximise its profits and drive new markets.


Regulatory failures are allowing superbug-infected pigs to contaminate the food chain in Britain

Regulatory failures are allowing Danish pigs infected with lethal antibiotic-resistant bacteria into British farms, writes Andrew Wasley, with contaminated pork found in UK supermarkets, and three human infections recorded. The official response? Deny there's a problem, take no action, and hope for the best. Six people may have died from the bug in Denmark, but the UK is safe, surely?

Pigs infected with the superbug MRSA can be freely imported into the UK due to regulatory loopholes.

An investigation has established that there is no mandatory screening for live breeding pigs leaving Denmark - where MRSA is rife throughout the country's herd - and entering the UK.

Experts are warning that if no action is taken, the UK's pig herd could rapidly become infected. Such an epidemic could have a serious impact on human health, according to leading Danish microbiologist and MRSA expert, Professor Hans Jørn Kolmos.

Thousands of people have contracted the livestock-associated strain of MRSA in Denmark and six have died from it in the last five years. At least one regular Danish supplier of pigs to England was contaminated with the bug in 2014. This supplier exported 41 pigs to England in the last three months.


Blue hazard: LED lighting may compromise your vision and health

Can light affect your health? In this interview, Dr. Alexander Wunsch, a world class expert on photobiology, shares the hidden dangers of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting that most people are completely unaware of.

In fact, this could potentially be one of the most important video interviews I've done, as it has enormous impacts — not only on preventing blindness as you age but it is also a pervasive hidden risk factor for sabotaging your health.

Largely as a result of energy efficiency, there's been a major transition to using LED as a primary indoor light source. In this regard, it worked like a charm, reducing energy requirements by as much as 95 percent compared to incandescent thermal analog sources of lighting.

However, the heat generated by incandescent light bulbs, which is infrared radiation, is actually beneficial to your health, and hence worth the extra cost.

There are major downsides to LEDs that are not fully appreciated. LED lighting may actually be one of the most important, non-native EMF radiation exposures you're exposed to on a daily basis.

If you chose to ignore these new insights, it can have very serious long-term ramifications. It could lead to age-related macular degeneration(AMD), which is the leading cause of blindness in the United States and elsewhere.

Other health problems rooted in mitochondrial dysfunction may also be exacerbated, and these run the gamut from metabolic disorder to cancer.

Comment: For more information on the impact of light on our physical and mental health, see:

Alarm Clock

Malnutrition is often called 'hidden hunger' - 1 in 6 Americans go to bed hungry

Do a search for images of malnutrition on any search engine and you will most likely come up with pictures of wide-eyed, big-bellied babies from some part of the developing world.

Rarely will you see a child from California, Sydney or London in those images, yet increasingly there are people in the first world suffering from malnutrition. They may not be suffering to the same extent as their African counterparts but inadequate food intake leads to starvation wherever you happen to live, and ultimately the outcome will be the same.

Malnutrition is rising alarmingly in the United States. In real terms workers wages are going down, it's becoming more and more difficult to put food on the table. For many, particularly the low paid this means two things: fuel and food poverty.

Comment: According to new study: American hunger-related healthcare costs exceeded $160 billion in 2014
Currently about 50 million Americans meet the USDA criteria for food insecurity. About 15 million of them are children. In 2014, 19.2 percent of U.S. households with children were food insecure - about a third higher than households without. The Boston University research team found if the costs of special education for children whose learning abilities are aversely affected by food insecurity are factored in along with related education impacts for high-schoolers, the $160 billion rose by an additional nearly $18 billion. This brings a total estimate of direct and indirect health care costs of U.S. food insecurity in 2014 to $178.93 billion.


Study suggests: Migraines could be caused by gut bacteria

© Garo/Phanie/REX
The findings raise the possibility that migraines could be triggered when nitrates in food are broken down more efficiently, causing vessels in the brain and scalp to dilate.
Research shows sufferers have higher levels of bacteria involved in processing nitrates, and could explain why some foods appear to act as migraine triggers.

Migraine sufferers have a different mix of gut bacteria that could make them more sensitive to certain foods, scientists have found.

The study offers a potential explanation for why some people are more susceptible to debilitating headaches and why some foods appear to act as triggers for migraines.

The research showed that migraine sufferers had higher levels of bacteria that are known to be involved in processing nitrates, which are typically found in processed meats, leafy vegetables and some wines.

The latest findings raise the possibility that migraines could be triggered when nitrates in food are broken down more efficiently, causing vessels in the brain and scalp to dilate.

Comment: 7 Things you had no idea gut bacteria could do


Medical malpractice case testimony by vaccine whistleblower is being blocked by the CDC

Thomas Frieden, the director of the Center for Disease Control (CDC), has blocked CDC whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, from testifying on scientific fraud and destruction of evidence by senior CDC officials in critical vaccine safety studies regarding the causative relationship between childhood vaccines and autism.

Attorneys Bryan Smith and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., of Morgan & Morgan, have been seeking to have Dr. Thompson testify in a medical malpractice case to explain how the CDC committed scientific fraud in a series of studies, which found no link between vaccines and autism.

In denying the request, Dr. Frieden said, "Dr. William Thompson's deposition testimony would not substantially promote the objectives of CDC or HHS [Health and Human Services]."

Dr. Thompson, a 19-year veteran at the CDC and former senior vaccine safety scientist at the agency's Immunology Safety Office, is the co-author of four key studies that the CDC widely touts to exonerate the MMR vaccine and vaccines containing the mercury-based preservative thimerosal, from being linked to autism. Thompson is currently employed at the CDC's National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD and TB Prevention.