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Mon, 25 Mar 2019
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Hands off the chocolate! First chocolate company to brag about being pro-GMO supports GMO cacao trees

GMO cacao
While many companies fight against using genetically modified ingredients, and others do not care that they are using them, the first company to openly brag about being pro-GMO has officially arrived on the scene.

That company is Ethos Chocolate, which is creating and selling its product with hopes that our beloved cacao trees will be genetically modified soon.

Their project is supported by about 1,600 farmers of A Fresh Look, which also support GMOs.

Comment: Funny that a company that is openly pro-GMO would call themselves "Ethos". Maybe they should have called themselves "Lack-of-Ethos".

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The logic, wisdom and scientific evidence for the homeopathic treatment of influenza

homeopathic medicine
This is the time of year that Big Media seeks to appease its biggest advertisers, Big Pharma, by helping to spread fear and panic about this year's "flu epidemic." They commonly quote sensationalized statistics, suggesting that you will die or become very ill unless you vaccinate. However, conveniently enough, even the Lung Association admits that the vast majority of these deaths associated with the flu are not from this illness at all but from pneumonia.1

This merging of statistics is rare in medicine or science, except when the economics of Big Pharma (or another big industry) are involved, as their bible seemingly becomes "Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics" (in other words, how to use statistics to create fear and sell drugs). The fact that last year's flu vaccine was a dismal 42 percent effective2 is completely ignored by the media, though the 2014 to 2015 flu vaccine was only 23 percent effective (and not surprisingly, virtually no major media reported on this fact).

The real problems from getting the flu are not from the disease itself but from the mismanagement of the disease by doctors and by patients. People with the flu mistakenly take aspirin or acetaminophen to "lower the fever" of the flu, but that is one of the worst things that you can do for yourself, unless one happens to have a fever with a high temperature of 103 degrees Fahrenheit or more (a very rare experience, except in infants).

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Why getting enough sleep reduces cardiovascular disease risk

arterial plaque affected by sleep
© Filip Swirski, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School
Images of plaque from the artery of a mouse model of atherosclerosis that experienced a normal sleeping pattern (left) and an image of arterial plaque from a mouse model that underwent sleep fragmentation (right). The amount of arterial plaque in the sleep-fragmented mouse is significantly larger.

Sleep-modulating hormone hypocretin found to also control production of inflammatory cells.

Getting enough sleep is key to good health, and studies have shown that insufficient sleep increases the risk of serious problems, including cardiovascular disease. Now Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) investigators have discovered one way that sleep protects against the buildup of arterial plaques called atherosclerosis. In their paper receiving advance online publication in Nature, they describe the mechanism by which insufficient sleep increases production of inflammatory white blood cells known to be major contributors to atherosclerosis.

"We have discovered that sleep helps to regulate the production in the bone marrow of inflammatory cells and the health of blood vessels and that, conversely, sleep disruption breaks down control of inflammatory cell production, leading to more inflammation and more heart disease," says Filip Swirski, PhD, of the MGH Center for Systems Biology, senior author of the Nature paper. "We also have identified how a hormone in the brain known to control wakefulness controls processes in the bone marrow and protects against cardiovascular disease."

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My mother's vegetarian diet contributed to her early death. We should all learn from it

Aseem Malhotra and mom
© Aseem Malhotra
Aseem Malhotra, right, with his mother Anisha, who was a GP, at the launch of his book The Pioppi Diet.

NHS cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra: my mother's diet was full of ultra-processed foods and was ultimately to the detriment of her health

Two weeks ago, my father and I made a trip to Rishikesh in northern India to scatter my mother's ashes in the River Ganges at an idyllic location at the foothills of the Himalayas. This was in keeping with her wishes as a devout Hindu that her spirit be released at a place she loved and previously visited on pilgrimage. Our family lost a greatly cherished mother and wife who went before her time, at only 68 years old.

I believe that what was finally written on her death certificate - severe sepsis and discitis with concomitant myocardial infarction (heart attack) - was entirely avoidable.

For most of her adult life, my mum was vegetarian and significantly overweight. Growing up, I witnessed her regular consumption of starchy carbohydrates and ultra-processed snack foods of biscuits, crisps and chocolate. Our kitchen was flooded with these products. I still have a vivid memory of her only meal on a weekly fast day consisting of a large chapatti and what can only be described as a mountain of table sugar. Her weight contributed to developing high blood pressure in her 40s and as a result, she suffered a brain haemorrhage in 2003.

Comment: It's a sad story, all the more so because it is increasingly common. Since vegetarianism is assumed to be healthy, so many vegetarians subsist on a junk food diet high in sugar and starch. It's not just teenage vegetarians surviving on french fries and cookies - many adults base their diets around these as well.

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Objective:Health - Vaccination Nation - Ramping Up The Hysteria

vaccine spiral
Earlier this year, on Jan. 16, 2019 the World Health Organization issued a report ranking "vaccine hesitancy" as one of the top "Ten Threats to Global Health in 2019". This alongside air pollution and climate change; noncommunicable diseases; global influenza pandemic; antimicrobial resistance; and infectious diseases such as ebola, dengue fever and HIV. Far from being an accurate assessment of health threats, this statement was put out to cause hysteria, both from the pro and anti-vaxxers, no doubt.

So with vaccines once again dominating the news cycle, we decided it would be good to dive into the subject and counter the ridiculous propaganda the media is putting out about the ominous anti-vaxxer threat and establish an objective perspective on vaccines.

Running Time: 01:04:29

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Nuclear medicine fallout: Cremated man's ash spread radioactivity in local area - study

© Global Look Press / Martin Schutt / dpa
In 2017 a 69-year-old man living with pancreatic cancer was treated with nuclear medicine to shrink his tumor, but sadly died three days later and was cremated. New research suggests his remains may have spread radioactivity.

The man was treated by radioactive injection, and the dose of lutetium Lu 177 dotatate was still in his body when he was cremated, as staff at the hospital where he was treated were unaware of how badly his condition had deteriorated before it was too late.

While the administration of these drugs is tightly controlled and monitored, what happens after the treatment - especially when patients eventually die - is an entirely different story, as showcased in this particular case study by the Mayo Clinic. More than half of deceased Americans are cremated at present.

"Radiopharmaceuticals present a unique and often overlooked postmortem safety challenge," Mayo Clinic researchers explain. "Cremating an exposed patient volatilises the radiopharmaceutical, which can then be inhaled by workers (or released into the adjacent community) and result in greater exposure than from a living patient."

Wine n Glass

Glyphosate found in most samples of popular beers and wines

© Haven Daley/AP
As more lawsuits claiming a link between Roundup and cancer move forward, a new report claims the main ingredient found in the weed killer is showing up in organic beer and wine.

U.S. PIRG tested samples of popular beer and wine brands and found the chemical, called glyphosate, in 19 out of 20 brands. Glyphosate is the main ingredient in Roundup, produced by agrochemical giant Monsanto. Sutter Home Merlot had the highest level of the weed killer of all 20 brands, at 51 parts per billion (ppb). Beringer Estates Moscato and Barefoot Cabernet Sauvignon had slightly smaller quantities of the chemical.

Tsingtao beer contained 49 parts per billion of the chemical. Corona, Miller Lite and Budweiser had between 25 and 30 ppb of the substance; Guinness and Heineken contained about 20 ppb. Beverages from Stella Artois and Sam Adams had trace amounts of the weed killer.

These levels are far below those that could potentially cause harm in humans, but suggest a troubling prevalence of the weed killer in nature, Kara Cook-Schultz, U.S. PIRG's toxics program director, told CBS News.

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Daycare staffer's rare, potentially deadly infection prompts request that parents keep non-vaccinated children at home

Acute epiglottitis
© Public domain
Acute epiglottitis; Lateral view in X-ray imaging. The lateral soft-tissue radiograph reveals the "thumb sign" that indicates a swollen epiglottis.
A Nebraska daycare facility is asking parents of non-immunized children to keep their kids at home after one of its employees was hospitalized with a rare, and potentially life-threatening, airborne bacteria.

Bright Beginnings daycare sent a letter home to parents on Wednesday urging parents to take precautions after the staff member contracted epiglottitis, Omaha's WOWT-TV reported.

According to the Mayo Clinic, epiglottitis is a rare and potentially life-threatening infection that causes the epiglottis to swell and block the flow of air to the windpipe. It is most commonly caused by Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib) and can be spread by a cough or sneeze.

Comment: The person who contracted the disease was vaccinated against the disease, but all unvaccinated children should stay home because they're at greater risk. Makes sense.

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Monsanto: judge threatens to 'shut down' cancer patient's lawyer

© Haven Daley/AP

Judge in Roundup maker's first federal trial had banned discussion of the company's alleged manipulation of science.

Monsanto is facing its first federal trial over allegations that its Roundup weedkiller causes cancer, but a US judge has blocked attorneys from discussing the corporation's alleged manipulation of science.

In an extraordinary move in a packed San Francisco courtroom on Monday, US judge Vince Chhabria threatened to sanction and "shut down" a cancer patient's attorney for violating his ban on talking about Monsanto's influence on government regulators and cancer research.

"You've completely disregarded the limitations that were set upon you," the visibly angry judge said to attorney Aimee Wagstaff, threatening to prevent her from continuing. "If you cross the line one more time ... your opening statement will be over ... If I see a single inappropriate thing on those slides, I'm shutting you down."

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States move to mandate deadly HPV Gardasil vaccine for children

Gardasil fraud merck
Pharmaceutical giant Merck's political influence is now reaching beyond the CDC and federal government, and moving into state legislatures as several states have introduced bills to mandate Merck's Gardasil HPV vaccine for children.

The HPV vaccine, which only applies to sexually active people, is not currently part of the CDC vaccine schedule, therefore separate legislation is needed to compel children to receive it.

What is withheld from the public is the fact that Merck is fighting fraud cases in U.S. courts and multiple other lawsuits around the world concerning the Gardasil vaccine, as the vaccine continues to kill and injure, primarily teenage girls. See: Nation's Leading Lawyers take on Gardasil Vaccine Fraud in U.S. Court

Comment: As the numbers of people injured from the Gardasil vaccine continue to rise, nothing is being done to keep the corrupt vaccine-pushers in check. A cold analysis of the facts would lead any sensible person to refuse the Gardasil vaccine.

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