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Vermont: Flood fears ease; but winter storm warning issued - Snow up to 20 inches

Fears of severe flooding in Vermont have finally ebbed, but the National Weather Service in Burlington has posted the latest weather concern - another significant snow storm.

A storm warning has been issued for much of the state, beginning tonight at 6 p.m and extending through 8 p.m. on Saturday. A heavy snow warning was issued for the southern part of Vermont, just south of Rutland.


Low temperatures put Anchorage on path to coldest March on record

ANCHORAGE -- Perhaps instead of "Big Wild Life," Anchorage should consider the motto "Really Really Cold." The city has seen unseasonably frosty temperatures for an unusually long period, according to the National Weather Service.


U.S. Winter Temperature Near Average - Global december-february temperature warmest on record

The December 2006-February 2007 winter season temperature was marked by periods of unusually warm and cold conditions in the U.S., but the overall seasonal temperature was near average, according to scientists at NOAA's National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, N.C. Precipitation was above average in much of the center of the nation while large parts of the East, Southeast, and Southwest were drier than average. The global temperature was the warmest on record for the December-February three-month period.

Comment: In other words, they are just playing with the statistics and prestidigitating the data.


Winter Warmest on Record Worldwide (Not exactly true, it turns out)

WASHINGTON -- This winter was the warmest on record worldwide, the government said Thursday in the latest worrisome report focusing on changing climate.

The report comes just over a month after the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said global warming is very likely caused by human actions and is so severe it will continue for centuries.


Freak Mideast snow shuts schools in Israel

Snow blanketed much of Jordan on Thursday, briefly whited out road signs in Jerusalem as freak weather created high waves in Egypt's Red Sea and forced four ports to close.


Potent Snowstorm heading for Northeast US

State College, PA - Proof that winter is not officially over will be provided this weekend as cold air from Canada and a storm system moving out of Texas join forces on Friday, creating a powerful late-winter snowstorm in the Northeast.

The advancing cold front that put an end to the early taste of spring in the upper Plains and Midwest has moved through the Great Lakes today.

A storm system riding along the front has spread rain and a wintry mix of precipitation from the Midwest to the Maritimes in a prelude to the main event that will begin late Friday.


Giant cold water eddy off Sydney lowers sea level

Australian oceanographers have discovered a giant cold water eddy off Sydney which has lowered sea levels almost one meter and impacted a major ocean current.

The eddy, which has diameter of about 200 km (120 miles) and reaches to depth of 1 km (1,100 yards), lies about 100 km (60 miles) off Sydney, said Australia's peak scientific body, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO).

The CSIRO said the eddy was so powerful it had pushed out to sea the strong East Australian Current, popularised in the hit Hollywood animation "Finding Nemo" and used by sailors in the Sydney-Hobart race down the east coast of Australia.

Shipping traffic and fishing have not been affected.

Better Earth

Deep tremors are earthquake swarms, study finds

You can't feel them, hear them or see them, but swarms of tiny, noisy tremors occurring sporadically miles below the Earth's surface are actually slow-moving earthquakes that may help predict a catastrophic temblor.

Just six years ago, scientists didn't even know the earth was weakly shaking in parts of California, Washington and Japan. But in an important study on the phenomena published today in the journal Nature, Stanford researchers say the tremors are caused by the same mechanism as major quakes, slipping on the fault plates, and that they could signal times of increased seismic risk.


Island leopard deemed new species

Clouded leopards found on Sumatra and Borneo represent a new species, research by genetic scientists and the conservation group WWF indicates.


Sea monster gives Sydney goosebumps

A massive whirlpool has developed off the coast of NSW, dragging down the sea surface by almost a metre, diverting a mighty ocean current and chilling Sydney beachgoers.