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Vanishing honeybees mystify scientists - Congressional Hearing scheduled

WASHINGTON - Go to work, come home. Go to work, come home. Go to work -- and vanish without a trace.

Billions of bees have done just that, leaving the crop fields they are supposed to pollinate, and scientists are mystified about why.

Cloud Lightning

Tornado Levels Houses in Texas Panhandle

CACTUS, Texas - Downed power lines, flattened houses and roads littered with debris kept many residents from returning to their homes Sunday in this rural Panhandle town hit hard by what appeared to be a group of tornadoes.

Red Flag

Looming US water crisis 'big, big, big'

A prominent environmentalist is sounding the alarm about a closed-door trilateral meeting to discuss, among other things, large-scale water transfers to combat future shortages in the United States and Mexico despite Canada's standing objection to such a plan.


"Green Politics": Stop coming to work and save the planet

For most of us facing gridlocked roads and packed trains, the Monday morning commute is a more pressing concern than climate change.

But there may be a single solution to both, according to business leaders.

The Institute of Directors is calling for flexible hours and more home working to help tackle global warming.

Miles Templeman, the institute's director-general, said offering employees greater flexibility would ease pressure on transport networks and cut rush-hour power demand - thereby reducing emissions. Mr Templeman urged ministers not to rush into policies that risked harming the economy, such as caps on emissions and carbon taxes.

Speaking ahead of the institute's annual convention later this week, he criticised the Government over its "ideological" approach to climate change.

Bad Guys

Climate change 'threatens world stability'

Drought, floods and rising sea levels linked to climate change could start wars around the world, Margaret Beckett will predict today.

In the first UN Security Council debate on global warming, the Foreign Secretary will highlight tensions which are likely to emerge as countries compete for scarce food, water and energy resources.

But some member countries question whether the issue belongs in the Security Council, which deals with threats to international peace and security.

Russia and China have already said the council is the wrong place for the debate, and many developing nations see global warming as a problem of global justice, rather than just a security threat.

Ministers from some countries likely to be affected which are not on the 15-member council, are expected to attend the debate.


Global warming to provoke polar bear attacks - scientist

Polar bears could start attacking humans more frequently due to global warming, a Russian scientist said Friday.

Polar bears are carnivores that mainly live on seals, but can also feed on birds, shellfish, rodents and walruses - anything they can catch and kill. They are more likely to hunt humans than other bears and attacks could, for instance, happen at hunting camps or weather stations.

"Sea ice [the area covered by ice in the Arctic] is decreasing, and this is the polar bear's main habitat... In a search for food, the bears could end up at coastal areas and approach villages on the sea shore," Oleg Anisimov, a professor at the State Hydrology Institute under Russia's hydrometeorology service, told a news conference.


Creative Guesswork! Scientists Give Odds on Arctic Sea Ice Shrinkage

Researchers are forecasting a one-in-three chance that the extent of sea ice covering the Arctic will reach an all-time record low this year.

Comment: Which researchers? Names? What data is included in their guesswork and which data is excluded?

Keep that in mind these days, where 'global warming' is IN and the political consensus has already made it's mind up.

Comment: For more info read Climate Change Swindlers and the Political Agenda

Bizarro Earth

Australia's epic drought: The situation is grim

Australia has warned that it will have to switch off the water supply to the continent's food bowl unless heavy rains break an epic drought - heralding what could be the first climate change-driven disaster to strike a developed nation.

The Murray-Darling basin in south-eastern Australia yields 40 per cent of the country's agricultural produce. But the two rivers that feed the region are so pitifully low that there will soon be only enough water for drinking supplies. Australia is in the grip of its worst drought on record, the victim of changing weather patterns attributed to global warming and a government that is only just starting to wake up to the severity of the position.

Bizarro Earth

Red tide causes a stink

IT'S guilty of looking crook and causing an almighty stench, but innocent of leaving swimmers with itchy skin.

The stunning white sand beaches of Jervis Bay have been swamped with a bloom of red algae washed ashore by sea breezes.

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Crimson coast ... the usually white sands of the beach at Huskisson at Jervis Bay is turned red by an algae bloom.

Evil Rays

At least four quakes shake East China Sea

At least four earthquakes with a magnitude of about 6.0 on the Richter scale shook the East China Sea early Friday.