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Cloud Lightning

More Tornadoes Hit The Midwest

Weekend storms that swept through Kansas claimed the life of a 10th person, the Kansas Emergency Management Agency said Sunday.

The National Weather Service said Sunday that more than a dozen new tornadoes have been reported in the area where the tornado caused its heavy damage Friday.


Record May snow fall in Casper, Wyoming

The city of Casper easily eclipsed a 36-year-old record for snowfall on the fifth of May, less than a week after many residents were firing up their air conditioners.

The National Weather Service's Riverton office reported that a foot of snow had fallen on Casper Mountain as of 5 p.m., and that similar amounts had fallen in lower elevations in the city.

That obliterated a record set on May 5, 1971, when the previous record -- one inch -- fell on the city.

Cloud Lightning

Huge twister kills at least 9 in Kansas

GREENSBURG, Kan. - Emergency crews called off the search for more victims of a tornado that killed eight people and devastated this southwest Kansas town Friday as fresh rounds of severe weather threatened the area Saturday evening.

Much of Greensburg lies in ruins.

Light Sabers

Lightning kills five elephants in West Bengal

At least five elephants were killed by lightning in a West Bengal wildlife reserve, officials said Friday.

The animals died Thursday in a tea estate under the Buxa Tiger Reserve area in the state's northern region.

Their carcasses were found by tea garden workers on the bank of a river near the New Lands Tea Estate in Alipurduar area of Jalpaigur district, 700 km north of Kolkata.

'We suspect that the elephants died of lightning when they came to drink river water. There were no external injuries or evidence that the elephants were poisoned or electrocuted by poachers,' Buxa reserve official Subhankar Sengupta told IANS.

However, he added that the exact cause of death could only be ascertained after the post-mortem reports were available.

Cloud Lightning

Thailand trying to create rain

Welcome to the work of the Bureau of Royal Rainmaking, a small front line in Thailand's fight against drought -- a struggle likely to become increasingly desperate if scientists and governments meeting in Bangkok this week fail to agree a master plan to tackle global warming.


Billions at risk from wheat super-blight

"This thing has immense potential for social and human destruction." Startling words - but spoken by the father of the Green Revolution, Nobel laureate Norman Borlaug, they are not easily dismissed.

Comment: Add this to the bee die-off and we're in for some serious trouble, folks.

Better Earth

Was Bristol Channel hit by a tsunami?

On the occasion of the 400th anniversary of Britain's largest natural disaster, the author of 2001's prophetic book Tsunami: The Underrated Hazard (Cambridge University Press) reveals strong new evidence that the Bristol Channel was devastated by a tsunami on January 30, 1607. On that day, historical accounts describe a storm in the Bristol Channel, flooding more then 500 km2 of lowland and killing 2,000 people.

Evil Rays

As drought worsens, Australian cattle scour roadsides for food

GOULBURN, Australia - As Australian farmer Philip Bell coaxed his cattle along the road, a bystander nodded toward a straggler ambling behind the rest of the herd searching for an overlooked tussock of grass.


Hurricane force winds blow through north Texas

Violent thunderstorms packing hurricane-force winds tore through North Texas on Wednesday evening, slamming trees into homes, toppling tractor-trailers and leaving hundreds of thousands without power.

©Michael Ainsworth / The Dallas Morning News
Ferocious winds caused an 18-wheeler to flip at Joseph Hardin and Ledbetter drives in southern Dallas.


Reality hits! Honeybee Die-Off Threatens Food Supply

Unless someone or something stops it soon, the mysterious killer that is wiping out many of the nation's honeybees could have a devastating effect on America's dinner plate, perhaps even reducing us to a glorified bread-and-water diet.

Comment: The figure of 15 billion dollars that the bees add to the food supply as quoted above is slightly misleading as $15 billion is not that much in comparison to war budgets etc. That figure is however based on current food supply levels that works based on supply/demand. When supply drops, demand increases and prices go up.

So when you are faced with eating just bread and water, you will see how misleading a monetary amount can be. The alarm bells should be ringing.

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