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Psychopath Neil Entwistle's Reaction in Court: Not a surprise

As everyone within at least a hundred miles of Hopkinton knows by now, Neil Entwistle was found guilty of first degree murder in the deaths of his wife, Rachel, and their baby daughter, Lillian, at their Hopkinton home in January of 2006.

The excessive media attention of this case, and subsequent trial, threw our little town into the spotlight - one we would rather not have shone on us. This family only lived in their rented home on Cub's Path for a few months before the brutal deaths, yet they will forever be linked with our town.

As if hearing about the details of the murders during the trial were not enough, the despicable defense Entwistle's attorney's presented - that Rachel suffered from depression and killed her baby and then herself - was ridiculous and demeaning to the memory of a mother and her innocent child who were just caught in the crossfire of a man who was intent on trying to get himself out of a life he didn't like.

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Young Psychopath: UK 'Angelic looking' boy, 12, at risk of being lured into extremism

An "angelic looking boy" aged 12 has been identified as at severe risk of being lured into violent Islamist extremism, a senior police officer revealed today.

The white schoolboy is the youngest of 124 children and youths, mainly Asian teenagers from Muslim backgrounds, who have been earmarked by police forces for close-contact work to try and stop them being groomed for terrorism.

The child was brought into a police station in West Yorkshire by a headmaster who said he was unable to cope with his behaviour.

Sir Norman Bettison, chief constable of West Yorkshire, said the boy's family was cooperating fully with police and other agencies trying to help him.

Comment: Isn't it amazing to notice that most of the article pushes unashamed anti-Muslim propaganda and talks about fake Al Qaeda threat, 'violent Islamist extremism' and the necessity to control Muslim youth and their main 'supplier' - The Internet, while the offender in question is a non-Muslim 'small-framed child with tousled blond hair', who already performed horrendous deeds prior to be 'exposed' to the 'extremist material'?


SOTT Focus: Enough Hand-wringing! What You Can Do

The SOTT editors receive a great deal of mail every day. A lot of those letters run on the theme of "What can I, one person, do in the face of so many problems and such overwhelming odds? It's impossible."

The SOTT News Service subscribes to the "butterfly effect", dedicating itself to continuous pushing against the pathocratic oppression we all suffer under. Small incremental efforts by many people can engender massive change, IF kept up persistently. The scope of our individual freedoms are maintained only by the collective effort of all who care about those freedoms.


Wales: Move to give schools power to search for weapons

NEW powers could be given to headteachers to search pupils they suspect are carrying weapons.

The Welsh Assembly Government will soon begin a consultation on whether to go ahead with the plans after children as young as five years old were found using dangerous weapons in schools.

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Germany: Politicians urge removal of US nuclear weapons

Social Democrat and opposition politicians in Germany have called for the withdrawal of US atomic weapons from German military bases after a US Air Force investigation concluded that "most sites" used for deploying nuclear weapons in Europe do not meet US Department of Defense minimum security requirements.

"Atomic weapons in Germany are a holdover from the Cold War. They must go," Guido Westerwelle, leader of the opposition Free Democrat Party, told the Berliner Zeitung.


Best of the Web: Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation, Part VII

The Trip
Occult imagery from the film The Trip.

"As all halfway-decent managers in the rock era have done, [Jim] Dickson worked on seducing the in-crowd and creating a buzz around [The Byrds] ... The timing was perfect ... LA's baby-boomers were mobile, getting around, looking for action. And now they were joined by the hip elite of Hollywood itself, from Sal Mineo and Peter Fonda to junkie comic Lenny Bruce."
Barney Hoskyns, Waiting for the Sun

As important as the Freaks were to building an audience for the new Laurel Canyon bands, there was another group that played a key role as well: Hollywood's so-called "Young Turks." Like the Freaks, the Turks became an immediate and constant presence on the newly emerging Sunset Strip scene. And as with the Freaks, their presence on the Strip was heavily promoted by the media. Locals and tourists alike knew where to go to gawk at the Freaks and, as an added bonus, quite possibly rub shoulders with the likes of Peter Fonda, Jack Nicholson, Bruce Dern, Dennis Hopper and Warren Beatty, along with their female counterparts like Jane Fonda, Nancy Sinatra and Sharon Tate.

Many of these young and glamorous Hollywood stars forged very close bonds with the Laurel Canyon musicians. Some of them, including Peter Fonda, found homes in the canyon so that they could live, work and party among the rock stars (and, in their free time, pass around John Phillips' wife to just about every swinging dick in the canyon, including Jack Nicholson, Dennis Hopper, Warren Beatty, Roman Polanski, and Gene Clark of The Byrds). Some of them never left; Jack Nicholson to this day lives in a spacious estate just off the portion of Mulholland Drive that lies between Laurel Canyon and Coldwater Canyon. Not far west of Nicholson's property (which now includes the neighboring estate formerly owned by Marlon Brando) sits the longtime home of Warren Beatty.

Comment: Continue to part VIII

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Won't take No for an answer: Irish revote likely on EU treaty

Irish voters appear likely to vote again on the Lisbon Treaty in a bid to sustain progress toward a more streamlined and powerful European Union.

Meeting in Brussels, European Union leaders signaled their intent to prevent a two-tiered union by ensuring that all 27 member states ratify the treaty. Even as they did, however, concerns rose about the Czech Republic's ability to do so, as the Czech senate has demanded a court ruling on the treaty's constitutionality.


Suicide number 22: Three Bridgend 'hanging victims' lived in same street

A building worker who was found hanged in a village near Bridgend is believed to be the third young victim from the same street.

Carwyn Jones, 28, and the two other victims Neil Owen, 26, and Sean Rees, 19, who grew up in the street in Bettws and were reported to be friends, died within two months of each other. Each of them was found hanged from trees.

Mr Jones, who was found by a woman passer-by in woodland, died on Monday, on the eve of the funeral of Mr Owen, and eight weeks after the death of Mr Rees.

The latest death brought to 22 the number of young people who are believed to have died in apparent suicides in the Bridgend area since the start of last year.


40 dead, 100 missing after migrant boat sinks off Libya

At least 40 people drowned and around 100 are missing after a boat carrying illegal immigrants from Libya to Italy capsized, an Egyptian security official said on Monday.

Forty bodies have been recovered after the boat sank shortly after leaving the port of Zuwarah, about 100 kilometres (63 miles) west of Tripoli, on June 7, the official said, citing a report from the Egyptian embassy in Libya.

An Egyptian and a Bangladeshi man are the only passengers known to have survived, with the Egyptian survivor saying that around 150 people were on the boat, including 50 Egyptians from the Nile Delta town of Zagazig, when it sank.

Illegal immigrants on a crowded boat as it arrives at Lampedusa island in 2007

Monkey Wrench

Good Job! Ireland Snubs the EU - Union in Crisis

Irish voters, making up a fraction of one per cent of the population of the European Union, have rejected a crucial EU reform treaty by a narrow margin, leaving itself isolated in Europe and the European Union in crisis.