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SOTT Focus: Connecting the Dots: The Axis of Evil Steps on the Bear's Tail Under a Nuclear Fallout

Putin and Bush
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"Take the pawn and I'll take your knight."
"Yeah, but the Middle East will be open for check."
"We'll see about that. Nice ceremony."

While the world slept through the month-long cyclic dream of the Olympic Games, the Axis of Evil took the opportunity to move its pieces onto Russia's doorstep. The Eastern bear responded, and the US/UK/Israeli propaganda machine went into overdrive.

As usual, ordinary people paid a heavy price for this deadly game of global chess.


SOTT Focus: Is Sott Anti-Semitic? You Be The Judge

A few days ago, I received an email from a person named "Angus" who informed me that my article "Racism not defence at the heart of Israeli politics" was causing "quite a stir" in the UK and that he would like some details about me as he was planning to write something in response. From the beginning it was pretty clear what "Angus'" agenda was, but I decided to give the benefit of the doubt, at least to begin with. The exchange that ensued has left us with a much better insight into the minds and methods of those vociferous defenders of Israel that are doing so much in British academic circles to ensure that the Israeli government continues to enjoy immunity for its human rights abuses in Occupied Palestine.

Read on, it's a real trip!


SOTT Focus: Anti-semitism, British Academia and the Israel Lobby


Every year since 2002 the University and College Union (UCU), the largest trade union and professional association for academics working in further and higher education throughout the UK, has attempted to implement some form of boycott of Israeli academic institutions that have been shown to be complicit in the ongoing persecution of the Palestinian people. And each year, amid much acrimony and cries of "anti-semitism", boycotters meet with significant resistance from pro-Israeli members of British academia, and other institutions.

This year however, lowly has inadvertently become involved in the melee.

Comment: Update: Within a few hours of posting the link to the mailing list, Ms. Delich responded:
I didn't realise who David Duke was nor did I hear of him. I just looked at the article not the website where it appeared. Apologies for picking up that website as I personallly am strongly against any racists, anti-semitists and the likes of them. I just found the article quite powerful, and none are saying that Joe Quinn (the author of the article) is a racist or anti-semitist, and the article is quite interesting. So, perhaps we should focus on the article itself and not where it appeared (if we look at it in a broader sense, the website itself appeard on Google and so did the article)? Anyone can put anything on their website... Sincere apologies once again though for picking the wrong website, but it's the article that I found interesting as it gives some amazing facts and it was not written by David Duke (who, I most certainly agree, has no place in UCU but is the author of the website and not the article).
Mr. Hirsh at Engage and all of the other "left-wing" anti-boycott, pro-Israeli government defamation artists were surely aware of Ms. Delich's response, yet they chose to pursue their opportunistic and scurrilous manipulation of Ms. Delich's simple mistake in their efforts to perpetuate the Israeli government's continued persecution of the Palestinian people.

By their fruits you shall know them.

Better Earth

Flashback Crucifixion makes God seem like a psychopath, says cleric

One of the country's most controversial clerics was at the centre of a new controversy yesterday after saying that traditional teaching about the Crucifixion was "repulsive" and made God seem like a "psychopath".

The Dean of St Albans, the Very Rev Jeffrey John, used a Lent talk on BBC Radio 4 last night to attack the Christian theory of penal substitution, which argues that God sent Christ into the world to be punished for the sins of mankind.

The dean's comments in the run-up to Easter were met with outrage from leading evangelicals who said his comments verged on the heretical, even though he attempted to soften his message by adding extra lines on the eve of the broadcast.

Dr John, who was forced to stand down as Bishop of Reading in 2003 after it emerged he was homosexual, although no longer sexually active, said he had been taught that Jesus "took the rap" for our sins, but we got forgiven provided we said we believed in him."

Light Sabers

India: Flood victims pelt stones at officials

Flood victims on Saturday pelted stones at Supaul administration officials. The victims, who have been virtually left without food, water and shelter, vented their anger at government employees, who went to assess how badly the floods hit the villagers.

Heart - Black

Flashback India: Fear of psychopath killer grips Chennai localities

Chennai: Fears of a serial 'psychopath' killer stalking the busy Vadapalani and Ashok Nagar areas following 'mysterious' deaths in the recent weeks, were heightened on Thursday after yet another death was reported from the nearby colony.


Best of the Web: Inside The LC: The Strange but Mostly True Story of Laurel Canyon and the Birth of the Hippie Generation, Part IX

"Everybody was experimenting and taking it all the way. It opened up a negative force of energy that was almost demonic."
Frank Mazolla, editor of the film Performance

"There were a lot of weird people around. There was one guy who had a parrot called Captain Blood, and he was always scrawling real cryptic things on the inside walls of my house - Neil Young's too."
Joni Mitchell, describing the Laurel Canyon scene at the tail end of the 1960s

Ricky Nelson

Comment: Continue to part X


UK: Bridgend hanging is 23rd suicide in area in 20 months

©Wales News Service
Mr Davies was also a Facebook "friend" with one of the recent Bridend victims

A young man has been found hanged in Bridgend - the 23rd tragedy in the town in 20 months.

Rhys Davies, 23, lived in the same part of the town as three of the recent victims - all young men aged between 19 and 28.

Part-time DJ Rhys committed suicide just days before he was due to fly out to Benidorm with friends for a holiday.

He lived in Bettws, just streets away from the 21st suicide victim Neil Owen - who was also due to go on holiday just before he died.


Airport Security: Laptops and Phones Now Searched for Data

Several newly launched initiatives in the U.S. and other countries aim to allow governments to mine our personal data at border crossings. Legislation in the U.S. and Australia would give governments great freedom to search - and in some cases seize - our personal electronic devices.

Heart - Black

Nobel laureate and Soviet dissident Solzhenitsyn dies

©(AFP/File/Joel Robine)
Russian writer and dissident Alexander Solzhenitsyn, pictured in 1993.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn, the dissident Russian writer and Nobel laureate whose portrayals of Josef Stalins labour camps and political oppression helped undermine the Soviet grip on power, has died, his son said. He was 89.