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Into the mind of a psychopath: Sex offender fantasized about jail guards

While serving time for sexual assault, Jeffrey Bastien would sneak his cell door open a crack and fantasize about molesting female guards, a dangerous offender hearing heard Friday.

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BBC postpones teenage suicide drama

The BBC has postponed a drama about teenage suicide in the light of recent deaths in Bridgend.

Dis/Connected looks at the impact of the death of a teenage girl on her friends. No date has yet been set for when it will now be shown.

A total of 17 young people are thought to have taken their lives in the county of Bridgend in little more than a year. The most recent death, on Tuesday, was of 16-year-old Jenna Parry, who was found hanging near her home in Cefn Cribbwr.

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Father of Bridgend suicide teenager says death was linked

A grieving dad yesterday insisted there are links between at least three of the young Bridgend suicide victims.

Christopher Claypole's stepson David Dilling, 19, was the second of 17 from the town to have been found hanged in just over a year.


Bridgend, suicide and the internet: the facts

The tragic history of suicides in the town and the search for an explanation.

The town of Bridgend

The former mining town, population 39,000, has struggled to attract new industries. The claimant count in Bridgend is 9%, the second highest in Wales, with many on incapacity benefit. Historically, it has had a high suicide rate and, as a coastal town with high unemployment rates, a high rate of suicide among young males might be expected.


U.S. issues notice on downing of satellite

The U.S. Navy likely will make its first attempt to shoot down a faulty spy satellite Wednesday night. The U.S. government issued a formal notice warning ships and planes to stay clear of a large area of the Pacific Ocean west of Hawaii.


Bridgend Suicides: Another young person's body found

Another body of a young person has been found in the Bridgend area.

The girl was named locally as 16-year-old Jenna Parry, who was from the village of Cefn Cribwr, around five miles from Bridgend.

Her body was found early this morning in a woodland area by a man walking his dog across the village common.

The discovery came ahead of a briefing this afternoon by South Wales Police about the number of suspected suicides in the county over the past year.

The death in Cefn Cribwr is the 17th suspected suicide of a young person in the Bridgend county area.


Bridgend, South Wales: Two cousins from 'suicide town' hang themselves within hours as death toll rises

The death toll in a small town hit by a spate of suicides rose to 16 yesterday when two young cousins were found hanged. They died hours apart, leaving the South Wales community of Bridgend reeling from the continuing string of tragedies.


SOTT Focus: Burka Bombers: Spontaneously Exploding Iraqi Women

The evil 'Burka bombers of Baghdad', shown here with detonator.

Did you hear the one about the exploding Iraqi women?

Two women walk into two separate pet markets in Baghdad with a box of birds. They walk up to a vendor and say: "I hear you are enjoying something of a boom in birds these days, how much will you give me for these specimens?" Before the vendor can reply a large explosion destroys most of the stalls in both markets, killing one hundred people and maiming hundreds more. Later that day a report of the events appears in all of the world's newspapers...

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Big Brother is not in the public interest

The news that more than 1,000 requests a day are made to "intercept" our phone calls, post and email should come as no surprise to anyone observing Britain's rapid descent into mass surveillance. What may be more of an eye-opener is the extent to which the Government has systematically embedded secrecy, incompetence and spin into the process.

The state can intrude into our communications in three distinct ways. It can bug our phone lines, it can open our mail and it now has the ability to access our phone and email records, discovering everything about our calling patterns, email usage and our networks of friends and colleagues. This latter innovation has become an epidemic.

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Best of the Web: The Care and Feeding of the Practical Psychopath


Every generation has its challenges, its wars and its peculiar identity. Every generation replaces the one in front of it and gets replaced by the one behind it. The enemy of each generation is always the same. It changes its clothes and terrain. It moves in and out of political ideologies and religious dogmas but it's the same enemy.

Defining the enemy isn't an easy thing. You're dealing with continuous shape-shifting. You think you are confronting it in front of you when it is actually leaning over your shoulder and advising you. You find that it agrees with you and is on your side only to discover that it has used its seeming alliance to discredit what you believe in; to misrepresent what you believe in.