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What's going on? UK: Another hanging death in Bridgend

A 23-year-old woman has become the latest young person to hang herself in Bridgend, South Wales, the centre of a cluster of suicides.

The woman, who has not been named, died in the Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend on Tuesday when her life support machine was switched off three days after she was found hanged from a drainpipe.

Life Preserver

UK: Teenagers worked to keep young woman alive after 'suicide bid'

A woman has been taken to hospital after an apparent suicide attempt in a Bridgend garden.

The 23-year-old Cardiff woman was taken to Bridgend's Princess of Wales Hospital after she was found just after 5pm on Sunday.

According to reports today the woman was found by 11-year-old Cory Harvey, whose friends Chris Davies and Robin Hill, both 16, tried to keep her alive until help arrived.


SOTT Focus: Sanitizing The War On Terror - Part 2

©Red Pill Press

"The ideal tyranny is that which is ignorantly self-administered by its victims. The most perfect slaves are, therefore, those which blissfully and unawaredly enslave themselves." - Dresden James
In part one, I promised I would get pure and simple with the truth about the war on terror. I posited that if the average person were to be furnished with real facts about the war on terror, conditions necessary for a radical change in the status quo on this planet could be created. What form such a change would take is not readily determinable, although a decent amount of chaos could be expected.

I understand that many people have trouble believing that the average person can ever wake up to the reality of the world around them. Nourished almost since birth on a diet of lies and disinformation, not to mention chemical-laden food and drink, we could be forgiven for concluding that their destiny as cannon fodder for the pathocrats is all but assured. The problem with this theory however is that there is no way to prove it.


SOTT Focus: Sanitizing The War On Terror

Michael Hayden - loves a good conspiracy

For years "conspiracy theorists" have suffered the ignominy of exile on the fringe of political debate, not to mention social acceptance. "Conspiracy" was not necessarily a 'dirty word', but form the phrase "conspiracy theory" and you could almost hear the shutters coming down on already closed minds. Stories of the lies and secret machinations of the political military and corporate elite were ridiculed as fantasy and a virtual impossibility. Indeed, the very existence of a political, military and corporate elite was widely disavowed. Changes are afoot however - big changes. The lies and abuses of the directors of the American empire project and their associates in collective Western government over the past few years have become so egregious, so flagrant, that it is now virtually impossible for the average citizen to accept the official version of reality and still lay claim to their own sanity.


SOTT Focus: Connecting the Dots: Following the blood trail

©Doug Mills/The New York Times

Reading the news lately, there certainly appears to be an unusual amount of activity in many different spheres of power and influence. The Principle players seem to be moving in unison and orchestrating events in rapid succession, as if following a schedule.

They may think they're doing it slowly enough that no one will notice (knowing the lead time they have) - and they're almost correct - most people don't notice - but then there are those who do notice... those keeping the lighthouse lit.

So, it seems that, at this present moment, it has become necessary to try to block the lighthouse beam with internet search engine suppression and myriad other tricks such as silly lawsuits - good thing that light is rather like water in that it will always find a way out of enclosed places - the smallest hairline crack is all that's needed; and once it's out, you can't get it back in.

Let's see what light filters through the cracks once we begin to connect some interesting recent dots...


SOTT Focus: Good Lord Willing and the Creek Don't Rise - An Update for SOTT Readers

In response to my last article, Letters From The Edge, which included a recent missive from Victor Clube, author of The Cosmic Serpent and The Cosmic Winter, I stated:
We aren't talking about a giant asteroid here that is going to create a global wave of firestorm destruction like the movies depict! It's not Planet X or Nibiru! It's NOT the End of the World (at least not for everybody, but certainly for those who aren't prepared and happen to be in the line of fire!) But yeah, it might be somewhat like the Black Death with the loss of half the population of one or more continents, or the great Chicago Fire or Tunguska or even all of these rolled into one; but all of those events were survivable had the victims been informed and prepared. Yes, there are those who, even had they been informed and prepared would not have survived in any case, but we choose the optimistic path: Knowledge Protects. And we are trying our hardest to give you that knowledge.
One reader commented on the article as follows:
What I've picked up so far is that the formation of true community where people share perspective, information, knowledge and material resources such as pooled labor and the fruits of such (cash) is one of the main ways that persons can create the situation where they can survive such a cosmic disaster. Knowledge of what's really happening being another--which among other potential benefits, prevents paralyzing fear and panic--enabling persons to Think in real time as some thing happens. Therefore, sharing and spreading knowledge of what's really happening to encourage greater awareness and the formation of such community groups being another.

Would you please write an article/articles where you share other ideas/suggestions on how to survive such a possible/probable cosmic event as described?

Needless to say, we all need to help SOTT stay online for such an article to come out.
I'm trying to get there.

Black Cat

Death penalty sought in girl's mutilation by psychopath

Norman, Oklahoma -- A jury recommended the death penalty Friday for a man convicted of luring a 10-year-old girl into his apartment, killing her and mutilating her body.

Kevin Underwood
Kevin Underwood is escorted out of the courthouse in Norman, Oklahoma, on February 28.

Eye 1

Canada: Psychopath's 'deviant' ways likely to last his lifetime

Jeffrey Bastien has a "deviant" sexual attraction to children of both sexes that is likely "something he'll be fighting the rest of his life," a dangerous offender court hearing was told Wednesday.

Psychologist Dr. David Fischman said the result of phallometric testing he conducted in 2002 to measure Bastien's sex drive is "a very robust predictor" of the likelihood he will reoffend in the future once released back into the community.

©Nick Brancaccio, The Windsor Star
File photo of Jeffrey Bastien, 30, leaving Superior Court after a recent appearance. Bastien is subject of a dangerous offender application by the Crown. He is a convicted repeat sex offender.


Lord's Resistance Army and Uganda sign peace pact

The Ugandan government and the rebel Lord's Resistance Army (LRA) have signed the last in a series of pacts, paving the way for a final peace agreement.

Joseph Kony (LRA)
LRA chief Joseph Kony with one of his
commanders Vincent Otti at Rikwamba

The latest signing follows months of on-and-off talks in the southern Sudanese city of Juba, where the rebels once had their bases.

Riek Machar, chief mediator, told the delegations after signing the texts: "You have finally signed the necessary agreements and protocols for the final agreement."

The texts provide for the disarmament and demobilisation of the LRA.


SOTT Focus: Reading the numbers

The UK government is desperately trying to rescue a large UK mortgage lender while the Federal Reserve is secretly funding US banks to keep them afloat. The collapse of the international banking system is imminent. For the elite it will be a bonanza while for the rest of us it spells a return to servitude in a feudal society.