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US, Texas: Man Assaults Wife for Not "Liking" His Facebook Update

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A 36-year-old Texas man has pleaded not guilty to battery charges after allegedly attacking his estranged wife for failing to "Like" a status update he posted to Facebook.

Benito Apolinar had posted an update to his Facebook page about the anniversary of his mother's death. Angry that the post had elicited no response from his wife of 15 years, he confronted her after dropping off their children at her home in Carlsbad, New Mexico on Tuesday.

"That's amazing everyone 'Likes' my status but you, you're my wife. You should be the first one to 'Like' my status," he allegedly told her before punching her in the cheek and pulling her hair. He was reportedly under the influence of alcohol at the time.

Apolinar was arrested the same evening of the incident. He is scheduled to appear in court on December 22.

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US, Alabama: Immigrants Fearing Deportation Make Plans for Kids

© The Associated Press/Jay ReevesIn this Oct. 6, 2011 photo taken from video, Jazmin Rivera, right, a case manager with the Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama, works with an unidentified immigrant in her office in Birmingham, Ala. Parents living in the country illegally are scared of deportation under Alabama's new immigration law, and Rivera has helped many with paperwork to provide care for their children in case the parents are arrested.
Terrified by Alabama's strict new immigration crackdown, parents living in the state illegally say they are doing something that was unthinkable just days ago - asking friends, relatives, co-workers and acquaintances to take their children if they're arrested or deported.

Many illegal immigrants signed documents in the past week allowing others to care for their children if needed, assistance groups say, and a couple living illegally in nearby Shelby County extracted a promise from the man's boss to send their three young children - all U.S. citizens - to Mexico should they be jailed under the law.

A key sponsor of the measure, state Sen. Scott Beason, said such concerns weren't raised when legislators were considering the bill, and he wonders if the stories now are designed to "pull on heart strings" and build sympathy for illegal immigrants.

But for Maria Patino - who prays every time she leaves home - even a chance encounter with police could end with her two elementary-age children being left alone or taken to foster care if she and her husband are sent back to Mexico. Both are in the country illegally and have no friends or relatives close enough to take in the kids.

"Every time I leave I don't know if I will come back," Patino, 27, said through tears. "I can't stop working. My daughters need shoes and other things."

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Iran actress sentenced to 1 year in jail, 90 lashes for film role

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Actress Marzieh Vafamehr has been sentenced to a year in jail and 90 lashes for her role in a film about the limits imposed on artists in the Islamic republic, an Iranian opposition website reported Sunday.

"A verdict has been issued for Marzieh Vafamehr, sentencing her to a year in jail and 90 lashes," reported.

"Her lawyer has appealed the sentence, which was handed down yesterday (Saturday)," the report added, without giving further details.

Vafamehr was arrested in July after appearing in My Tehran for Sale, which came under harsh criticism in conservative circles.

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Israeli Navy fires at fishing boats in Gaza & Settlers attack Hebron... just another Saturday in Palestine

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Israeli Navy Fires At Fishing Boats In Gaza

On Friday evening, the Israeli Navy opened fire on a number of Palestinian fishing boats in Palestinian territorial waters near Beit Lahia, in the northern part of the Gaza Strip; no injuries were reported.

Violent clashes break out in Ras al-Amud

An outbreak of violent clashes erupted Friday after Israeli occupation forces cordoned off East Jerusalem's Ras al-Amud district in conjunction with the Jewish Yom Kippur holidays.

Settlers attack a village near al-Khalil

Dozens of Jewish settlers at dawn Friday attacked the village of Khirbat Tuwwana, to the east of Yatta in the southern West Bank al-Khalil district.

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Pakistani Tribes Hold Anti-US Rally

More than one thousand people in Pakistan's northwestern Bajaur tribal agency have taken to the streets to condemn the so-called 'war on terror' led by the United States, Press TV reports.

The latest protests were organized by the Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan - the country's largest religious-political party.

Angry protesters chanted anti-US slogans and condemned the alliance between Washington and Islamabad. They also held US responsible for the ongoing violence and unrest across Pakistan

"Due to Pakistan's involvement as a partner with the US on the War on Terror, the whole of Pakistan particularly the Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa province and the tribal belt is wearing a deserted look," Jamaat -e- Islami's Haroon ur Rasheed said.

After explaining that Pakistan's agriculture, economy, education, and infrastructure was now "completely ruined", Rasheed pointed to the 35,000 innocent civilians who have been killed since 2007.

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Egypt: 19 Dead in Worst Cairo Riots Since Mubarak Ouster

© The Associated Press/Ahmed AliClashes erupt at a protest of a recent attack on a church in Cairo Egypt, Sunday, Oct. 9, 2011. Fierce clashes erupted Sunday between Christians protesting a recent attack on a church and the Egyptian military, leaving more than a dozen people dead and scores injured, Health Ministry officials said.
Massive clashes raged Sunday in downtown Cairo, drawing Christians angry over a recent church attack, hard-line Muslims and Egyptian security forces. At least 19 people were killed and more than 150 injured in the worst sectarian violence since the uprising that ousted Hosni Mubarak in February.

The violence lasted late into the night, bringing out a deployment of more than 1,000 security forces and armored vehicles to defend the state television building along the Nile, where the trouble began.

The clashes spread to nearby Tahrir Square, drawing thousands of people to the vast plaza that served as the epicenter of the protests that ousted Mubarak. On Sunday night, they battled each other with rocks and firebombs, some tearing up pavement for ammunition and others collecting stones in boxes.

At one point, an armored security van sped into the crowd, striking a half-dozen protesters and throwing some into the air.

Christians blame Egypt's ruling military council for being too lenient on those behind a spate of anti-Christian attacks since the ouster of Mubarak. The Coptic Christian minority makes up about 10 percent of the country of more than 80 million people.

As Egypt undergoes a chaotic power transition and security vacuum in the wake of this year's uprising, Christians are particularly worried about the increasing show of force by the ultraconservative Islamists.


US: Protesters Accused of Hurting New York City Economy

Mayor Michael Bloomberg on Friday accused the Wall Street demonstrators of trying to cripple New York City's economy.

"What they're trying to do is take the jobs away from people working in this city," the mayor declared in his harshest criticism of the three-week-old protest that has caught the attention of the nation.

"They're trying to take away the tax base we have because none of this is good for tourism."

Although he expressed sympathy for "some of their complaints," Bloomberg warned that addressing them has to be accomplished "without hurting people and making the problem worse."

"If the jobs they are trying to get rid of in this city -- the people that work in finance, which is a big part of our economy -- we're not going to have any money to pay our municipal employees or clean the blocks or anything else."


US, New York: Time Capsule With Over 100-Year-Old Germs Found At Former Bellevue Hospital Medical College

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WCBS 880′s Alex Silverman On The Story

In 1897, a time capsule was sealed up and hidden away in the cornerstone of what was Bellevue Hospital Medical College in Manhattan. Now, it has been found.

A few weeks ago, that building at East 26th Street and 1st Avenue was demolished.

The contents of the time capsule were recovered and they're now in the hands of New York University bacteriologist Dr. Martin Blaser, who says it was no ordinary time capsule.

"In addition to papers from that time and materials from students from the Bellevue Medical College and the newspaper the New York Sun from 1897, it also had a test tube that had some bacterial spores in it that were gotten and cultured from a patient in 1896," Blaser told WCBS 880′s Alex Silverman.


US, South Carolina: Cops find 3 year old in stolen car with BB gun; Father arrested

When a North Charleston police officer approached a stolen car Wednesday afternoon, the last thing the officer expected to find was a 3 year old holding a gun.

According to police, the child grabbed what turned out to be a BB gun from the center console as an officer approached the car. The child safely handed it over to the officer while saying "gun, gun."

The child was found in a stolen red Montero sport car with a Utah license plate. The car was located in the area of Remount and Yeamans Hall Road. According to police, the child's father, 23-year-old Terrence Myers, was driving the car.

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US Revolution: Occupy Maine group digs in, shows support for Wall Street counterparts

Members of a growing Occupy Maine group in Monument Square on Monday proclaimed solidarity with the larger Occupy Wall Street movement and noted similarities between their efforts and those that overthrew the government of Egypt this summer.

They also began to hone a message for what has been criticized by some as a directionless protest, with signs and slogans at numerous satellite Occupy settlements around the country running the gamut of social causes.

On Monday in Portland, Occupy Maine members took their occupation on the road with a 90-minute march from their Monument Square base of operations to the University of Southern Maine, where they held a brief rally, and back again.

They expressed anger about what they described as corporate influence on the American government and rallied around the notion that they represent "the 99 percent" - or everyone below the wealthiest 1 percent of the population, who they argued have a disproportionate say in how the country is run.