© Florida State Attorney's Office / AFP/Getty ImagesGeorge Zimmerman says Trayvon Martin, 17, inflicted these scalp cuts by slamming his head on pavement. A medical report says that the cuts did not require stitches and that he suffered no serious head trauma.
George Zimmerman suffered two minor cuts to his scalp but no serious head trauma during his fatal confrontation with Trayvon Martin, according to his medical report.

The just-released document states he suffered a broken nose, but no deviation of the septum, and two black eyes, The Miami Herald says.

The report fills in details of the already reported injuries Zimmerman says he suffered the night of Feb. 26 when he shot and killed the 17-year-old Trayvon, who was visiting his father in Sanford, Fla.

Zimmerman went for the checkup the day after the killing only because he needed a doctor's note to return to work, a prosecutor said in court Friday during a new bail hearing.

Although Zimmerman's nose was broken, he twice rejected the physician assistant's recommendation that he see an ear, nose and throat specialist.

No stitches were needed to close the head cuts, which he was advised to clean with soap and water daily. Zimmerman reported no headaches, blurred vision or loss of hearing.

The attending physician assistant, Lindzee Folgate, mentioned symptoms that would require a brain scan, and she stressed that he needed to see a therapist to discuss the killing.

"We discussed the red flag symptoms that would warrant imaging, given the type of assault he sustained. Given the type of trauma, we discussed that it is imperative he be seen with his psychologist for evaluation," Folgate wrote.

The report notes that he "[a]dmits to occasional nausea when thinking about the violence last night, but denies abdominal pain."

As the Herald writes, the report indicates Zimmerman is "obese" and takes several medications, including pills "that both elevate your mood and calm it." He suffers from sacroiliitis, inflammation of the joints in the lower spine and has had irritable bowel syndrome.

Zimmerman's lawyer posted the report on his website for the case.

Zimmerman is in jail after a judge revoked his $150,000 bond last month. The state prosecutor accused Zimmerman and his wife of lying to the court about their financial assets during his initial bond hearing so Zimmerman could obtain a lower bond.

Update at 5:28 p.m. ET: Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. says he plans to announce Thursday whether Zimmerman will be allowed to post a new bond or be held until his trial for second-degree murder, the Orlando Sentinel reports.

To a nearly empty Seminole County courtroom, he said he is drafting the order and expects to file it at the end of court Thursday afternoon.