floods Germany Rhineland-Palatinate
© Boris Roessler/picture alliance/Getty ImagesGermany’s Rhineland-Palatinate state was hit the worst.
The UK could experience a shortage of chips as the demand for potatoes grows in Europe.

After heavy flooding last month, the price of spuds has soared on the continent and buyers are targeting Britain, the Daily Star reported.

A "perfect storm" of inflation, labour shortages, environmental disaster, Brexit, rising fuel and distribution costs, has caused the problem.

Comment: Note that some of these factors are entirely avoidable and their impact could be easily mitigated, however. when these natural disasters are combined with these man-made crises, which are affecting more than just potatoes, the effect could be particularly devastating for producers and consumers.

But this has been added to by the continuing impact of Covid, triggering food shortages and spiralling bills, Lynx Purchasing reported.

Comment: The relatively harmless coronavirus didn't do this, the lockdowns and the harsh and nonsensical restrictions did.

Frozen chips will be among the first to go with a leap in prices likely and our Christmas roasties are also under threat.

Rachel Dobson, of the catering firm, said: "Floods in Europe have affected potato growers and processors there, with varieties grown for frozen chips affected.

"UK pubs and restaurants, serving popular dishes like fish and chips, could find their usual supplier isn't able to deliver.

"The shortage abroad is likely to have a knock-on effect on availability of UK-grown potatoes and, come Christmas, we could find that the roast potato, a staple of festive dinners, is also in short supply.

"The same labour shortages hospitality is ­seeing on the front line stretch back through the supply chain via warehousing and distribution to picking and packing."

Spuds in Europe were struck by flooding in the chip-loving countries of Belgium, Germany and Holland, which killed at least 228 people and destroyed homes and businesses.