blurry rave photo
© Metropolitan Police
Although blurry, the footage shows a number of people present.
More than 20 people are facing fines after police shut down an illegal party at a south London barber shop.

Neighbours reported the large gathering and loud music at the premises on London Road in west Croydon shortly before midnight on February 19.

Body-worn camera footage shows officers walking through an empty section of the shop before opening a door to a separate room where a group of people had crammed inside.

In total, 22 people were referred for fixed penalty notices and the event organiser has also been reported for a £10,000 fine.

Inspector Kathy Morteo, of the Met's south area command, said: 'Everyone knows that it is neither lawful nor safe for such events to take place while the country is dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

'The Health Protection Regulations are in place for good and easily understood reasons, and it is our role to enforce them in London.'

The Metropolitan Police has had to shut down a number of large-scale parties in breach of lockdown restrictions in recent weeks.

Earlier this month, one man was arrested after 30 people were found attending an illegal party aboard a boat on the River Lea.

That followed just days after officers broke up a house party with 40 attendees in Wandsworth. One woman was arrested and a number of others were handed penalty notices.

A group of 31 of the force's own officers are facing £200 Covid-19 fines for getting their hair cut by a barber while on duty at a police station.

They all had trims from a professional hairdresser at Bethnal Green police station on January 17.

Each faces a fine and the two officers that organised the event are under investigation for potential misconduct.