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Goya CEO Robert Unanue
Now that the installation of former vice president Joe Biden into the White House is only days away, Democrat governors and mayors who imposed crushing lockdowns have now reversed course.

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot joined New York strongman Andrew Cuomo in calling for bars and restaurants to reopen as quickly as possible as the political left has now suddenly realized that their dictatorial decrees have had severe economic consequences.

The sudden about face by the Democrats only confirms the suspicions by many that the lockdowns have been driven by politics and the need to crash the economy in order to hurt President Trump rather than to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus.

One CEO who is pointing out that the lockdowns are a Democrat sham is Goya Foods CEO Bob Unanue, who on Friday, blasted the lockdowns during an appearance on Fox News:

According to Unanue:
"It's the worst thing we could have done. Just for political gain, I think it is criminal, I think it is immoral to shut down this economy for this ... basically political reason."
Unanue also accused the political left of weaponizing the coronavirus to achieve their goal of vanquishing Trump and retaking total political power while destroying tens of millions of lives and an untold number of small businesses with the lockdowns.

Transcript excerpt:
"You know, the problem is, it's a political year and they weaponized Coronavirus, unfortunately, to shut down this economy. The worst thing we can do is shut down our economy, kill our spirit. You know, we have — we need a reason to get up in the morning — God, family, work. And they are taking away our spirits. They're taking away our ability to work.

"They essentially, you know, declared martial law, I believe, in this country, shutting everything down. It's the worst thing we could have done just for political gain. I think it's criminal, I think it's immoral, to shut down this economy for this — basically political reasons. And, you know, we're one nation under God. We're not one nation under Twitter.

"We're not one nation, you know, under big media or under central government. We're trying to have media, Big Tech, control our lives, the government controls our lives. And, you know, we need to not move away from God. We need to move closer to God. They want to cancel God. They want to cancel our speech."