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We've now had some deaths announced in the Pfizer Covid vaccine trial, but don't worry, CNN says that we shouldn't be 'alarmed' if people die after the vaccine because they were probably going to die anyway. And four trial participants for the same vaccine developed a facial paralysis called Bell's palsy, but the FDA denies it was caused by the shot. It seems that any negative effects of vaccination need to be dismissed out of hand, because vaccines are 100% safe, have no possible side effects and are the only thing standing between us all and horrible painful deaths.

In fact, the Serum Institute of India has gone so far as to sue one of their vaccine trial participants for defamation after he had the audacity to claim the vaccine gave him serious side effects. What nerve! Hopefully being sued for $13.5 million will put him in his place and let everyone else know that suffering side effects from the Covid vaccine is summarily forbidden.

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health as we cover the latest news around the imminent Covid vaccines. Failure is not an option.

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Tiffany: Hi guys!! I thought I'd do my standard YouTube greeting. Welcome to Objective Health. I am your faceless host, Tiffany. Joining me in our studio, we have Doug, Erica and Elliot.


Tiffany: And as always, on the wheels of steel we have our favourite engineer, Damian.

Damian: Thank you. Hello.

Tiffany: I guess this is an ode to YouTube and all of its greatness, aside from the standard "hey guys'' greeting. We can jump right in and talk about how our humble little channel Objective Health has already had two videos that were banned from YouTube.

The first one was our show on the flu, I think it was called Where did the Flu Go? We were talking about the miraculous disappearance of the cases of flu from all over the world. That was banned from YouTube and our most recent banning was our video that we did on the biosecurity state and that was banned and taken down in less than an hour of posting it.

We have high hopes for today's show because we are going to be talking about vaccine shenanigans. Unless you have been living under a rock, you should know that the Covid vaccine - most notably the one by Pfizer-BioNTech - has been approved for emergency use. They are already giving it over in the UK and they plan to start giving it in the US probably within the next few days or so.

In the run up to all this vaccine nonsense, the mainstream media has been very busy trying to run damage control seeing as how there have been some mishaps - to put it lightly - in the Pfizer trials. Today, we can start talking about something that I have never seen before, and I have been looking at vaccinations when researching health stuff for several years, just like you guys. I have never heard of a vaccine maker suing a volunteer of one of their trials for defamation.

Erica: It's a year of firsts.

Tiffany: It's the most bizarre thing I have ever heard. "I hear that you signed up for our trial and you are going to be a guinea pig for our vaccine and whoops you got sick? Shut up and don't say anything, you are defaming us." That's pretty much how it went.

The Serum Institute of India has sued one of the Covid-19 vaccine trial participants. He said the trial caused him serious side effects and the firm totally rejected his claim saying that he was defaming them. They are saying that he was being malicious and that his illness had nothing to do with the vaccine trails. What do you guys think?

Doug: I think it's pretty hard to believe that it had nothing to do with the vaccine. He just spontaneously has this very strange illness where he couldn't get out of bed any more and couldn't go to work.

Elliot: He developed all kinds of really odd neurological-type symptoms, he had a severe B12 and Vitamin D deficiency which appears to be the case in people who do respond in these ways if they have an acute exposure to a toxic chemical or they have an acute infection. These are two of the things that you might see with a drug reaction, and I've seen it on a couple of occasions.

If someone develops severe folate (B12) and Vitamin D deficiency, that is indicative of a very acute inflammatory response. Now, this guy has consulted with neurologists elsewhere and they have confirmed that he has had neurological or brain inflammation and he has got some kind of a brain illness.

Tiffany: They diagnosed him with acute neural encephalopathy. It's not like he is saying all of this on his own.

Elliot: And that just happens randomly? It's a random coincidence that it happens 10 days after receiving the vaccine?

Doug: Especially since that has already been listed as a possible side effect of one of the vaccines. I don't know if that is the one that he got. We have talked about this on the show before, there was a study participant who ended up getting encephalopathy, so it's not like it is without precedent.

Tiffany: This guy is going to have a hard road of healing ahead of him so I wish him all the best. I have never heard of anybody being sued by a vaccine manufacturer for defamation after participating in one of their trials and getting sick.

We can move on to another mild warning. On the face of it it seems kind of silly when you look at it, but there was an article which came out on the New York Post where Russian authorities are warning people not to drink alcohol for 2 months after getting the country's Covid-19 vaccine.

I guess it's kind of "ha ha" funny because everybody knows that they say that Russians tend to drink quite a bit. That's one of the stereotypes of Russian people. One of the consumer-safety watchdog ladies said "don't drink for 2 months after you get your Covid-19 vaccine because it is a strain on the body and if we want to stay healthy and have a strong immune response then don't drink alcohol."

The reason that I brought this article to your attention is because when all this Covid-19 stuff broke out and people were afraid and they were saying "we don't have a vaccine coming, the vaccine is the only hope" never was there any real discussion - in the mainstream news at least - about how to strengthen your immune system in order to prevent yourself from getting ill. Now, all of a sudden you want to make sure your immune system is nice and healthy after the vaccination. It doesn't make any sense.

If you wanted to be healthy before this then you strengthen your immune system but now all of a sudden your immune system is getting a lot of attention after the vaccine comes out. It's just hypocritical.

Elliot: Indeed.

Erica: It is interesting that all these reports are coming out saying it had a 90% effectiveness. They were saying that Russian health officials say the Sputnik vaccine is over 90% effective. I find it interesting that they keep using this "90%" "95%" but they really leave out that little percentage that us here question.

I wonder if they are doing that to try and protect themselves in the long run? "We only told you it was 90% effective." With all the different media that is coming out about it I find it interesting that they keep using this percentage.

Tiffany: 90 or 95% effective is high enough that people will have confidence that it actually is effective, but not so high that people are like "yeah right, whatever. Nothing is 100% effective." Maybe that's why they do it.

Doug: It does cover their butts, like you were saying, Erica. "You just fell into the 10% that it wasn't effective for." They never even defined what effective really means in these cases anyway. What does that actually mean? Does that mean that 90% of people who get it will never catch the Covid? Or, does it mean that you will be 90% more likely to not catch it? Does it mean that in 9 times out of 10 if you come into contact with it it'll be effective, but the other 1 time out of 10 it won't be effective?

Elliot: Or, is it that 9 times out of 10 someone will develop protective antibodies? That's one of the ways that they measure it. This is the primary reason why the flu vaccine is officially said not to work in the large majority of cases. Viruses mutate, right? It makes no sense that they make a vaccine for a virus which takes years in trials. How can you be sure that the virus that you were studying 18 months ago is even the same virus now? Even if someone has protective antibodies it doesn't necessarily mean that they're not going to get a version of the Coronavirus.

There are lots of versions of the Coronavirus. It might not be the exact same Covid-19 that they have been studying, it can mutate pretty easily. Especially as it makes its way round different people because it will find strategies to change. Even using their own logic, protective antibodies doesn't necessarily mean anything.

Tiffany: No, because people got ill even with high amounts of antibodies in their system. Funnily enough, if you take a Covid vaccine and you produce a bunch of antibodies that is supposed to be something that is protective against the Covid-19 virus or any other virus when they are looking at antibodies except for when it comes to AIDS.

If you have antibodies when you take the HIV test then that means that you are infected. Why is it that antibodies for one mean you have it and antibodies for the other means that you are protected? That doesn't make any sense to me.

Elliot: It is interesting in relation to Covid though. I was reading a paper the other day and the author was citing evidence showing that people who already have the spike protein antibodies (which are the same ones that are meant to be produced by the vaccine) actually fared significantly worse in terms of prognosis. They were the people who got severe respiratory distress and in many cases died. It was the people who had higher levels of antibodies!

It's not just as simple as you getting antibodies and then you are safe. There was evidence in animal research - which we have spoken about on several occasions - showing that when they gave monkeys a vaccine and they developed antibodies against a virus when they came into contact with it again - a secondary re-exposure - it triggered acute, severe respiratory inflammation and most of them died.

Tiffany: Similar to that, there are some that will argue that antibodies do not infer protection at all. Antibodies are a sign that you are damaged in some way or that you have taken in a toxin and that is your body's way of trying to fight it off. It doesn't mean that you are protected per-say it's just an indication of some kind of exposure or damage to your system.

Erica: It seems from cursory reading that they are not even claiming that the vaccine is going to protect against Covid-19 in and of itself. It's more the symptoms associated with it. Really, it's not even doing what they are claiming it's going to do.

Doug: Yet they will still try to tell you that it's better than developing a natural immunity. Coming into contact with the virus and building your own immune system in response to that is somehow inferior to getting the vaccine and developing an artificial immunity which may or may not be effective and may actually be harmful.

Tiffany: Since I am seeing these Bell's palsy pictures here we might as well speak about how 4 people in the Pfizer trial came down with Bell's palsy. Bell's palsy is also known as idiopathic facial palsy. It is thought to be temporary, people typically get over it in a few days but it is a temporary facial paralysis or weakness on one side of the face. It is caused by a dysfunction in cranial nerve.

If you put the pictures back up you will see how one side of the face looks like it is stretched up and the other side is drooping down. Is that worse than getting the sniffles? Is that worse than testing positive for Covid while having no symptoms whatsoever? Some people say that they felt that they had some kind of a cold and some people said that they didn't notice anything at all. You want your face to look like that?

Elliot: It's more about what that indicates as well. Oftentimes with Bell's palsy it is because of oedema or inflammation which is causing swelling and impinging on the nerve. They lose temporary control of their facial muscles. Ultimately, that indicates that there is at least a focal inflammatory response or potentially a systemic inflammatory response.

That is not surprising if we look at what is in these vaccines. We have spoken many times about the adjuvants: mercury, aluminium, thimerosal, formaldehyde and all of these things which have traditionally been known as some of the key drivers of vaccine related injury. This type of vaccine has a very different design, it is not the typical type of vaccine where it would require a metal adjuvant.

Actually, it has strands of MRNA which have been encapsulated in these fatty nanoparticles. The vaccine formulation is referred to as lipid nanoparticles formulation. They don't add metals to it. They need to get this vaccine formulation inside cells so that the MRNA can be translated into proteins. You are giving yourself the raw material to make proteins.

To get it into cells you need to evade the immune system, so you need to provide it with a stealth mechanism. The way that they do that is they use something called polyethylene glycol, otherwise known as antifreeze. This is in very, very, very small quantities. Ordinarily they would say that that makes it much safer, because adjuvants can be known to cause or trigger very severe reactions in certain people.

With polyethylene glycol it seems as though there are some very severe anaphylactic reactions which can occur. It can kill people when you give them polyethylene glycol directly into the blood. There have been multiple different concerns in the literature and various scientists and doctors have pointed out that using polyethylene glycol poses many threats.

What it does have the capability to do in some people is to trigger a very severe systemic immune or inflammatory reaction. One of the ways that it is doing that is that it is acting on a system and it is increasing a bunch of the inflammatory chemicals which are ordinarily present in the immune system. It can activate certain cells in the immune system which are called a complement system. That can trigger neuroinflammatory processes, it can trigger long-term autoimmunity, and it can trigger destruction and inflammation.

It's interesting, because I had a look at Bell's palsy and it seems as though the branches of the type of complement cells C3 and C5 can be elevated by polyethylene glycol. It has been shown in people with Bell's palsy that the level of these complement cells are significantly higher than the average person. In Bell's palsy they found very high levels of C3 and polyethylene glycol directly activates C3.

I don't know if that's much of a coincidence, but my concern is that Bell's palsy might only be temporary, but when you have got this immune response we don't know what that's doing in 3 months, 4 months or 2 years time. When you have this it has been implicated in long-term autoimmunity, in neurodegenerative diseases and all of these types of things.

It highlights one of the problems with the studies that they do because they only follow people up for 7 days or a month to 2 months. They are not looking at long term health outcomes and long term chronic disease. If people do develop them, if it's 2 years down the line then they are not going to be likely to associate it with the vaccine.

Doug: The thing about Bells' palsy is that it's not always temporary. We had a prime minister in Canada called Jean Chrétien who had permanent facial paralysis from Bell's palsy which he had when he was a kid. I've actually had Bell's palsy before because me and some buddies were drinking polyethylene glycol at a party [laughter]. I'm just kidding, I don't know how I got it. It was years and years and years ago so I don't remember what was going on. It wasn't from a vaccine. It is a strange thing to have from personal experience, you don't want it.

Tiffany: Pfizer said that with these cases of Bell's palsy there is no way that they can say for sure that there was a causal relationship between participating in the trial and actually developing Bell's palsy and that the 4 people who were in the trial that got it were consistent with the number of Bell's palsy cases that are within the greater population of the United States. That's their explanation "nothing to see here folks, just look away".

Doug: Maybe that's a good segue into this article on CNN which said don't be alarmed if people start dying after taking the vaccine. It's the same sort of argument "people die all the time, so just because they died right after they got the vaccine doesn't mean that it had anything to do with the vaccine, so don't freak out. They were going to die anyway."

Tiffany: It's also hypocritical to say that because when Covid first came out and all these people in nursing homes were allegedly dying of Covid numerous people have been saying that these people are in nursing homes, they have preexisting conditions, they are at death's door in a lot of cases, they have Alzheimer's, they have heart disease, they are diabetic, they have all these medical issues going on, they're old, and they are in nursing homes.

We expect people to die when they're in nursing homes, but when we said it when Covid first came out and they said they were dying of Covid, they said "oh no, that's not true. This is a real scourge that is sweeping through the nursing homes." Now, once the Covid vaccine is about to be rolled out they say "yeah, they're just old and they are about to die anyway so don't be surprised if they die."

Elliot: It's so ironic, right?

Erica: The elderly are going to be the first ones to get it so it's like experimentation in action. "Don't be afraid, we are going to watch the elderly take the hit."

Doug: These guys are probably all going to get listed as Covid deaths anyway.

Elliot: They may actually be dying of Covid this time.

Doug: Exactly, it's more likely.

Tiffany: It has always been my contention that Covid was the vaccine and not something natural floating around infecting people. Covid is going to be the vaccine in my opinion. We will see what happens, I don't have high hopes.

This is a new vaccine type that they are putting out and vaccines through history have not been proven safe or effective so I don't know if this one will be a whole different ball game. They have the entire world to use as guinea pigs and to monitor and they will see what happens.

Doug: We are all going to get a DNA upgrade.

Elliot: There have already been some people who have died from this. Last time I checked the official number was 6 but then they came out and said that 4 of those people who died had received the placebo. I didn't see what the placebo contained. They said it was just salt and water and I'm wondering because in the past the placebo in some of the other vaccine trials was sometimes aluminium phosphate or thimerosal which is technically not a placebo whatsoever.

Tiffany: In some cases it has been the meningitis vaccine. I think the guy that died in Brazil's placebo was the meningitis vaccine, it wasn't saline. They never test against an inert substance as a placebo.

Doug: That is a trick that they learned a long time ago. If you make the placebo something that is basically the same thing then you can say "look how much more effective it was than the placebo and look how the same number of people died in the placebo group as in the active ingredient group. There's no problem here!"

Erica: They make it more toxic than the active ingredient.

Elliot: It's genius isn't it?

Doug: It's unbelievable.

Elliot: There have been 6 so far, and I would say that that is probably reported. We know that there are inherent flaws with vaccine injury reporting and that is applied across the board with any kind of vaccine injury. You would think that they might be a little bit more stringent with regard to the trials of this vaccine because there is so much publicity around it, but I would imagine that they have probably got something in place that is making it hard for people to report vaccine injuries if they do get one.

I would imagine that they have at least taken some precautions in that regard because there is the strong potential that this could be evoking a lot of different reactions in different people. Either way, there have been some deaths and they say that because it is such a small number that there is no identifiable link to the vaccines. We know not to trust them though.

Tiffany: They are rushing this vaccine out, but it seems like they want to hurry up and do it as quickly as possible so no one has time to object once they start noticing all these people getting ill around them. Of course, they want to blame all this illness on Covid: that Covid mutated, or it's because we got together for thanksgiving or because we got together for Christmas and made things worse.

Doug: It's because you're not wearing your mask right.

Tiffany: Or people aren't locking down hard enough. All these people who are dying now is because of that, it's not because of the vaccine. They're already warning people - pregnant women - to not take the Pfizer vaccine. Not only pregnant women, but women who are planning to become pregnant within 3 months of getting the vaccination because there is no data on the safety for pregnant women or women who are planning to become pregnant.

Elliot: That is kind of good, right? I have no objection to them saying that pregnant women should not do that, but what they are doing is saying that this should not be taken by women who are pregnant, what about all of the people with chronic long-term diseases? Diabetes, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, people who are immunosuppressed and all of these other things. How are they any different from pregnant women?

If it is going to potentially cause harm to a baby, then why is it not potentially going to cause harm to all of the people whose system is already overburdened from years of some kind of chronic disease? It's like they rightly acknowledge that there are going to be some dangers so they don't want people to do this, but at the same time they don't apply that logic to everyone. In fact, it's the most physiologically vulnerable who are going to be getting it first.

Doug: At the very least it gives the ladies an "out" if it becomes mandatory.

Erica: I was just going to say, if we just say we are planning on having a baby in a couple of months then we won't have to take it.

Elliot: Good idea.

Tiffany: That's a good idea.

Erica: I'm really working on getting pregnant so sorry, can't take it.

Tiffany: Excuse me, but aren't you in your late 40's? Nevermind!

Doug: Doesn't matter! In vitro!

Tiffany: It's obvious that since this was rushed out - and I can't even say since this was rushed out because it doesn't really matter. I think that I have brought this up before, how long do they test these vaccines? If they tested it for 10 years it's still going to kill people. If they test it for a few months it's still going to kill people.

Vaccines are not proven safe or effective and it's only by luck or the mysteries and the miraculous components of the human body that people just don't drop dead immediately after getting vaccinated. Yay for the immune system!

I'm still not willing to take my chances with this vaccine seeing as how they have no idea and they can't even say what the effect on pregnant women will be, and what the effect on a foetus would be. They can't say what the effect of the vaccine would be on really, really old people. They just don't know.

Doug: They don't know with anybody! Not really. They have done a few safety trials or something like that but can they say with certainty that they know what's going on with it? No, of course not.

Erica: 90%! Come on! You're not buying it?

Elliot: The trials that they are doing them on are mostly on healthy people as well.

Doug: And even when something does happen they say that it wasn't the vaccine! "Nooo, it has nothing to do with the vaccine. You're crazy!"

Tiffany: They won't be held liable anyway because they have indemnity.

Doug: Exactly. What a shit show.

Tiffany: I guess we can wrap this up. There was an article from the UNZ Review written by Mike Whitney Here's Why You Should Skip the Covid Vaccine. There are plenty, but he lists 4. I think we could probably come up with some more; I have some in mind. He says that there are 4 things that the Covid Vaccine will not do:

The vaccine will not cure Covid, which the vaccine manufacturers themselves admit. They all say that this is not going to prevent anyone from contracting Covid. They're definition of a successful vaccine is one that will decrease the symptoms of Covid. If you are going to be in bed wracked with muscle aches and chills and sweats, hopefully when you get the vaccine you might just have a cough and some sniffles and then you'll get over it.

Secondly, the vaccine will not prevent people from contracting Covid. The vaccine will not prevent Covid-related hospitalisations. The vaccine will not prevent Covid-caused deaths. My question is, if the Covid vaccine doesn't do any of those things why would any thinking person think that taking the covid vaccine was a good idea?

This is a really good bet, a good gamble that I am going to take on my health. It's going to prevent me from getting sick, it's not going to prevent me from passing Covid onto anybody else, it is not going to prevent me from dying and it is not going to prevent me from going to the hospital, so yeah I'm going to take it. Why?

Doug: Because then you can get on an airplane.

Erica: And because I want things to go back to normal.

Tiffany: But they won't, they're already saying that you are still going to have to wear a mask, you're still going to be on lockdown, you're still going to social distance, and your business is still going to be closed down! All of that? Why would you take it?

Doug: That's a very good question.

Tiffany: Dr Fauci! [laughter]

Erica: Just do what you're told.

Doug: Exactly, that's Fauci.

Tiffany: So, vaccine shenanigans all around. This is going to be, like you said Doug, a really big shit show when this stuff starts getting rolled out. People can see with their own eyes what is happening.

Really, if you turn your television off you wouldn't know that there was anything going on. You wouldn't know that there was a pandemic. If there was something super deadly going around you would know it, you wouldn't have to have the TV tell you that something bad is happening.

Doug: People don't even know they have it unless they get a test. What the hell kind of pandemic is that? [laughter] It's a PCR pandemic, it's not a Covid pandemic.

Tiffany: Does anybody have anything to add to this?

Doug: I was going to say that we are definitely getting banned. You are probably not going to see this on YouTube if you are watching this right now.

Damian: The first 20 lucky viewers will. [Laughter]

Doug: Everybody else can check it out on https://lbry.tv/. We might be on another couple of platforms too.

Damien: Brighteon as well.

Tiffany: So the biosecurity state show took an hour to get banned.

Damian: lbry.tv got it.

Tiffany: We should take bets on how long this one will be up on YouTube before it gets taken down. The one who wins will get a free mug. [laughter]

Ok, that's our show for today folks. People sometimes talk about people who get interviewed who object to certain vaccinations or who point out that certain vaccines are dangerous and they always say "I'm not anti-vaccine, I just think that vaccines should be safer" I just want to say that I am anti-vaccine, but it's up to everyone to do their own research, make their own decision and it's your choice if you want to participate in this farce or not.

That's our show, and we will see you next time with another show and we may not be on YouTube next time so we will let you know. We will be on lbry for sure. Ok guys.