Hanpton/Protest march
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Louise Hampton • Brits rally against lockdown
Questioning the "truth" is illegal in multicultural Britain.

A National Health Service (NHS) officer is being investigated by British authorities after calling out the COVID-19 scamdemic as a "load of bollocks."

Care UK employee Louise Hampton, who recently attended a massive rally of 10,000 Brits against the lockdown, made the claim in a viral video.
"I'm an actual NHS worker and apparently I worked really hard during Covid. Did I? Bollocks. That's why it's a certificate of bollocks. Our service was dead. We weren't getting the calls, it was dead. Covid is a load of bollocks, so this is my certificate of bollocks. I didn't clap for the NHS, I didn't clap for myself. Because why would I clap for myself when I did f*ck all?"
It is looking like the lockdown policies will end up being far worse for the public health than the virus itself. Cancer Research UK estimates that 2.4 million Brits had to put off a cancer screening, additional testing, or cancer treatment at the end of May. Additionally, there was a backlog of approximately 2.1 million people who needed a cervical, breast, or bowel screening.

Hampton reported that she received threats after her video went viral, with some hysteria-addled pandemic cultists suggesting that her children be kidnapped for expressing her honest opinion.

Hampton said in a follow-up video:
"A few people close to me have labelled me "mental" and even said I need sectioning for my video! Also I don't deserve my children! However, if people want to believe the narrative that's up to them. I will keep speaking my truth!!!"
Care UK is investigating Hampton because of her candid remarks, as they apparently believe the NHS should be above accountability and criticism. A Care UK spokesman told The Daily Mail:
"We are aware of this video, which we consider to be materially inaccurate in a number of ways, and can confirm that a member of staff is subject to investigation.

"We expect all our colleagues and services to support the work of the NHS in giving the public the right information and support during the pandemic."
Health Secretary Matt Hancock has warned that even worse restrictions may be coming in the future, as the government bureaucrats want to keep this crisis and their power grabs going as long as possible.
"Cases go up again, and we have to use very extensive local lockdowns or take further national action. We don't rule that out, but we don't want to see it."
The government is even planning to restrict family gatherings during Christmas, punishing Brits during the holiday season. Hancock continued, dismissing the notion of relaxing Draconian rules against gatherings:
"The danger of a rule like that is that it increases the spread of the disease. I mean, there are an awful lot of things I'd love to be able to do, but the risk of them is that we see an uptick in the disease. Hence, we've had to take decisions that you wouldn't ever want to."
The COVID-19 scamdemic has opened the door to abuses that were previously unfathomable, and the government bureaucrats benefiting from it are incentivized to keep the fear going.