© Instagram / natasha_nvrs
A brazen kidnapping attempt was captured on video in southern Russia, where a stray dog untied and tried to draw away a pedigree pit-bull who was waiting for his master outside a grocery store.

The motivation of the fluffy perpetrator from the city of Novorossiysk on the Black Sea is still unclear, but the street-wise mutt acted with great determination and dexterity.

It didn't take the pooch long to deal with the leash that seemed firmly tied to a metal fence. He then started dragging the confused and non-resisting pit-bull away, only to be stopped by humans.

The multitudes on Instagram really enjoyed the little skit, praising the mongrel's wits. "He thought he was saving his fellow creature," one of the commenters suggested, while the other called for the stray dog to be swiftly adopted.