Poroschenko Justin Trudeau
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President-Petro Poroschenko with the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Kiev post coup d'état.
Justin Trudeau is not what he says he is; he is what he hides.

What does he hide? He has turned the governing of Canada over to the neoliberals - domestic and global - to neocon corporate elites and he has turned over Canadian foreign policy completely to the U.S. military complex neocons.

ALL of these neocon elites, domestically and globally - but particularly in the U.S. and Israeli - determine Canadian economic, political and military foreign policy. In other words, Canada has a Deep State, that is controlled primarily by the U.S. Deep State.

Trudeau is a Prime Minister in name only.

Ex Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould
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Ex Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada Jody Wilson-Raybould fired by the Trudeau government for saying no to corruption.
But now the Canadian and U.S. corporate neoliberal elites' worse nightmare has come true because a powerful, principled Member of Parliament - the Minister of Justice, Canada's Attorney General, no less - said NO to dropping a bribery probe into SNC-Lavalin. For exercizing her integrity, now former Attorney General (JWR) found herself shuffled to an inconsequential cabinet portfolio. She considered her options and decided she must remove herself altogether from Trudeau's cabinet.

Trudeau - I'm sure on the advice of his neocon advisors, having just created a legislative trick called Deferred Prosecution Agreement (DPA), which was passed very quietly buried in an omnibus budget bill and was to be used to give SNC-Lavalin a criminal prosecutorial pass - has failed.

We now know that JWR in the name of Justice said NO. In fact, she said NO repeatedly. JWR has now made public exactly how many times she had to say NO, in a lengthy statement given to a governmental oversight committee (including her prepared opening remarks which took her 36 minutes to iterate). She methodically articulated how officials - including the Prime Minister - continually "barraged' her, made demands and "veiled threats" if she didn't drop the criminal charges against SNC-Lavalin.

Once Trudeau, his liberal crony officials and neocon advisors realized the JWR was not going to concede to their pressure, she was fired and then shuffled her to a lower portfolio, the Ministry of Veterans' Affairs, from which she shortly resigned.

I'm sure Trudeau and his designated strong-arming officials and neocon advisors thought getting JWR to drop the criminal charges would be a walk in the park. I'm sure this corrupt group also thought that they would appoint, which they did, a new Attorney General knowing they could get him to drop the criminal charges against SNC-Lavalin. But that hasn't happened.

Their delusional plan did not come to fruition, because Jody Wilson-Raybould went public. For the first time, the Canadian people got to hear from an actual MP about how corrupt our government really is. She exposed government behaviour that is usually hidden from the public and, more importantly, she exposed the root of that corruption. She showed how Trudeau and the Liberal party DO NOT support the rule of law, as Trudeau is constantly telling us, but in fact support the corporate elite and going as far as creating legislation that will decriminalize corporate criminal behaviour.

The issue here is not really the charges against SNC-Lavalin - whether or not they are guilty isn't the crux of the current crisis. The issue is the backroom methods the prime minister tried to use to kneecap his own Minister of Justice/Attorney General from upholding the laws of Canada.

I think that this corrupt group thought right up to the time they knew that she was going to speak publicly, that what JWR had to say would not reveal their corruption and, even if it did, it would probably be minimal and something that they could manage.

They completely underestimated her intelligence, honesty and integrity. I'm sure they were as shocked as the Canadian people when they listened to what she had to say.

JWR comes from a long line of Indigenous Truth-tellers and it is a mark of how shallow the prime minister is that he couldn't envisage that this woman was not going to lie on his behalf. His claims to understand Canada's Indigenous Peoples were revealed as a sham.

I don't know how far Canadians will go in understanding the scale of corruption that their government is engaging in. But at the very least, because of Jody Wilson-Raybould, they now know that anything that Trudeau says, contains little or no truth. Nietzsche said "Not that you lied to me but that I no longer believe you - that is what has distressed me." [Beyond Good and Evil, (Walter Kaufmann translation)]

The neocon elites' nightmare has also come true. Their frontman Justin Trudeau, who they have been grooming with the crucial help of his friend Gerald Butts, first to become a Quebec Member of Parliament, to his then becoming Leader of the Liberal Party, to his then achieving their ultimate goal, becoming the Prime Minister of Canada, may be all for naught.

They have relied on their frontman to get them 4 more years, to almost fully implement their neoliberal "Post Nation" agenda. They have relied on the Canadian people to believe Trudeau's narrative of being progressive and supporting Canadians' interests. They have relied on Trudeau to be able to continue manipulating the Canadian people into believing his lies.

In this latest SNC-Lavalin scandal, Trudeau has been exposed by Jody Wilson-Raybould as being a manipulator and a liar. How can this Prime Minister, who has been groomed for success, by lying and manipulating the Canadian people, be electorally successful when the very people who are responsible for him winning four more years, no longer believe him.

The neocon elites' golden boy's character has just achieved the equivalent of him going bald. The golden glow has taken on an ugly tarnish.