flat earth cruise
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A group of flat earthers are planning their "biggest, boldest, best adventure yet," a cruise that they believe will take them to the edge of the Earth - or just see them cruising around in circles.

The outing is being arranged by the Flat Earth International Conference, with a plan to set sail in 2020.

A cruise may not seem like the best idea for a group of people who think the Earth has an edge. However, while flat earthers believe Earth is a flat stationary plane, like a disc, they say Antarctica serves as a large ice wall around the sides, which conveniently prevents people from the danger of tipping over the side.

Aside from that issue, navigation may prove to be a problem, as ships use navigational systems that are based around the understanding that the Earth is round. GPS systems also rely on 24 satellites positioned around the globe.

The Flat Earth International Conference website doesn't have much information about the upcoming cruise yet, but if it's an indication of their price range, the early bird tickets for their November conference in Dallas are selling for $199.