On 9/11 the imperialists considered themselves powerful enough that they could get away with the biggest false flag event in history, now 17 years later this reality is openly being challenged by Russia.
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Another Imperial war, another false flag. Idlib, the last terrorist stronghold in Syria is about to get crushed. In response, the Empire desperately tries to halt the defeat of their proxies with yet another planned fake chemical attack, as a pretext to bomb Syrian Arab forces. Only this time, Russia, Syria, Iran and other nations who stand at the forefront against the real war on terror try to expose the US, warning them not to go forward with their scheme.

Last Tuesday, Russian officials claimed that militants are preparing to use chemical agents in Syria, and intend to put the blame on the Syrian government and President Bashar al-Assad.

Unable to take its losses and refusing Russia's proposal to defeat IS (Islamic State) together, the US has facilitated Moscow to pressure and expose the US more and more with hard truths. Over the course of the Syrian conflict, Russia repeatedly provided evidence that the US uses IS and other related terrorist groups for its own goals. Now Russia's leadership has decided it's time to challenge the false-flag narrative in a very public way.

A real shift is happening; the Empire's false-flag reality, on which it relies to justify its wars of aggression, is no longer a conspiracy theory. We are still far away from any '9/11 Truth' happening, but if it ever occurs, this is how it starts.

Another Timeline
''We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality.'' ~ President George W. Bush's senior advisor and chief political strategist, Karl Rove (Source)
The "reality" described by Karl Rove came from a project called the New American Century, heralding an era of endless global terror, opening the gates of hell in service to "full spectrum dominance", all of it managed by the World's Police Force, exporting chaos, directly by its own military and from the shadows (through proxies), crushing any possible competitor. At least, that's what they hoped.

Instead, an Axis of Resistance has arisen, led by Russia, and a REAL war on terror is now in full-swing, combating the toxic reality these psychopathic monsters have attempted to foist on us. America's fake war on terror (but real war of terror) has set ablaze 76 countries and has literally expanded into a proxy World War. To counter the threat, Vladimir Putin intervened in Syria and, truthful to his pledge, is helping out every country beset by terrorism that asks for help. Or, as Russia's Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov explained, the US spreads chaos, Russia puts out the fires.

Another battle front is the economic war. Russia, China, Turkey, Iran and many other major players in the move towards Eurasian integration are increasingly trading in their own currencies, with a view to progressively getting out from under US dollar hegemony. This presents a real threat to the US war machine, which abuses the dollar as the world reserve currency by effectively using it to levy everyone else to support its imperial adventures.

Public trust in the Western MSM has plummeted to such an extent that the imperialists have begun to resort to outright censorship. A recent example is that, timed to coincide with the Syrian offensive against the Western-backed terrorist enclave of Idlib, Youtube shut down all Syrian government and related pro-government journalism sites.

On top of losing the proxy, economic and media war, Russia and China intend to checkmate the Empire by attempting to reform the UN and unite the world into a front against bullies who prey on other countries.

9/11 truth is more relevant today than ever because the US is rapidly losing its ability to project its influence and power, and with that goes its ability to shape and control the global narrative. The Empire will fall, and when it crumbles it remains to be seen if any of the American myths are left standing. Whether the imperialists realize it or not, nail by nail, their coffin is being closed.

Tyrants can only be taken down with forbearance and timing. If the US won't accept a multipolar world and instead chooses to remain on its current (self-) destructive course, expect Russia and other nations who are willing to resist to become more vocal and willful against the Empire. This in turn sets the stage for even more deeply-buried truths to be revealed.

Moscow has submitted proof of the false-flag chemical-weapons plot in Idlib to the OPCW and UN. Will Russia ever bring forth an independent investigation into 9/11 through the UN to stop the imperial reign of terror once and for all? Possibly only when the US has been brought to its knees, powerless to do anything about it.

Important to note is that humanity is being held hostage, not by some malevolent power, but by its own ignorance. Truth cannot flourish if global public opinion won't allow it. So in the meantime, we as 'simple' people have to keep giving the lie what it asks for: the truth.