jfk bush
The following video is the second half of the superb documentary Dark Legacy: George Bush and the Murder of John F. Kennedy by director John Hankey, the full video of which can be found on YouTube. We encourage viewers to assist the creator by purchasing a DVD copy from his website: thedarklegacy.com

The first half of the documentary focuses on the cover-up of JFK's autopsy, leaving you in no doubt that the president was also shot from the front as his motorcade crossed Dealey Plaza.

The second half will interest history buffs most: the myriad connections that place the Bush family center-stage in the plot to kill Kennedy. George HW Bush was 39-years-old at the time. Almost completely airbrushed from his biography is that he had by then been a CIA operative for almost two decades.

If you've ever wondered why the US govt still lies so blatantly about the JFK assassination, it's because at least one of the key conspirators is still alive!

George HW Bush may not have been THE political operator at the time (that role of eminence grise belonged to his seniors, like Allen Dulles), but this documentary shows that - whether or not he was literally on Dealey Plaza that day - Bush 'Senior' was instrumental in bringing together the elements (including the assassins) that made it happen...