Hail in Biblian, Ecuador
© Medios Públicos
An unusually intense hailstorm accompanied by heavy rains surprised the inhabitants of Biblián, in the province of Cañar, Ecuador on January 2, 2018 as reported by El Universo.

The most intense rainfall recorded in the city for 15 years fell in just over an hour, according to the local fire chief, Romeo Fernández. The hail accumulation, more than 10 centimeters thick in places, trapped cars and blocked roads prompting the Fire Department, Red Cross and other organizations to declare a state of high alert noted El Telegrafo.

Such phenomena has been reported in other South American countries in recent months: Some other severe hailstorms from around the world during the last year include: It is likely that atmospheric dust loading from increased comet and volcanic activity is contributing to these 'intense' or 'freak' hailstorms, the cooling effect of which causes ice crystals to form.