Intense hailstorm in Teruel, Spain
© Twitter/yolandamellamo (screen capture)Intense hailstorm in Teruel, Spain
A major hailstorm hit the city of Teruel in the Aragon region of eastern Spain on Friday, September 22, 2017 leaving hail accumulation of 50cm in places.

The hailstorm began at about 21:00 (CET) and was extremely intense for about 15 minutes, followed by another 15 minutes of heavy rain according to El Pais. Within a few hours the temperature had dropped from 24 °C to just 8 °C.

Four people were treated for hypothermia when a driver became trapped under a bridge during flash flooding. Firefighters had to rescue drivers on the San Julián rambla and other streets, where many cars were stuck in the ice. Snowplows were dispatched to some areas to clear the thick layer of hail.

Also in Spain, Grado and Girona were hit by massive and exceptional hailstorms this summer.

Other severe hailstorms from around the world in recent months include: It is likely that atmospheric dust loading from increased comet and volcanic activity is contributing to these 'intense' or 'freak' hailstorms, the cooling effect of which causes ice crystals to form.