Steve Bannon
© AP Photo/Evan Vucci
Bannon's demotion coincided with Trump's total abandonment of his principles.
Steve Bannon's demotion and deletion from his seat observing meetings of the National Security Council, came a day prior to America's illegal bombing of Syria.

Bannon was well known for his conservative views which were deeply anti-establishment, anti-deep state, mildly pro-Russian and totally anti-Salifist and anti-Saudi.

The timing of Bannon's demotion and the missile strikes on Syria is unlikely to be coincidental. It is certainly symbolic.

The man who helped define the now dead Trump movement, was moved over whilst the neo-cons and deep state veterans remain.

Bannon has not spoken in public since the demotion, but reports have surfaced saying that he might quit the White House entirely because of the demotion.

It has emerged that Bannon was engaged in a power struggle with Ivanka Trump's husband, Jared Kushner. Bannon reportedly called Kushner a 'globalist' and a 'cuck', implying that he is a conservative in name only, but is in actual fact beholden to neo-liberal, globalist interests.

Beyond the apparent personal animosity between Bannon and Kushner, the spat is merely a symptom of a wider disease in Washington.

Steve Bannon represented many if not most of the things that people admired about Trump.

He represented anti-establishment, anti-globalist, anti-interventionist conservatism, this in spite of his views on China and Iran, troubling though they were.

When it came to giving Donald Trump credibility as the 'anti-establishment President' as the 'alt-media President', Bannon was the man who gave weight to these credentials.

With Bannon demoted and possibly out, Donald Trump's last connection with the grass roots movement he helped create is now all but severed.

Alt-media has not forgiven Trump for going ballistic on Syria. The anti-interventionist conservative movement which in the 20th century dates back to Republican Senator Robert Taft, will not die. Perhaps Bannon will be one of the men to carry it forward now that Trump has shown his contempt for the man who helped to make his political career possible.