Just before the opening of the new extension of the Suez Canal in Egypt, the branch of the Islamic State in Egypt, calling themselves 'Wilayet Sina' (Arabic for 'the Sinai Province of the Islamic State'), captured one Croatian citizen and have threatened to execute him unless their demands are met. Some media are speculating that the ISIS militant in the video is none other than Jihadi John himself, who we were told recently, has defected from ISIS due to fears of losing his own head.

This ISIS video was titled "A message to the Egyptian government" and claims that the hostage can be saved if the Egyptian government releases certain female Muslim prisoners in 48 hours even though it is uncertain which female Muslim prisoners are supposed to be released since the jihadi organization apparently forgot to specify. According to the Croatian media, the deadline has now been removed from the ISIS website and the Croatian captive has been transported to ISIS-controlled area in Libya. Certain news outlets are claiming that he has already been beheaded, but the authenticity of the beheading video couldn't be confirmed immediately. The Croatian citizen was abducted in Cairo while driving on a highway according to reports and worked as a subcontractor for the French seismic survey group CGG.

The New Suez Canal

The construction of this mega project started on the 5th of August 2014. It is essentially an expansion of the existing Suez Canal which connects the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. The area surrounding the Canal is supposed to be turned into an industrial, commercial and logistics hub meaning the construction of more ports, factories etc. The Egyptian leadership is already referring to the Canal as the "Egypt's gift to the world" since it is supposed to decrease the transition time for ships and also help the Egyptian economy. But the importance of the Suez Canal goes further than that.
The Suez Canal is a global artery of maritime trade and of vast strategic importance as a military and energy corridor. The "Global Constabulary" that is Washington's self-imposed role as global arbiter would be crippled without Egypt firmly in place.

Even if speaking hypothetically, when U.S. General James Mattis says that if the Suez Canal is closed, then the U.S. military will engage Egypt offensively (meaning attack or invade), he is not joking. [1] The Suez Canal is an important part of the global economy, the military network of the U.S. and NATO, and Washington's modern-day and ever more mutinous empire.
Egypt has seen continued violence in the Sinai, which borders the Suez Canal, due to clashes between the military and the ISIS-affiliated extremists. The activity of these militants didn't seem to have much effect on the project as it was finished on the 23rd of July, only a year after construction first began.

Enter Russia and China

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Russia's President Vladimir Putin and Egypt's President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi at Sochi last year
In February of 2014 the Egyptian leader El-Sisi visited Russia where he and Putin agreed to closer military, economic and technical cooperation as well as "complete respect for the sovereignty of Syria and their zero tolerance for any interference with its affairs," which is definitely not welcomed by the US, their allies and their drive to overthrow the government in Syira and prevent Russian influence in the region. Russia was also the first foreign nation outside the Arab world to be visited by the new Egyptian leader.

The 'love story' didn't end there however. In February 2015, 'isolated' Russian President Putin made an official visit to Cairo where he and Sisi agreed on the construction of a nuclear power plant. President Putin said that Russia would contribute not only to the construction of a nuclear power plant, but also staff and scientific research. Even more importantly, Russia and Egypt talked about establishing a free trade zone with the Eurasian Economic Union (EEU) and a Russia industrial zone in the Suez Canal area. According to sources in the Egyptian Embassy in Moscow, Egypt is expecting the delegation from the EEU in September for further talks on the establishment of the said free trade zone.

Another meeting between Sisi and Putin is planned, and the Russians are claiming that the presidents of Russia and Egypt are in regular contact and that Russian-Egyptian relations are currently characterized by trust. Also, Russia and Egypt plan to sign a second agreement on the construction of a nuclear power plant in Egypt in the coming months according to the Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev. Even the Egyptian leadership is calling on the Russians to invest in a future Russian industrial zone in the Suez Canal area and are claiming that they take a great interest in cooperation with Russia, and hope that these ties will become even stronger in the future. Egypt is also interested in joining the Russian-led Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and has applied for observer status in the organization.

All of this surely has the self-proclaimed 'reality creators' in the US fuming. If it wasn't bad enough for the US criminal 'elite' to have the strategic Suez Canal 'overtaken' by the 'evil commies,' the Chinese are also eyeing closer cooperation with Egypt, since the Suez Canal plays into one of their Silk Road Projects, the Maritime Silk Road starting from the Chinese Fujian province and going through the Malacca strait, the Indian Ocean to Nairobi, Kenya and then into the Mediterranean Sea via the Suez canal.
"Egypt can play a main role in China's Belt and Road initiatives due to its strategic geographic location," said Han Bing, minister counselor for economic affairs with the Chinese embassy in Cairo, reports Xinhua.

Han said that port cooperation should be a priority for China and Egypt as the two sides collaborate in pushing forward the Belt and Road as well as the Suez Canal economic corridor initiatives. Both the harbors at the ends of the Suez Canal have a great influence over the Middle East, Africa and the entire planet in terms of geopolitics and global trade.
This spells absolute disaster for the US, whose 'elite' appear to spend most of their time plotting about how best to isolate Russia, China and their allies and prevent further economic integration of Eurasia, lest they be left out in the cold by the 'New Cold War' they themselves are pursuing.

A message to the Egyptian government

It's no secret that the US and their minions have been tacitly backing ISIS, including providing them with cash, guns, training and Toyota pickups. Most recently, the former director of the US Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) claimed that the rise of ISIS in Syria was a "willful decision" made by the US. The DIA document, which was obtained by public interest law firm Judicial Watch, revealed that the US has knowingly promoted the rise of its ISIS death squad in order to isolate the Syrian government and eventually to balkanise and redraw the Middle East. Nevertheless, the Washington warmongers have the nerve to claim that the Syrian president Assad is the root of all evil, never mind that he was democratically elected, and during the elections last year won 88.7% of the vote. The Syrian people obviously disagree with the Western narrative.

So we have a conveniently named "A message to the Egyptian government" video in which the Islamic state apparently forgot to inform the Egyptian government about which Muslim women they want released and we are told that the Croatian citizen was taken to ISIS-controlled parts of Libya and possibly beheaded.

My speculation is that the real intention of this video is revealed by its title. It could very well be that the criminal gang that actually produces these videos is sending a warning via their proxy forces to Egypt to move away from the Russian and the Chinese and get in line and align themselves further with the imperial policies of US and their allies. The last thing Western warmongers want is an Egypt that moves out of their 'sphere of influence' and into the new Eurasia's.