The White March: Belgium ground to a halt in 1996 as masses of people came very close to realising that they were ruled by Psychopaths in Power.
This programme first aired Sunday 5th May 2002 on BBC2 at 7.15p.m.. It was part of the Correspondent series that reported on various issues of public interest, with one programme entirely devoted to each issue selected. The issue focused on here is the Dutroux paedophile scandal that broke in Belgium in 1996. See here for basic background information.

Foremost in my mind is the notion that this certainly isn't a Belgian phenomenon. People need to wake up to the fact that this is occurring in many countries. It is primarily used as a tool to blackmail and control politicians, judges, public servants, successful businessmen, the wealthy, media personalities, celebrities, and other influential citizens etc.. Literally anyone they can get with a seat at the table of power. In a nutshell, it all boils down to corruption and the subversion of democracy. Key questions left unaddressed are who is ultimately responsible for all this and does it, to some extent at least, link up on an international level?

I hope that everyone watching this can take the time to rate and comment. It is well worth watching all 3 parts, as new areas are examined and more explosive revelations are made. This is especially the case in part 3. Then, please help to copy, spread and publicise this video in your social networks as much as possible for educational purposes. Why not make it a 'Favourite' on your channel and give it a special mention? What YOU do certainly DOES make a difference. As far as I'm aware, this video hasn't been online in full up until now. There were a few clips floating around, but that's all. It's very well made and may help wake some people up that don't know about this stuff. The programme was 45 minutes long, so I have had to upload it in 3 parts.

The copyright for this programme is held by the BBC. However, I am not uploading this video with any incentive of profit and am claiming fair use for educational purposes. I very much doubt that anyone would even dream of trying to prevent the exposure of organised paedophilia at a state level anyway, unless of course they were involved in it...

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3