Psychopath advisory
The short video clip below will set the stage for what I am going to write in this article. I also urge all of you who are reading this short piece to please read The New COINTELPRO: Cyberwarfare 'hacktivists' and the Subversion of Anonymous also (and click the links and check some of the evidence!). It looks like agents of all forms and sorts are being activated everywhere and it is not just SOTT that is targeted!

One person commented on the above linked article that they thought it was a waste of time for SOTT to chronicle and expose these sorts of things - it was a "distraction". Sorry, but we don't feel that way about it. From our point of view, exposing the ways and means of 1) conscious, paid government agents; 2) unconscious "useful idiots" that are covertly helped into positions of trust/authority in various movements, is extremely helpful for anyone who is engaged in social activism. It's the pathologicals in power who promote the meme "just ignore it, it will go away" or "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all" and "it's not worth your time or effort" etc.

Psychopathology rules our world today; that's the bottom line and that's why everything is as screwed up as it is. But it can only rule if people aren't aware of it and exactly how it operates. That's why we present these "dramas". Besides, it's better than TV!

So, on to the video clip!

As I say in the video above, I've experienced more attacks due to my work to expose psychopathology in modern Western culture than any other topic I have ever researched and written about. Since we have created the Fellowship of the Cosmic Mind, a legally incorporated religion that is based on not believing in anything (or anybody) but rather basing our beliefs on objective reality, and its scientific stress reduction, healing and rejuvenation breathing program/techniques, things have gone absolutely NUTS in this respect. It really makes a person think that we must be on the right track for all the pathological roaches to come out of the woodwork at once! The big question is: are we going to survive it? I guess that depends on our readers and how much support we get and how far and wide they can spread the information that I'm going to share with you today.

We've already shared with our readers the attack coming from the psychopathic French pervert/pedophile in The French Connection Redux ? Cult Accusations and the Deviant Mind. Thanks to our lawyers, friends in the scientific community with some influence, and the fact that we keep our legal and financial affairs in order, the authorities who were manipulated by "Jean" (the deviant ex partner of one of our research team members/translators) to undertake that ridiculous time and tax-money wasting investigation seem to have closed the book. That, of course, now opens the door for our own legal actions against "Jean" which are in motion as we speak.

However, in the meantime, as you can see in the article linked above, "Jean" is totally, foaming-at-the-mouth crazy and determined to scream lies as loud and viciously as he can because he just simply cannot stand to face the reality that the woman who was once his victim is now able to stand on her own feet and tell him in no uncertain terms that she is not going to be controlled, dominated, and abused by him any longer. The man is stark, raving, barking mad and there is nothing he will not stoop to do, no lie he will not tell, to punish those who have exposed and rejected him. That is one of the defining characteristics of psychopathology: the victim is NEVER allowed to say "no, stop, enough." The victim has no rights, not even the right to choose who they will or will not associate with.

Now, just so we are on the same page here about psychopathology, take a few minutes to watch this excellent video about the nature and extent of this problem in today's society. The text is from the book "The Art of Urban Survival" by Stefan H. Verstappen. This is probably one of the most important videos you will ever watch!

Okay, you're back? Did you catch that very important point about psychopaths? "Psychopaths completely disregard and violate the Rights of others, particularly the Freedom of Association which includes the right not to associate..." with them, of course.

This is something we have encountered again and again and again. We get accused of being a cult, NOT because we try to control or dominate people and force them to become slaves to us, but because we kick out the pathologicals and they can't stand the fact that we have chosen not to associate with them! How dare we reject them!?

Now, obviously, if you tell a normal person "Hey, we don't have anything in common bud, so hit the road" that person will think: "okay, you don't have to tell me twice... I'm already gone!" They go away and that's that. I mean, if someone even hinted to me that they didn't care for my company, I'd be already gone! The reason I'm emphasizing this is because it is that important! This demanding psychological nature of some individuals is a huge clue to their internal mental/emotional landscape. It's a clue to their need to dominate and control and that, dear readers, is one of the main characteristics of the psychopath! They seek control overtly or covertly. (Read Martha Stout's The Sociopath Next Door for some chilling case histories of the covert kind! Or George Simon's In Sheep's Clothing.)

Gurdjieff had an interesting comment to make about this factor which we should always keep in mind when we are dealing with others:
A decent man will behave decently even if he thinks that he has been treated unjustly or wrongly. But many people in such circumstances show a side of their nature which otherwise they would never show. And at times it is a necessary means for exposing a man's nature. So long as you are good to a man he is good to you. But what will he be like if you scratch him a little?
Notice he says that many people will "show a side of their nature which otherwise they would never show." That's the clue that you can almost certainly get a peek behind the mask of sanity, if not experience fully its being dropped completely, simply by telling someone to go away, you don't care to hang out with them.

Anyway, as I said, we get attacked a lot by pathological types because we show them the door. And we regularly point out the fact that there is a lot of pathology in our society, from corrupt politicians and world leaders, to their servants: mainstream science and education. And because of them, there are huge inequities in our societies which are putting enormous pressures on all systems and everything is cracking, deteriorating, falling apart, wherever you look. From human rights to education to health care to employment security (hell, just basic jobs would be nice!) to the economy, to fundamental needs like clean water and nourishing food for all. So, yeah, there are gaps where pathological types can come in and offer solutions.

Unfortunately, people who do not have enough knowledge or awareness - especially of history and psychopathology - are easily used as tools against the very things that could help them and against the people who are really on their side. Of course where psychopaths are concerned, there has to be some sort of "Robin Hood against the PTB" mythology to make those of them who are sincere feel that they are actually doing something positive. The whole dynamic is described in the book Political Ponerology in detail, and outlined in the video above. This is why nothing ever really gets done and nothing ever really changes - psychopaths know how to infiltrate and take over and vector people's minds. They do it again and again and again. The basic reason is this: whenever a movement is created to right wrongs, to seek social justice, many pathological types see this as an opportunity for themselves to get revenge on society for labeling them "not quite normal." They are able to wear a mask of sanity for awhile - perhaps even a long while - so that they can insinuate themselves into the movement and begin to gradually divert its course to their agendas. And generally, their aims are not the aims of normal, psychologically healthy people!

And so, as I said, we get a lot of attack from those types because we show them the door. We do that because we are aware of psychopathology and how it infiltrates and vectors groups. We intend to insure that it does not happen to our group! Then, those who are evicted - starting with a guy named Vincent Bridges in our case - start screaming "censorship" and "cult" to cover up their pathology with a gloss of 'we are just poor abused honest people who were censored'. Nothing could be further from the truth. The one sure way to know when COINTELPRO forces are at work is when they use the 'cult' label. It's an emotional trigger word, specifically designed to stop critical thought. As Gurdjieff said: "A decent man will behave decently even if he thinks that he has been treated unjustly or wrongly. But many people in such circumstances show a side of their nature which otherwise they would never show."

Being accused of "cultic behavior" because you show pathological deviants the door (one bad apple can spoil the whole barrel, as folk wisdom tells us) is a widely used weapon in the arsenal of psychopaths; it is used to delegitimize their opponents. They've made the definition so broad that a women's sewing group qualifies! To the pathological mind, values such as sharing, networking for the common goal of discovering the truth of our reality at all levels, helping each other, standing up for decency and true love and kindness between human beings, without wanting anything in return, is so alien to the pathological mind that they are convinced that something must be wrong with the human beings that show and try to promote these traits. The psychopath can only think that a person must be brainwashed to act that way because, of course, they know that manipulating, lying and brainwashing are the methods that they use. For the psychopath, people who truly care about each other and stand up for each other, must be a cult, and a very dangerous one at that! For goodness sake! Can't let something like that spread! And, in a very real sense, it is a threat to pathological types. And since most people in power in our world are psychopaths, they take the spreading of such ideas as a serious problem; thus, the many, unending attacks against yours truly, SOTT, our researchers, members, and work.

At the present time, the attacks against us have literally gone through the roof. We don't even write about most of them, only the ones that strike us as serious and possibly useful for others as an example. Why are the attacks ramping up so high? I think it is because of our research into health and wellness. Why would that be? Well, have a look at this article: Transmarginal Inhibition. Yeah, I know it's a weird sounding term for something, but what it means is 'How do you program a person to do what you want them to do in the easiest way?' And the answer that Ivan Pavlov discovered was that people who are strong and intelligent can be broken if - and only if - their health is broken down first!

So, obviously, we come along, expose all of these sorts of shenanigans, start researching the truth behind all the allegedly 'good advice' given to average citizens by the PTB about diet and health, and discover that the rabbit hole goes way deeper than anyone ever imagined, and the lies are so deep you need hip waders.

Of course, they were prepared for anybody who started actually reading the research and literature and already had a bunch of agents planted in alternative health venues the same way they have agents planted in 9-11 Truth venues, anti-war activist venues, UFO and paranormal research venues (can't have anybody thinking that consciousness precedes matter, doncha know?), alternative news, green activism, and so forth. And believe me, based on the work Pavlov did on conditioning/brainwashing, they went after the health issue first of all starting with the anti-smoking campaigns that were launched in the late 70s. Let me insert some comments from cardiac surgeon, Dr. Gabriela Segura, who is in charge of our health research:
The Éiriú Eolas program, which I helped to develop along with Laura Knight-Jadczyk and several participating researchers, rapidly and gently accesses and releases layers of mental, emotional and physical toxicity. The practice has been thoroughly researched and proven to work by the thousands of people who are already benefiting from this unique program which is available for free at

Éiriu Eolas (EE) includes breathing techniques that stimulate the vagus nerve which is the heart of the parasympathetic nervous system, the anti-stress system. The vagus nerve uses acetylcholine to send calming and relaxing messages throughout your body.

Acetylcholine is also the neurotransmitter responsible for learning and memory, and plays a major factor in regulating the immune system. Acetylcholine is a major brake on inflammation in the body and inflammation is linked to every disease known to man.

Receptors for acetylcholine fall in two categories based on the chemicals that mimic or antagonize the actions of acetylcholine on its many target cell types. In classical studies, nicotine, isolated from tobacco, was one of the chemicals used to distinguish receptors for acetylcholine. That is why there are nicotinic receptors for acetylcholine. Nicotine acts as an agonist (it mimics) to the receptors of acetylcholine which is important for learning and memory and cognitive functions. Daily infusions of nicotine actually increase the number of acetylcholine receptors by up to 40%.

Nicotinic receptors in the central nervous system are associated with neuronal plasticity and brain cell survival, which is crucial for maintenance of brain functions as we age, recovery from trauma, emotional adaptation, and learning. Not only that, but nicotine has been used as a therapy in several clinical situations like kidney failure, sepsis, ulcerative colitis, Alzheimer's disease, etc.
I think one of the reasons we are considered to be so dangerous is because people do not even have to be members of our forum or research groups to benefit from our work. Let me just share one of the hundreds of emails we have received since the creation of the EE program. This one came just the other day:
Dear Laura,

My name is {Name Redacted} and I live in New Orleans, where I teach. I have been reading your materials and your website for several years now. I have never written or commented in the forums, it is not my style I suppose. Yesterday I read with interest the article on your situation(s). As I said, I knew about the campaigns against you, since I have read your books and your web pages.

I believe that if you have found a way to heal the physical and emotional body (diseases) that is the (main) reason behind the witch hunt. The PTB will not allow anything that cures out there.

I guess I am writing to wish you good luck and to suggest that perhaps the REAL reason behind all of this is the Eiriu Eolas success (meaning that it works, truly).

{Name Redacted}
With all the hell breaking loose around us right now (a number of our researchers are going through some personal issues at present, and several of them have lost family members or have family members who are seriously ill), and particularly, with this Anonymous Nonsense stirred up by that slimy pervert, 'Jean', it sure does feel like we have been targeted for destruction. As I mentioned above, I wonder if we'll survive because it can always get worse! But that's what happens in a world full of lies when you stand up for Truth as the highest value, and when, like me, you refuse to shut up or back down in spite of the numerous attempts to defame you and blame you for the very things that they (psychopaths) do! At the moment, it seems like the vectors of attack are popping up like mushrooms after a rainstorm! It's enough to make even the strongest want to just toss in the towel! So, that is what this is all about: I'm going to give a couple of examples in this article just so you know what we deal with on an almost daily basis.

As some of you know, I have a Facebook page. If you know that, you also know that I use my FB page to share my life and thoughts at a more personal and direct level with those people who want to 'friend' me. On FB, I'm just myself and I don't have to go all 'editorial' and circumspect as I am when I write for But, just because I let my hair down on Facebook doesn't mean I put up with pathological types posting nonsense or filth all over my wall! My kids and people who visit my home will tell you: my zero tolerance of filth is not just a public face. And, since my Facebook page is an extension of my home, I expect people to behave in a civil manner and to not say or do things that are disgusting to normal people. What's more, since it is (in a way) an extension of my home, I feel that I have the right to choose who I invite in. And if someone asks to be a friend under false pretenses and then turns out to be someone with an agenda, I feel perfectly justified in booting them out the door. In Facebook terms, that is called 'unfriending'. So, now and again I post something controversial and observe if there are any obvious agents who have 'snuck' in to try and get personal information to use in some nefarious way.

Not too long ago, a woman named Diana Castillo who says she lives in Spain sent me a friend request. I checked her out, saw that she was posting interesting topics about 9-11 and so on, her 'info' didn't suggest any red flags, so I clicked 'okay'.

Since I have suffered from an autoimmune disorder for all of my life, and have finally, in the past three years gotten to the bottom of the lies and distortions of the PTB regarding diet and health, I am really passionate about helping people to get as healthy as possible because I firmly believe that the PTB are trying to destroy our health so as to make human beings more controllable. In these times, we all need to be as clean and sharp physically and mentally as possible. So, I frequently post articles or comments about health related items. On August 13th, I posted a link to "Are You a Fat Burner of a Sugar Burner" I added my own comment that "Carbs make you age faster!" (See also: Can cutting carbohydrates from your diet make you live longer?)

Along came Diana Castillo who posted: "help your bodies glucose balance" with a link to a commercial product which is basically a pyramid selling organization. In short, this woman was using my wall to try to sell stuff probably to benefit herself. I didn't like that and I consider it rude.

That bugged me. I responded: "Better yet, just cut out carbs. Why take a pill when you can do it better without and have more benefits?"

Diana Castillo responded: "I do both"

Okay. End of exchange. I was alerted that something seemed off, but needed more data. And it really wasn't that important, so I just filed it away.

About two weeks later I posted the following on my status:
So they want to stick gruesome images on cigarette packs?? Why not pictures of starving children on McDonald's packaging? Why not tortured animals on cosmetics products? Why not put the photos of the victims of drunken drivers, on beer and wine bottles? Why not pictures of dishonest, thieving Politicians enjoying our money, on tax returns?
Since most of my "friends" and friends on Facebook are very familiar with our research on smoking and the pile of evidence that the anti-smoking campaign is a psy-op, the ensuing discussion was what you would expect among friends who have the same level of knowledge and awareness about a topic. My general policy about smoking is this: I do it and I think it is good for a lot of people. I think commercial cigarettes are mostly evil because of chemical additives, but pure tobacco, nicotine, is not only good for some people, but is protective in a way that is desperately needed in our currently horribly toxic world. But, having said that, I don't think smoking is good for everyone. What is more, though I do have friends who do not smoke, I don't have friends who are anti-smoking. Why would I? Do you hang out with people who are constantly critical of you when you are doing what you think is right according to research you have done that suggests that you are objectively correct? So, if somebody comes along and makes negative comments on my wall about smoking, I send them to read some research on the topic so that we can proceed with discussing things that are really important in this reality: like psychopathy in power, for example, and how they break people down by destroying their health and depriving them of needed support (such as nicotine) in very stressful times!

Along comes Diana Castillo and posts:
"cigarettes are terrible,they make my throat hurt a lot and they are extremely addicting".
Another poster responded to her:
"Commercial cigarette tobacco has many chemicals added that make it bad...Tobacco, used intelligently, is an herbal pharmaceutical that is aeons old..Pure,Natural, Organic Tobacco is available on the web."
Another response given to her:
"Trouble is, what passes for average cigarettes are chemically altered toxin laden reformed tobacco waste! Organic chemical free tobacco is something else entirely, as its free from carcinogens. Nicotine seriously improves your health"
And so on. That is to say, the friends were sharing with a "noob" the results of years of research. But Diana was having none of it. She wrote:
"good thing those pictures are one it. The tobacco industry is one of the biggest legal drug dealers out to make money at the cause of sickness in many. dont tell me you dont realize that smoking is the cause of slow and painful deaths in many cases"
Well, that's the programmed response that the members of the anti-smoking cult regurgitate ad-nauseam thanks to the propaganda campaign of the PTB. (Puh-leeeeze! When did the PTB EVER doing anything beneficial for the masses? Think hard... oh, they decided to ban smoking? And you can't figure that out?!)

The other friends posting tried to make light of things. One of them posted:
lol diana, you should seriously read some of the articles that were written by your friend LKJ. smoking is good for you.
Meanwhile, I went over to have a look at Diana's page, checked our "mutual friends" and realized that this person obviously had an agenda by requesting 'Facebook Friendship' or that, at the very least, she was totally clueless and associated with people with agendas, which made her one of the tools I mentioned above. "Unfortunately, people who do not have enough knowledge or awareness - especially of history and psychopathology - are easily used as tools against the very things that could help them and against the people who are really on their side." But, I didn't figure she would miss me since I was a nasty smoker, so I just 'unfriended' her. Why torture her with my smoking and my smoking friends? And why should I and my friends have to put up with that kind of drivel? Good riddance on both sides, I thought. Now she won't see my posts showing up on her newsfeed and she won't feel compelled to set me straight.

But that's not exactly what happened. Remember the rule above, that pathological types do not allow a person to make their own choices about who they will or will not associate with? Diana then sent me a private message on FB and the following discussion ensued:
- Diana Castillo
- hi laura i see im not your friend any more on facebook. is that because I spoke bad about tobacco? isnt it okay to disagree with anything you post ?
Now, notice the paramoralistic suggestion in that sentence: "Isn't it okay to disagree with anything you post?" The answer, of course, is "yes, you can disagree with me' but if you do, please provide your evidence. And if you haven't done the research, then do it. Repeatedly and insistently making the same old tired assertions that the PTB have made without any hard evidence to back it up is just plain annoying and bordering on harassment.

So, I responded:
Laura Knight-Jadczyk
- I generally assume that when people request the 'friend' connection, that they are familiar with my work and are colinear. Friends generally assemble together BECAUSE they have things in common such as ideas and opinions. If you joined a chess club and tried to convert the members to doing embroidery, you would be ejected. Same principle.
I figured that would be enough. No hard feelings, just we don't seem to have anything in common and I don't hang out with anti-smokers. It's really that simple. It has nothing to do with people having to agree with me, but when you are in my house, you certainly aren't going to tell me what to do or say or what my other friends can do or say, nor is it even polite or civil to insist on disagreeing when you are a guest. If you don't like the food offered at my table, go to a restaurant!

But Diana wasn't having it and this is where it starts to get weird. She announces herself as a "9-11 Truther" - as though that's the ticket to get inside my head or to extract my sympathies - and then segues into the same paramoralistic suggestion again!
Diana Castillo
- I didnt realize your main platform was the advantages of smoking! I put you as a friend because we both support 911 truth. Now since we are both truthers that gives us a lot in common. but you cant tell me that all of your friends have to agree with you on all of your opinions (in real life or on facebook) to be your friend? isnt there room for discussion on your wall? or do you just want yes men surrounding you
Oh! Now "we're hermanos!" (See Beetlejuice for that great scene played by Michael Keaton) But, she was sort of asking about the issue, so I decided to see if this was a case of somebody really wanting to hang out or what. I stated my case in one sentence and sent her a link. If she was really interested in being a 'friend', she would check out the link and see if there was some possibility that I might have a point about this. Or she would read it and say 'I totally disagree'. That's okay too. It wouldn't change anything, but at least we would know clearly where each of us stand and why we aren't friends!
Laura Knight-Jadczyk
- The 9-11 rabbit hole goes way deeper than you imagine and the anti-smoking campaign is part of it. Read this and we'll talk: Let's All Light Up! --
Apparently, she didn't even bother to read it. Instead, she just started regurgitating the same tired old anti-smoking mantra that all the anti-smoking cultists are trained to repeat endlessly.
Diana Castillo
- hi laura, although for some people there may be some use for tobacco , just the smoke part, (putting smoke into your lungs) is extremely toxic, I know from personal experience that even one cigarette can have me coughing all night (i have cronic bronchitis from having smoked heavily in the past) . though the small minority of people can smoke without having any side effects, the majority do get illnesses and smokers cough which if not unchecked deteriorates into emphysema and lung cancer. so they are certainly right in putting those pictures on the boxes
Nothing worse than a former smoker who got burned by all the chemicals in cigarettes and decided it was the nicotine to blame thanks to the lies propagated by the PTB. Okay. Notice that she decided to ignore my comment about 911, which, for an honest seeker of the truth behind these events, would have been a good place to start discussing something of real interest. Well, just to make sure, I thought I would ask if she read the article... and toss in some teasers that should make anyone who is a 'Truther' interested in looking deeper. After all, uncovering the lies of the PTB is what 9-11 Truth is all about, right? And if the anti-smoking campaign was instituted to condition people to accept even more lies, not to mention to deprive them of one of the tools that might enable them to see through those lies, wouldn't a person who's all about finding the Truth want to know?
Laura Knight-Jadczyk
- Did you read the article? Can you back up what you say with scientific evidence that has not been cooked? I've made a very deep study of this and there is NO evidence that smoking causes any of those things and a LOT of evidence that those things are caused by food/agriculture toxins, industrial toxins, nuclear radiation, and blaming it on smoking is part of a huge cover-up that is equal to - or worse - than 9-11. The pictures on the boxes are BRAIN WASHING. Those who believe lies, themselves, become liars.
She made it clear that she was not, in fact, interested in Truth - only what she had been conditioned to believe. Then, more paramoralistic suggestion that somehow I was a bad person because I don't want to have debates on my FB page. Heck, I don't have them in my home! My friends and I do research and discuss our findings. We don't debate opinions based on emotional reactions or poorly understood experiences. What's more, how can you debate a person who is not dealing with facts, but just mindless programmed beliefs? It was becoming clear that this wasn't about friendship, but rather that Diana Castillo was highly incensed that I unfriended her because, apparently, she had plans about what she wanted to do on my FB page. I was not to be allowed to choose who I want to hang out with or what we like to discuss without being told what a gormless low-life I am.
Diana Castillo
- well ii dont need to read studies to see the direct relationship, I smoke, i cough, i dont smoke I dont cough. That is beyond any doubt and much more proof than I need. My point was you should be open to this debate on your page
So, here we go again. People believe that they can base reality on their individual subjective experience, based on lies and assumptions. The 'everyone is entitled to their opinion' routine. Sure they can and do, but don't call it 'proof'. Those who know me and have read my material, know very well that I don't care about unfounded opinions. I care about facts, about working within a network of people who do research, and that I believe there is a Truth (usually very different from what the corrupted science and PTB affirm that to be), and we can at least try to get as close to it as possible. In order for individual cases to be of any use at all in the search for Truth, people have to be open minded, observing, and taking all possible factors into consideration, including that all-important fact that the PTB never do anything without an agenda that does not have the good of the masses of humanity at heart. That is a huge elephant in the middle of the sitting-room floor that everyone seems to be ignoring when it comes to the issues of diet and health! The PTB will do things like 9-11, launch illegal wars, destroy the economy, drop DU bombs all over the planet, but they are really telling you the truth about smoking? Get real.

Despite the fact that this woman was already so far out of line in her rude demands that I simply couldn't imagine what life around someone like her could be like, I continued to be polite and to state my point. It was my Facebook page, after all, right?
Laura Knight-Jadczyk
- You didn't read the research so you assume that it is tobacco making you cough. That's like thinking that a man falling down and foaming at the mouth has a demon instead of epilepsy.

Anyway, as I said, my FB page is for friends, i.e. colinear people.
Apparently, the fact that it was my facebook page and I can make the rules, I had to be punished and abused.
Diana Castillo
- I dare you to take a survey among your readers and Ask how many cough when they smoke. Do your own research. But of course no one Will dare speak up since you kick out anyone who doesn't agree with you theories
- I suppose you Also think smoking is good to help you work out and have a healthy metabolism ( i can See from your photo you dont believe much in working out either
- By the way i Will inform my reabres
- I Will inform my readers ( i have a well Read blog in spain ) that i think you work for the Tobaco industry . So dont expect much of a turnout at your event in spain
Do we see clues of psychopathy here? Also, don't you just love the way certain people (especially those in glass houses) just have to stoop to attacking the personal appearance of others? Of course, such a puerile and conscienceless method of argumentation tends to totally invalidate the argument. Sadly, some people are just too ignorant to realise this rather basic psychological truth.

As it happens, some of my co-researchers and SOTT editors know Diana's (not exactly popular) blog and website. It should not come as a surprise to note that she has never even recommended (or read?) our research on 911, our book: 911, the Ultimate Truth. So it makes one wonder why she would bother to be my 'friend' on FB to begin with?! Perhaps this discussion about tobacco was exactly what she needed to label me as an unworthy source and was provoked for just that reason? Her last reply reads like something written by a 6 year old. Typical of the 'psychopathic mind', she is doing exactly what she is accusing me of. Go figure!

It gets better, of course! Within a day or two of the above exchange, an article appeared on a Spanish blog:
Laura Knight Jadczyk... A Smoking Loony or An Apoclyptic Messenger of Light Beings? [translated from the original Spanish]
By sociedadparanormal

"In case you are still wondering who this woman is, she is a writer and blogger who, for some time now, has claimed to have been communicating with an anonymous astronomer, and with beings of light (extraterrestrials), who have revealed terrible predictions to her amongst which we find the following: that Comet Elenin's arrival, in October of this year (2011), will bring disaster with its likely impact with the Earth, or that its huge tail will flood the planet with pathogenic agents that would likely be the cause of a tragedy similar to the one that took place during the Middle Ages, known as the "Black Death". The latter is also supposed to have been caused by the approaching of a comet and the presence of extraterrestrial microorganisms in its tail."

Comment: Obviously, this individual is completely ignorant of our real position on that topic and that we do have real scientists (including an astronomer) as members of our research team. He has obviously not read our work, but only lies and defamation and takes that for the truth. Regular readers of SOTT know that we have been strong in our criticism of all the Comet Elenin crazies, including Richard Hoagland. See my blog response to this nonsense here: NASA, Sky & Telescope, J. Kelly Beatty, and Criminal Negligence

"But that is not all that Laura has to say: In her popular blog, she published a sort of interview with a character X, named Andromeda, in which she says that on its arrival, Elenin with hit us harshly with its tail, plagued by highly fatal viruses, which would lead to the death of millions of people, thus unleashing a frightening epidemic with consequences never experienced before in our history."

Comment: Again, this is actually defamatory since it completely misrepresents our discussion and research on the topic. See: New Light on the Black Death: The Viral and Cosmic Connection

"Many of you will probably have already wondered, as I did, who, or rather, what could save us? Watch out! We still have hope. And what are we supposed to do? Well, we must smoke tobacco like addicts and ingest as much fat as possible (cigarettes and junk food, obviously)."

Comment: Again, a gross distortion of the concepts of the increasingly popular and well-known Paleo Diet. We have dozens of articles in SOTT's Health and Wellness section that are sourced to excellent research that has not been widely known to the general public for many years because, as I've already noted, the best way to break down strong, intelligent people is to destroy their health. Right here, we could suggest that the individual writing this hit-piece is an agent of COINTELPRO, part of the Pentagon's Cyberwarfare army. Now, obviously, we can't directly link this article to Diana Castillo because it is written by someone named 'Fernando', but there is no further information about him. He could be just Castillo's sock-puppet. As it happens, there is a video of Diana Castillo here and some information about her that makes it altogether possible that she is exactly that: an agent of the Pentagon's cyberwarfare project sent in to do damage control for the Spanish speaking world.

"Diana Castillo was born in the US from Colombian and Puerto Rican parents. She lived in NY and Miami. She got a Bachelor Degree in Biology and Chemistry, but she has also spent her time painting and studying Metaphysics. She worked for the stock market and then she studied Computer Science, and she now works as a programmer/analyst."

But back to 'Fernando'... possibly AKA Diana Castillo who alleged in her communication to me that she does have a blog with a lot of readers...


"Indeed, that's it, my readers, as strange as that may sound, we must stuff our bodies with these "toxic substances" in order to survive since, according to Laura, tobacco and fats bring immunity to our bodies, which will help us fight these alien viruses. And supposedly, there exists nowadays a government conspiracy with a huge campaign against smoking and diet. As weird and absurd that this may seem, it exists and has been published (Read here).

This would mean that our governments would already be controlled by alleged extraterrestrials who would send these viruses; personally, I do believe that one or two governments have made a few deals with alien species, but to think of conspiracies of such magnitude is a thought that goes a bit too far... but then, in this universe anything can happen."

Comment: Ummm... why would any of this mean that our governments are already controlled by alleged extraterrestrials? All the governments need to do is read the research of Ivan Pavlov - which they did and then suppressed - and implement it. There's certainly enough that is known about secret government programs to make this a pretty simple observation, but obviously, 'Fernando' is pitching his snake-oil to the gullible and ignorant.

"Comet Elenin's arrival has also awaken and brought back the fears previously implanted concerning Nibiru, or the Planet X, since Elenin has been related to this allegedly "destructive" planet. Several unfounded reasons have triggered these questions in people, such as the sudden and inexplicable growth of Comet Elenin (500Km in diameter and only one nucleus!), or its unusual transformation from a meteorite to a massive comet, and several other questions discussed in the aforementioned blog."

Comment: What a load of defamatory twists and lies! Whoever is writing this has a mind like the cesspool of a hospital! For the facts, please read our actual take on Elenin and all the apocalyptic hype being put out by people who should know better: Elenin, Nibiru, Planet-X - Time for a Sanity Check

"Fifteen years ago, a religious cult named "Heaven's Gate" was already created. [Its members] said that Comet Hale-Bopp was a sort of means of transport onto which they would be taken to a "new world", and this lead to a mass suicide based on their belief that their souls would be transported to that other 'ideal place'.

I hope that this new story, starring Laura Knight and her "tremendous and revolutionary" assertions, will not generate the same amount of fear and collective fanatism of the past, which ended in nothing but sad tragedies.

Ah, the cult accusation comes out again and the rule proves true: "Psychopaths completely disregard and violate the Rights of others, particularly the Freedom of Association which includes the right not to associate..." with them, of course. When you kick out a pathological individual, you must be a cult! Well, we must be the stupidest cult in the world since people who believe lies are so easy to fool; we could tell them anything they wanted to hear and have literally millions of followers selling pencils for us on street corners! If I didn't smoke and eat meat, or even if I just hid it and pretended to be some robe wearing vegetarian who meditates 10 hours a day and talks about love and light, I could make millions!! God, what was I thinking??? What am I doing working so hard to find the real facts and standing up for the truth day after day while people sling this crap at me?

As Gurdjieff said: A decent man will behave decently even if he thinks that he has been treated unjustly or wrongly. But many people in such circumstances show a side of their nature which otherwise they would never show. And at times it is a necessary means for exposing a man's nature. So long as you are good to a man he is good to you. But what will he be like if you scratch him a little?

All I want is to be left alone, be allowed to choose who to associate with, share my research, and live as close to Truth as possible. But it seems that, from the recent vicious attacks and defamation we've received lately, this is a dangerous thing to do in the present time. We must be doing something right.

Now, for a little musical interlude: