An off-duty TSA agent is accused of using his status as a federal employee to intimidate a driver in Connecticut, where police said the man waved his badge at a woman for driving too slowly.

The agent, Donald Eichler, said it's way overblown.

"This is terrible. Way overblown. She over-reacted. I may not have a job tomorrow," he said.

He is a transportation security administration employee at Bradley Airport, who South Windsor police said misused his badge when he followed and harassed a woman in his vehicle.

"The ticket says I was following too close and she was doing like 30 in a 40 mile an hour speed one, so I tapped my horn a few times and said come on let's go. They said I flashed my TSA badge and I had my ID badge," Eichler said.

Officers called it a road rage incident where Eichler used his badge to intimidate the woman in front of him.

"She was rattled, very concerned, thought being harassed by someone she doesn't know or what his intent might be," Sgt. Scott Custer with the South Windsor Police Department said.

But Eichler said he didn't intimidate her.

"No, I just wanted her to go the speed limit. Just come on let's go," he said.

Police said the woman continued driving and called police from her cell, staying on the line until an officer arrived and intercepted both her and Eichler's vehicles, and interviewed both drivers.

"With this activity she thought he was a police impersonator, she did everything right," Custer said.

Eichler later said he did show his TSA badge to the woman so she would speed up. It could be a violation of TSA rules, and he has notified his superiors about the incident.

"I just wanted her to do the speed limit. Just come on let's go. I had people crawling up my back, beeping their horns I mean what can I do, wasn't trying to be a policeman," he said.

Source: WFSB via CNN