COINTELPRO: 'Bishop' Jim not so Humble
As regular SOTT and SOTT forum readers will be aware, Laura Knight-Jadczyk was scheduled to talk at the May 1st 2010 Nexus magazine conference in Amsterdam. As the only female in a six person line up, Laura was planning to give not just a woman's perspective but also the perspective of probably one of the few people alive today whose knowledge and insight spans and plumbs the depths of just about every one of the problems currently facing the human race. As Richard Dolan noted in his review of her book "High Strangeness":
I believe that Laura understands, better than probably anyone you will ever know, just how dire is the plight of our civilization - the plight of our species. She also understands that to change one's life, one must be willing to fight.
Initially when asked to attend, Laura suggested to the Nexus conference organizers that Richard Dolan (a friend and colleague of Laura's) would be a great addition to the line-up and was indeed willing to attend. The response from the organizers was that, unfortunately, they only had space for 6 speakers in one day.

We were therefore somewhat surprised when we checked the conference web site on Saturday 24th April and saw the announcement:
"Breaking News! Jim Humble is coming to Amsterdam!"
Not only that, but Jim Humble is now headlining the conference.

Apparently the Nexus conference organizers had managed to find extra space for another speaker. So, we, and Laura in particular, were rather disturbed by this development for a number of reasons. Richard Dolan is recognized as the pre-eminent UFO researcher in the world today. He is a very entertaining speaker and his talks are always fascinating. So could Jim Humble really have been so important a figure that he deserved being 'squeezed' in? Who is Jim Humble anyway?

As some readers may know, and a quick check on the internet will explain to those who don't, Jim Humble is the man behind the 'Miracle Mineral Solution' aka MMS.

MMS is labeled as 'water purification drops' and comes in a 118ml plastic bottle. But it could also fairly be labeled, 'bleach', 'industrial cleaner', 'textile stripper' or 'disinfectant' because that is what Sodium Chlorite, the active ingredient in MMS, is most often used for. Mr Humble's MMS protocol advises adding anywhere from 15 to 30 drops of this industrial cleaner to some vinegar or lemon juice. This causes a chemical reaction that produces Chlorine Dioxide, a poisonous gas.

And then you drink it.

Now, we are not contesting the anti-viral and bacterial effects of sodium chlorite, it kills germs for sure, but ingesting something that is designed primarily to disinfect and bleach surfaces is reckless because it can so easily cause long-lasting side effects. As such, it is our opinion that Humble's cavalier attitude to the dangers of his products borders on the legally and morally criminal.

Indeed, Laura's reaction to the presence of Jim Humble in Amsterdam was based on personal experience. While Laura had no adverse reactions to experimenting with MMS, her daughter followed the protocol as prescribed by Mr Humble and it was only through immediate and effective counter-measures that she did not require hospitalization. While one of SOTT's research group members had a positive experience with MMS in helping to cure his flu, other members had decidedly negative results. This alone was enough to convince Laura that MMS is dangerous and Humble's claims about his product are negligent.

So, let's look at Sodium Chlorite first:
Sodium chlorite is a strong oxidant and can therefore be expected to cause clinical symptoms similar to the well known sodium chlorate such as hypoxia, rupturing of blood vessels and kidney failure. A dose of 10-15 grams of sodium chlorite can be lethal. [...] even small amounts of about 1 gram can be expected to cause nausea and vomiting.
And now Chlorine Dioxide:
Chlorine dioxide is used primarily for bleaching of wood pulp, but is also used for the bleaching of flour and for the disinfection of municipal drinking water. The toxic effect on humans are generally the same at those associated with sodium chlorite.
Humble's protocol suggests that taking up to 60 drops per day is within reason. There are 20 drops in one gram, which means that Humble is advocating the ingestion of 3 grams or more of what amounts to household bleach, which is three times the amount required to produce nausea and vomiting and 20% of the amount required to kill you.

Across his umpteen slick websites, Humble attempts to spin these seriously negative side effects that people are sure to experience if they use his MMS by saying:
Nausea will indicate that MMS is destroying more pathogens than the elimination system can handle. If diarrhea and or nausea occurs wait longer between doses and increase later very slowly.

Diarrhea is a good sign.

Many people drink MMS early morning and late evening. Some suggest drinking an MMS dose every four hours. It matters little. You decide how rapidly you want MMS to exhibit results. Diarrhea is a sign that detoxification is occurring (good). It subsides in a few days.

The normal maximum is 15 drops morning and night but for people who have little body weight, or for children, reduce the number of drops proportionately. Fifteen drops twice per day for five days would complete your detoxification in most cases. Some people achieve 30 drop maximum

This instruction statement was generated from the writings of the inventor - Jim Humble. Users are not restricted to any specific dosage or timings. It's virtually impossible to overdose on MMS because you would throw up if a mixture were accidentally mixed backwards or when mis-counting the drops
So what we are getting here is that, yes, it's virtually impossible to kill yourself with MMS because, naturally enough, your body violently rejects (through diarrhea and vomiting) even very small doses of it.

There are several testimonies on the web from people who had very negative responses to following Humble's protocol for taking MMS. At least one woman died as a result...
"From almost the moment Silvie drank the mixture of MMS and lime juice -- which she'd brewed up according to the instructions of Jim Humble, the principal proponent of the stuff -- things went wrong. She became nauseated, and was soon both vomiting and suffering from diarrhea. But since the MMS literature emphasized that this was a normal reaction, she assumed it would pass. It didn't.

"It turned into a day of torture, with Silvie gradually getting worse, to the point of having severe abdominal pains, then urinary pains. I helped her all day, bathing her, comforting her and trying to get liquids into her. But she couldn't keep anything down. About the time it started to get dark, she began to feel faint. That's when I became fully alarmed. She fell into a coma while I was on the VHF calling for assistance.
[See here for mainstream media corroboration of the above story]

...and another person developed anemia:
My doctor put me on a special mineral increase due to lack of iron, copper and magnesium in my blood tests.

I followed "the book" and did not tell him I use MMS.

Now I have to do a stint in hospital because my counts are worse than ever when they were supposed to improve,

My doctor took a urine test, (which has been orangeish) and he said the tests show that something is absorbing or disrupting the minerals and not letting them get into my blood where they are needed.

6 hours between MMS and the mineral pills and cap.

Could MMS be causing this?

I am worried that because I did not tell my doctor as the book says, and others here give that same advice, that the hospital will be looking for reasons and doing tests on me unnecessarily.

I feel I should take my MMS with me to the hospital and tell them but Jim says don't tell doctors because they don't understand.

So I'm confused, My readings only went down since taking MMS and I do as they say here 15 drops 3 times a day with citric acid 75 drops in lemon juice for taste. I have lost 8 kilo's since stating and constantly suffer D and Nausea.
How many more stories like these are out there? Are even just a few claims of serious side effects and at least one death not enough to warrant a moratorium on the sale of MMS until proper research can be done?? That is what a responsible person with a true concern for the health of human beings would do. Yet this is not what Jim Humble is doing, quite the opposite in fact. He continues to vigorously market his product as a cure-all for everything, encourages people who experience vomiting and diarrhea to continue the treatment and not consult doctors and he is planning on saving the world in this way via his new found 'religion'.
Bleach in a bottle aka Jim Humble's 'miraculous' 'water purification drops'

No wonder then that MMS is sold only as 'water purification drops' and why on many of the websites that sell MMS, there is a disclaimer:
Miracle Mineral Solution is a water purification product. It is NOT a mineral supplement nor is it sold as a mineral supplement of any kind. Though often referred to in acronym (i.e. "MMS"), an important distinction must be made between Miracle Mineral Solution and the "MMS Protocol" established elsewhere and detailed exhaustively by third party sources.

While it is true that when Miracle Mineral Solution is activated, the chemical compound chlorine dioxide is produced, MMS is NOT chlorine dioxide. If your privately intended use for Miracle Mineral Solution is to activate it (i.e. convert it to chlorine dioxide) it is advised you thoroughly read all related material, consult a healthcare professional and study various third party resources, some of which, are made available here for your safety and convenience.
Which, when combined with Humble's enthusiastic advocacy for the ingestion of his product, amounts to "do so at your own risk, but DO IT! It will heal you, just ignore all those warnings that this is highly toxic to your body and believe that it's miraculous!"

Quack medicine: 'stabilized oxygen' including chlorine dioxide

MMS claims are faulty science

Miracle Mineral Supplement: Acute Health Effects

Another Fraud Of Alternative Medicine: M.M.S.

The launchpad for the mania surrounding MMS - which 'went viral' through marketing characterized by religious fervor - is Humble's fantastic claim to have cured malaria in tens if not hundreds of thousands of people. According to this Harvard paper on Malaria and the Red Cell:
"The last point at which life cycle of the malarial parasite can be frustrated in humans is at the phase of red cell invasion and multiplication. Red cells are constantly created and destroyed as part of their life cycle. A mutation that somehow destroys both the infected red cells and the parasite could therefore eliminate the malaria parasite. The destroyed infected cells would be replaced by new, healthy cells. "
Now, remember that the active ingredient in MMS is sodium chlorite. This is known to cause hemolysis in humans - 'hemolysis' is the destroying or rupturing of red blood cells.

So MMS actually kills red blood cells and only kills the malarial parasite as a by-product. Consumers of this 'miracle cure' run the risk of developing anemia. This is not unlike standard allopathic drugs like those used in chemotherapy, where the cancer is targeted by killing all the surrounding healthy cells too!

As it happens, Humble wasn't the first to patent this concept:
The Intellectual Property for Humble's claims was lodged in the late 90's, and not by him.

It was lodged by OXO Chemie Ag, a private Swiss biotech company specialising in clinical trials and solutions relating to the immune system, specialising in changes in patterns to red blood cells. [...] World Intellectual Property Organization, patent number WO/1999/017787, was titled "Use of a chemically-stabilized chlorite solution for inhibiting an antigen-specific immune response."
We now have a better idea of why Humble's main claims about the efficacy of MMS are based on curing malaria, and why all of these 'cures' were performed on people in South American and African nations, far from the prying eyes of Western medicine and the risk of malpractice suits. Yes indeed, Humble's a real philanthropist!

Given our new-found personal interest in Mr Humble, we decided to look a little closer at this purveyor of miracle bleach. What we discovered was an interesting past in deep black military research projects. His own bio says that:
Jim started his career in the Aerospace industry where he quickly became a research engineer. He worked on the first intercontinental missile, the moon vehicle, wrote instruction manuals for the first vacuum tube computers, set up experiments for A-bomb explosions, worked on secret radio control electronics, set up experiments in electrical generation by magneto hydro dynamics, complete wired the first machine to be controlled by computers at Hughes aircraft company and invented the first automatic garage door opener.
Set up experiments for A-bomb explosions? That's quite a dramatic change of orientation you've undergone Jim. You went from inventing the most efficient technologies with which to kill as many people as possible, to stumbling upon a 'miracle bleach' while prospecting for gold in the jungles of Guyana that you now claim cures every disease known to man - cancer, AIDS, arthritis ...the list goes on and on.

We wonder if Jim ever feels any pangs of conscience about his past with the military industrial complex...
"For a number of years there I was sort of locked out on the edge of science on a number of different projects and, eh... I had a lot of fun! And then the Cold War came to an end and the aerospace industry came to an end so I went into mining - gold mining of course. I was thinking that I could make a lot of money in gold mining."
But it is the more recent additions to his biography that really piqued our interest and gave the impression of something rather suspicious about Jim's sudden appearance at the Nexus conference.

Recently Humble announced that he was planning to incorporate a church.

From his newsletter:
...we are forming a church of health and healing. Now that's not religion, that's health and healing. It's called Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. ("Genesis" means the beginning, and "II" means the second beginning and this is the beginning of a new world without disease.)

What was it that Jesus Christ did first of all, always? He healed the sick. That is what we will be doing but there is a lot more to it than that.
And where did he come across this religion?
Let me tell you a little more about the Church. I bet you might think I am just an old inventor who found a cure in the jungle, or maybe you think I am just an old gold miner. Well, that's sort of true, but there's more to it than that. I spent 50 years studying spiritual things and traveling around the world in many cases to do my studying. In my travels I happened upon a small but very unusual church. This church has come to us down through the centuries from the original apostles of Jesus Christ. There is an unbroken lineage of succession of Bishops for 2000 years to now. The name of each Bishop is recorded. The first apostles were Bishops. The Catholic Church broke off from this first Church 325 years AD, but the Original Church continued until now. You have never heard of it because it is small. It embraces all denominations of Christianity and actually all religions of the world and always has for 2000 years. I became a minister, a Deacon, a Priest, and finally a Bishop. So let me introduce myself again. I am Bishop James Humble.

All Bishops have had the power to form their own churches and their own Articles of Association of the Church as well as Articles of Faith, and the Creed of the Church as that was the power given by Christ to the Apostles and the Bishops that followed. A Bishop remains the Bishop for life and when he dies there is always one who will replace him and thus the Church continues with the new Bishop as if there was no Death. The church continues and nothing is inherited by relatives when the Bishop dies.
You can see here that Bishop Humble was 'consecrated' into the Apostolic Successions of Spiritis Church on January 28 this year. This Catholic sect claims "apostolic succession" going back to the 12 apostles of Jesus, of which Humble is the latest 'Patriarch.'

So what are the benefits of joining Humble's religion?

You can become a member of our church and still be a member of your own church because we do not dictate that anyone believe any particular thing. Come to us for healing and sanctuary from vaccinations and other government interference, and go to your church for your spiritual beliefs. Anyone can join our church at no cost. If you wish to have a church membership identification card with your picture that states that you must not be vaccinated, the cost is $10 USD.

If you wish, you will receive a pastor's certificate and you will have the legal right to use Reverend in front of your name. It will be legal for you to not pay income tax. You can also receive a certificate to start a chapter of our church right there in your area. You can hand out tracts telling about MMS and our healing and you will no doubt have people come to you for healing. It will be best not to charge for your service, instead ask for donations after they get well, and that usually takes only a few days. Most people will want to donate something when they get well. You will make more money that way than selling the bottles of MMS.

The government will not be able to control us as they now control most churches as they have figured ways to trick churches in giving up their power. Would you believe that the IRS now tell a 501(c)3 church non profit corporation that they must not advocate from the pulpit that children belong to their parents instead of the government?
That last one about the children belonging to the government is pure nonsense by the way. In fact, there is so much distortion in his claims that the entire screed stinks of an attempt at mind programming. But that's not the main reason we were so surprised at this latest development from Humble. The real clue for us was the fact that last year, several months before Humble was ordained a "Bishop" and announced his intention to form a church, we incorporated PaleoChristianity, from which Humble appears to have stolen the general outline for his own 'church'.

Now, it may seem to be merely coincidence, but the real problem is that not only does Humble appear to have stolen Laura Knight-Jadczyk's ideas, it looks like he intends to fit them with nuclear capabilities and launch them on an ICBM aimed at 'taking down the government':
As a Bishop I can pass any test that a government might use to prove legitimacy. And that is true of our Church. Our final churches will have a small church on one side and a health food store on the other. Our pastors will know MMS completely and there will be lectures on health in the church and Sunday health meetings. As soon as we can afford it, we will begin to select those criminals who are attempting to kill mankind and we will prosecute them in law courts of the land. Anyone can prosecute anyone if they have the right knowledge and we have the right knowledge. We will stand behind those being attacked by the FDA and all the other alphabet soup agencies. THE GENESIS II CHURCH WILL STAND BETWEEN THE CITIZENS AND THE GOVERNMENT OF THE VARIOUS LANDS. THE CHURCH FUNDS AND DONATIONS WILL BE USED TO HIRE LAWYERS TO PROTECT THE CITIZENS FROM THE GOVERNMENT. We will demand our constitutional rights be restored, and if they are not, we will hire lawyers to take it to the Supreme Court. And those we hire will not be garden variety lawyers but rather those who know the real law. All churches will pay a royalty for the sales of MMS, not to me, but to the large fund that will be set aside for this purpose. This fund should grow rapidly and will always be used to stand between the citizens and the government.

This idea is powerful. We already have tremendous lawyers who will help us. When someone is attacked by the government, say for instance, a health food store, we will have many lawyers to file injunctions, and we may even have some of the Oath Keepers present.
The Powers That Be will be delighted to have an excuse to attack these "powerful ideas" knowing that Jim's distinctly fundie-sounding "Genesis II" church is snuggling up to the Oath Keepers. Oath Keepers claim to have the support of thousands of members of the US armed forces and civilian law enforcement officers committed to upholding their oaths to the US constitution against Obama's "Communist takeover". Its leader was recently arrested for raping a 7 year old child. A police search of his home uncovered a stolen grenade launcher among his arsenal. No doubt he was saving it for the day when Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin give the signal to fellow gun-totin' militiamen and teabaggers to 'take back America.' This is starting to look like the perfect recipe for acts of violence that will reflect very badly on any other newly created religions set up to protect people.

The combination of Humble's toxic products, his recent decision to form a 'church' and his sudden appearance at the Nexus conference where he would likely be waxing evangelical about this new endeavor, smacks of a hidden hand pulling strings. We could speculate about the connections between Nexus and Humble, and how exactly he managed to get top billing at a conference that, for several months, had a full complement of speakers, but there is little point in doing so. The central problem remains the fact that Laura was unwilling to be associated with a purveyor of a product that she knew to be dangerous and with a man who appeared to be set up to ambush her. No one likes a set-up.

To emphasize this obvious set-up, there were more curious shenanigans. This article was briefly published last night (25th April 2010) on and then 'unpublished' within thirty minutes in order to add more pertinent information. During the thirty minutes that it was live, Laura Knight-Jadczyk shared it on her Facebook profile. Now, thirty minutes on a Facebook page would normally not be long enough to garner much attention, but it seems that there was one person who was keeping a vigil of sorts.

Duncan Roads is the owner and editor of Nexus magazine. Below are the comments he posted to Laura's Facebook profile in response to this article:
Nexus Magazine stands by Jim Humble and MMS. Laura, you are an overweight whale of person, who puts nothing but shit into their body. Take a look at your non-stop smoking and crap-eating lifestlye (sic) - and then stop being surprised that when you take even some MMS, that you start feeling sick.

And tell your lapdog Joe Quinn, to stop emailing slanderous accusations that Nexus is part of a cointel (sic) operation.
Duncan Roads - inter-personal skills may be lacking
If you have some evidence that Jim Humble is a conman and MMS is baloney, send it to me. To come out and publicly slander Nexus over this just tells me, and everyone else, how shallow your research on matters to do with health is.

I wonder what your fans would think if they saw how you lived? Would they respect your 'research' on health if they saw how unhealthy you lot are?

Up to now I had respect for you guys, but you can thank your lapdog Joe for reminding me that you are just a bunch of lard-arsess (sic) who accuse first and research later.

Duncan Roads
Editor, Owner, Publisher of Nexus Magazine

PS: Next time, have a look at the speaker list of any conference you get invited to, in advance. You left your conference speaker cancellation to the last minute - was that done on purpose? How spiteful!
He seems to have forgotten the fact that Laura did look at the speaker list and agreed to appear based on the constituted schedule. Jim Humble was added at the last minute. But, to continue, he then posted the following directly to Laura's Facebook 'wall':
Laura, may I suggest that when you start getting your lapdogs to describe you in public as:

"probably the only person alive today whose knowledge and insight spans and plumbs the depths of just about every one of the problems currently facing the
human race."

- that, not only have you lost perspective of reality - but you have a...ssumed (sic) you know more than anyone else about all these topics.

David Icke claims to be the 'only person' fighting out there against injustice, and now you claim to know more than anyone else.

Hmm , maybe you could stop chain-smoking (sic) and attacking Nexus Magazine - and research why people become egomaniacs blinded by their pride after just a few years of researching this stuff?
It's difficult to know what to say about Duncan's comments, and perhaps nothing needs to be said, because Duncan reveals so much about himself and his thinking through his words. He demands that we refrain from expressing our opinion based on research, which he calls "slanderous accusations", yet then proceeds to engage in a vicious ad-hominem attack on Laura.

There is a quote from Georges Gurdjieff which seems to describe Duncan rather well:
A decent man will behave decently even if he thinks that he has been treated unjustly or wrongly.

But many people in such circumstances show a side of their nature which otherwise they would never show.

And at times it is a necessary means for exposing a man's nature.

So long as you are good to a man he is good to you. But what will he be like if you scratch him a little?
As you may have guessed, having received a glimpse of the personality behind Nexus magazine and the type of people and products they seem content to promote, even if Jim Humble was disinvited, Laura does not feel inclined to contribute her valuable time and energy to the Nexus conference. With the lessons learned, we make the findings public and move on.