"This planet is controlled and locked down and has been for centuries if not millennia, and the question is, why, why must planet earth be locked down, dumbed down, so thoroughly controlled and for so long, why? Who and what is behind this?"
This is just one of the questions asked by Dr. Richard Sauder, Laura Knight Jadczyk's guest on this weeks Signs of the Times podcast. Richard is the author of several books that minutely detail US government research and development of electronic equipment which can be used for mind control, as well as the disconcerting topic of Underground and Underwater Bases and Tunnels. Listen to this week's podcast for a fascinating interview that covers all this and more.

Click Here to listen to this week's SOTT Podcast. For a complete transcription of Laura's interview with Dr. Sauder, click here.

SOTT Podcast - Interview - Richard Sauder