The incessant, inane babbling never stops. Today I see a link, but I don't care to read it. It's the same story as yesterday. Everyone is talking about the 'troop increase'. It's all over the news as if it's being honestly debated, but most don't realize the fact of the matter: the number of troops was already increased a month ago. On 'Crapital Hill' they talk as if it is still being debated and nothing has yet happened, but the reality is that the troops are already there, on the ground.

You've been duped again. Shame on you.

All the talk over the past year about a possible 'reduction in troop levels' was a political and public lie designed to deceive and calm us. Our political leaders are well aware that the American people don't want more of our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, fathers and mothers coming home in boxes, so they pretend to debate the issue, while in reality the troop increase is already a done deal. You see, our opinion doesn't count. It never really did, except insofar as it was needed so that Bush and Co. could better understand how to sell us a lie. Bush and his masters will get their way, even as the new congress continues to feign respect for the 'will of the people'.

What do we need to do to? There are no rebels in either the congress or the senate. There is no one to 'save the day'. Their 'brave' words are but a ploy to appease the American people, and the American people can expect a very rude awakening as a reward for their impressive gullibility.

We have 150,000 troops in the free fire zone of Baghdad. We also have the new naval build up as a not-so-subtle threat to Iran which, thanks to the Western media, is being demonised as a threat to the entire world, despite the fact that there is no evidence of any real Iranian threat. It's a bad joke played on a juvenile population that needs to grow up, and fast, because this deadly game is far from over. Bush and Co. are not yet satisfied, they want nothing less than total control of the population, and to achieve it, a new 9-11-type scenario, one more false flag self-inflicted wound, one more act of mass murder against the American or Israeli people, is needed. This, it seems, is the chosen method to get the terror-weary American citizenry fully behind the new American Imperialism and the murderous Zionist agenda, the two twins of the apocalypse.

Possible future

Imagine a 'big event' on the US West Coast. Something to really terrorise the American people. It could be a 'suitcase nuke' scenario or a 'dirty bomb' in the heart of L.A. Let's say 4,500 immediate casualties.

Martial law will be declared across L.A. and the surrounding counties. Newswires will report that many people have 'above average radiation exposure' and must be sent to special 'camps' - pre-existing fenced-in compounds setup by homeland (in)security, for 'treatment' of the infected. A year later, and of the 2+ million people exposed and 'quarantined', only the 'high value' people picked up for the camps are ever heard from again. No one cares. 2 million out of 300 are easily forgotten.

During the initial attack by the US on its own citizens, the US 'decider' President will decide that Iran is the culprit. Scant evidence will be available to back up this assertion, and what little does reach the public arena will soon be drowned out in the "situation room" reports from Fox and CNN. Deep into 2008, more attacks will occur on US soil, again blamed on Iran or Hizb'allah or Syria, a claim that will seem more credible as US and Israeli war planes will have been using "mini nukes" to lay waste to Iranian "military targets" for several months. The expected 2008 US elections will be suspended. Riots will break out across the US as more and more people begin to awaken to the fact that America is now far from anything resembling a Democracy.

During the riots, various other cities and states will declare martial law and security forces will use the powers granted to them by the 'decider' against their fellow citizens. Thus will begin the round up in earnest, as many more US citizens find themselves languishing in what can only be described as concentration camps, at the pleasure of the new American dictatorship.

The chaos spreads to other nations North and South of America and the Neocon Project for the New American Century unfolds globally. A Corporatocracy is now the system of government, and is global in nature. Wars over land and resources are fought by militia armies hired by big business for the entertainment and enrichment of the Elite. What eventually dies, besides love and hope, are the rivers and oceans and the life therein. The world belches earthquakes, floods and tornadoes in a last gasp for life and our world becomes a 'dark star' in everything but name.

Those left alive when the dust settles, look back and realise that things could have been different. Even in the midst of the turmoil, there could have been a 'happy ending'. The problem, was that precious few ordinary citizens stood up for their fellow Americans, much less the principles of truth, justice and freedom. Those that did were too few or not creative enough in the face of rampant psychopathy to find a way to secure humanity's future.


Our world is in the grip of a sickness, a virus in the form of psychopaths in positions of power across the globe, men and women with no conscience, no capacity for empathy with their fellow human beings. No one can say for certain that this picture of humanity's possible future will play out, but the prognosis is not good. If you would have a world where your children can grow up in peace and security, free form the threat of war and suffering, then I ask you now to take a stand, not for me, but for your rights, your freedom, your humanity, and that of your children.

Do you really think these war-mongers and war-profiteers are concerned about your future? At his state of the union address last month, Bush talked of providing Social Security for all. Within two weeks, he asked Congress for $725 billion in military spending and cut Social Security. Is there a problem when the US president can stand up and tell bare-faced lies to Congress and the American people and no one bats and eyelid?

The American people, and people around the world, need to wake up, and end the nightmare, because, make no mistake, this is a nightmare of our own making, born of our own apathy and intransigence. If you truly desire a future for yourself and your children, you must act now. The Signs are everywhere that time is running out.
New York to Test Ways to Prevent Nuclear Terror

New York Times

New York City is about to become a laboratory to test ways of strengthening the nation's defenses against a terror attack by a nuclear device or a radioactive "dirty bomb."

Starting this spring, the Bush administration will assess new detection machines at a Staten Island port terminal that are designed to screen cargo and automatically distinguish between naturally occurring radiation and critical bomb-building ingredients.

And later this year, the federal government plans to begin setting up an elaborate network of radiation alarms at some bridges, tunnels, roadways and waterways into New York, creating a 50-mile circle around the city.

The effort, which could be expanded to other cities if proven successful, is a major shift of focus for the Department of Homeland Security. As it finishes installing the first generation of radiation scanners at the nation's ports and land border crossings, the department is trying to find ways to stop a plot that would use a weapon built within the United States. [...]