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Sun, 16 May 2021
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Objective:Health: Germ Theory vs. Terrain Theory - Why Not Both?

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Thanks to Louis Pasteur, a cornerstone of our modern medicine has been based on the notion of 'killing germs'. But current science is telling us that struggling against germs is not an accurate portrayal of what it means to be healthy.

Rather than thinking of our bodies as a battlefield, humans and microbes must now be seen as a co-evolved system for the mutual benefit of both the host and resident microbes. Health is the result of balanced harmony between resident microbes and human cells.

But alas, the germ theory is holding strong, with every new disease, no matter how benign (*cough* covid...), setting the medical establishment into full military mode, trying to come up with vaccines and medications to eradicate 'the enemy'. This paradigm has been with us for well over a century and yet we seem to have come to a dead end. Perhaps the mainstream medical establishment needs to incorporate some of Terrain theory into its tool kit to truly get to the bottom of human disease and how to deal with it.

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health as we look into where both germ theory and terrain theory get it right (and wrong).

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MindMatters: First Sight, Polyvagal Theory, and Contemplative Practices

vagus nerve
What does meditation or contemplation have to do with our physiology? And what is the possible connection between our autonomic nervous system and a coherent theory of psi? Today on MindMatters we bring together three topics: contemplative practice (see our interviews with Fr. Joseph Azize), first sight theory (see our interview with Dr. Jim Carpenter), and Stephen Porges's polyvagal theory, as discussed in a recent book by Stanley Rosenberg, Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve.

Porges's work on the two branches of the vagus nerve, and the states of consciousness they are involved in, has important implications for physical and mental health. But the connections may go even further than that, into areas considered spiritual or even paranormal. The states facilitated by ventral vagus nerve activation have a lot in common with the conditions most conducive to eliciting psi, both in the lab and in everyday life. And together they may explain certain features of contemplative states and practices.

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Objective:Health - The Strange Push to Suppress Hydroxychloroquine

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Dr. Simone Gold, a board certified emergency physician who was recently fired after 20 years as an emergency room physician for participating in the America's Frontline Doctors press conference, where medical professionals from across the country were touting the benefits of hydroxychloroquine, said in a recent series of tweets:
Why are social media company employees with no medical degree or clinical experience censoring the perspectives of practicing physicians? Why are journalists claiming hydroxychloroquine is ineffective when there are numerous studies showcasing its efficacy against COVID-19? Why are state governors restricting physicians from prescribing an FDA approved medication for 65 years and empowering pharmacies to over-rule your doctor? These actions are unprecedented and have never happened before in medicine.
It is indeed unprecedented. We have never witnessed a mainstream pharmaceutical medication be the victim of such widespread smearing - it's usually the opposite, with drugs having their dangerous side-effects buried while being promoted as a miracle cure. While it's unlikely that HCQ is benign (no pharmaceutical drugs are), is it really deserving of the treatment it's getting? Does it need to be banned?

On this episode of Objective:Health, we dive into the apparent coordinated disinformation campaign against hydroxychloroquine, trying to get to the bottom of what the heck is going on here.

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Here's the transcript of the show:

Doug: Hello and welcome to Objective: Health. I'm your host Doug. With me today in our virtual studio are Erica, Elliot and Tiffany, (hi's) and in the background as always, on the ones and twos, the wheels of steel is Damian (hello). So today we are going to be talking about hydroxychloroquine. It is the hotbed of controversy at the moment. Some doctors and people are saying that it works, other people and particularly the mainstream press are telling everybody they are going to die if they do it, that it's absolutely horrible. So we are going to try and straighten all this stuff out. Now, the reason that we are doing this now, it has been in the press for quite a while, but recently there was this press conference that the America's Front Line Doctors put on, that was basically taken down as soon as it was put up, although not before getting 17 million views. But it has been banned across social media. Breitbart, who are the ones who hosted the stream of the press conference, were also summarily kicked off of Twitter. Some of the people who were sharing the video had their accounts shut down, like Donald Trump Jr. for one. The tweets were erased.

Tiffany: Donald Trump's tweet was erased, wasn't it?

Doug: Yeah, Trump's was erased.

Tiffany: Wasn't it himself?

Doug: I think even Madonna shared it and hers got deleted, so when Madonna is getting censored on Twitter you know something is up as they would normally love her. But yeah, it's kind of crazy and one thing that I've noticed actually, is that there was an article that was up on RT, slamming this one doctor. The whole press conference was six hours long and there were tons of doctors who spoke, tons of other people who spoke but they centered in on this one doctor because she is crazy. And they dug up all kinds of dirt on her. Not really dirt, but they looked into who she is and she says all kinds of crazy things like she talks about demon possession and that diseases are actually from demons and demons are stealing sperm and impregnating women.

Elliot: She's a Christian preacher right?

Doug: Yeah, but it is not even just Christian, it's kind of like over the top kind of voodoo mixed in type stuff. But I just found it very interesting that out of six hours worth of footage, they would hone in on this one doctor. I think she was one of the most outspoken, the most animated and...

Tiffany: Passionate.

Doug: ...passionate, that's probably a good word for it. So maybe she's an easy target in that way, which should make us rather suspicious actually. I find it very interesting that they've really honed in on her and are talking about how crazy she is, ignoring all the other testimony from all these other different people.

So I think this is kind of indicative of what's going on with the whole hydroxychloroquine thing. There seems to be an agenda here to smear it as much as possible. America's Frontline Doctors and many other doctors in other countries as well, are saying that they are getting good results with this yet the American press is just smearing it left right and center. At first I was kind of like well, it's because Trump basically promoted it, said that it's good and anything that Trump says they just have to go at hardcore. But I think there is a little more going on here.

Tiffany: Yeah, I can't quite figure it out either because it seems so over the top. Why would they demonize this particular medication because they are all for medications in general, for everything else. Why not hydroxychloroquine for this, whether you think that it works or not? I'm just suspicious regarding the whole demonization of it. One of the other doctors that was there at this press conference, Dr Simone Gold, she actually got fired - she was an ER doctor - she got fired from her job after that.

Doug: One reason they might be slamming it is because it's not really a blockbuster drug for the pharma companies. It's been around for ages, it's not patented, it's dirt cheap, It's almost like having a home remedy or something like that. They aren't going to promote this kind of thing when they have multi billion dollar vaccines in the pipeline.

Tiffany: Yeah, that's the only thing I can think of, they don't want any mention outside of vaccines for anything that could treat or cure the Covid.

Elliot: Well it's ironic, because fifteen years ago, Dr Fauci, who is an outspoken opponent of the use of hydroxychloroquine and is essentially going on a war against it, let's say, he and his team at the National Institute of Health published a paper in 2005 titled: 'Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread'.

So, he himself and his team of specialists acknowledged and actually promoted the idea that chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine were effective against these types of viruses. So the question is what's changed? Well, we've done several shows about this in the past couple of months, the ties between Dr Fauci, Big Pharma, the potential agenda to vaccinate as many people as possible. We know that he's got numerous financial ties with these kinds of agendas and he is probably gonna make a very large sum of money and accrue wealth and power because of this. It's funny how he's taken a complete turn in the opposite direction as soon as he can smell the money perhaps? And yeah, now hydroxychloroquine is no longer effective! I mean it's funny how that can change in such a short period of time right.

Doug: Yeah, stunning actually.

Elliot: ...when you've written scientific papers about it. The science is settled right, according to those guys. Funny how they can just turn in the opposite direction and go against everything that they've previously said and cited. Funny how no one picks them up on that.

Tiffany: This whole COVID theatre seems to be about people turning in opposite directions, because Fauci at first said: 'Masks aren't necessary' and then he turns around and says: 'Wear masks!' So I don't think we can look for logic in any of this.

Doug: Yeah. Well there was another interesting article that adds something else to the pot. It's on Real Climate Science and was called: 'Push to Discredit HCQ'. It's kind of an interesting article. You're going through stuff like that, it's taken from the CDC website or a document of theirs? Something like that. At the very end, at the very bottom it says 'Emergency Use Authorization of Medical Products and Related Authorities, Guidance for Industry and Other Stakeholders'. It's a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo, section 5.6.4 blah, blah, blah, but it says that 'the Commission may issue am EUA and that's an Emergency Use Authorization, to allow an MCM' - I don't know what MCM stands for. it's like an emergency authorization of a drug or a treatment or some sort of thing - so 'to be used in an emergency, to diagnose, treat or prevent serious or life threatening diseases or conditions caused by a CPRN agent' - oh all those acronyms - 'when there are no adequate approved and available alternatives. So that's what's been highlighted at the bottom there.

So what I draw from this with the whole vaccine thing, they could probably slide in mandatory vaccination pretty easily using this Emergency Use Authorization Act. But the problem is that it is only viable when there are no adequate approved and available alternatives. So if HCQ is effective and it is a viable alternative then they are not going to be able to slide their vaccine thing in. So that might be why they are trying so hard to slam HCQ, because it actually does work and it is actually an alternative to the vaccine and nobody is going to need this multi billion dollar vaccine if they've got a treatment that actually works.

Elliot: Yeah, they can't do it in a way that's consistent with FDA guidelines, so it's essentially going to be against the law. Looking at this paper or this policy, whatever it is, published by the FDA, the Emergency Use Authorization of Medical Products is available for download on the FDA.gov website. MCM stands for Medical CounterMeasures, which is basically emergency medical products, so this can include drugs, vaccines, devices, anything like tha. So that's what they mean when they say MCM. They can specifically refer to a vaccine. So that would make a whole lot of sense as to why they are not only seeking to get a lot of people jump onboard with this vaccine idea, but it's potentially going to screw up their plans if they get enough people accepting that hydroxychloroquine is a viable alternative. It means that they cannot, by law anyway, implement a mandatory vaccine as a medical emergency. So you can see why there is a witch hunt against this drug.

Tiffany: And that also explains why this all seems so contrived and theatrical and just beyond the scope of what is necessary. All this has become political, like the right is for, the left is against. Trump is for it and people who hate Trump are against it. I don't know, let me just preface my comments by saying that I am not pro-medication or pro-pharma drugs in any way. Whether worse or not, I probably would not take it or more than likely would not take it. I don't believe in better living through chemistry, let's just put it that way. But I could not believe my eyes!

Well first we had Trump's unboxing of the Abbot's Rapid Covid test on the White House lawn. If that wasn't enough to save it, Trump is a total pharmaceutical wrap, not necessarily just the president. He went on live TV during the press conference and was talking about - he said this several times - that he's taking hydroxychloroquine as a prophylactic or preventative against Covid and when he said that on live TV, I just couldn't believe my ears, I had never ever heard of any acting President of the United States just completely do a commercial for a pharmaceutical drug {laughter} and that in itself made me suspicious, whether it works or not. I really am not invested in whether it works or not. I'm just interested in the whole left right dynamic. But the fact that he did that made my spidey senses go crazy, like why would he do that?

And then I read, this is from The New York Times, that Trump has a small personal financial interest in Sanofi, the French drugmaker. They make plaquenil which is the name brand for hydroxychloroquine. Now, exactly how small, maybe we may find this out for sure, but some sites have said that his small investment is as little as USD25,00 or as much as USD435,000. So some could argue that maybe Trump has some financial interest in hydroxychloroquine taking off. But at any rate, several State Boards of Health have said that people can't use it, pharmacies cannot give it out, doctors can't prescribe it. So if he does have illegitimate financial interests in hydroxychloroquine we might not ever know. But I thought I would bring that up.

Doug: I thought that that was just one of those leftie smears.

Tiffany: Yeah, but it's in different spots. It could be a leftie smear, but it just seems strange that he would promote it so heavily. The President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele, said that he took it at some point as well, so it's not just Trump saying that he took hydroxychloroquine.

Elliot: It's being promoted as a preventative measure, so that doctor working for the Alliance of American Frontline Doctors who believes that endometriosis is caused by demons, was going on about how not only is it the cure but it could also be used as a preventative measure. I think that's a little bit overkill right? Because when you look at the mortality rate of this virus I don't think we need to rely on pharmaceuticals to prevent this virus right? I'll be honest. There's lots of other things that you can be doing without the potential side effects of which there are some of the hydroxychloroquine drugs.

That said, the backlash against this drug is pretty fascinating to see. I recall an article that came out on 29th July, titled 'Ohio Pharmacy Board banning hydroxychloroquine as Covid19 treatment'. So it turns out that the State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy, which I guess is a regulatory body for all of the pharmacists in the State, issued new regulations being effective from the 30th of July, stating that pharmacists who dispense this drug can face either a temporary suspension or completely lose their license. So they could actually lose their job if they dispense this drug. And so no longer are they now allowed to dispense it for doctors who prescribe it for patients who have Covid or who they suspect have Covid. The only way they can dispense it is for clinical trials. So that's actually essentially for scientists or scientist medical doctors.

It's kind of bizarre really, because you can say that there are numerous, tens if not even one hundred scientific studies, which highlight that this drug can work and it can be effective. There are hundreds if not thousands of doctors talking about this worldwide, they have used it to treat patients with Covid19 or coronaviruses time and time again with good effectiveness and now for some reason it's illegal or it goes against regulations of the Regulatory Board of Pharmacists to dispense the drug. That's just a little bit bizarre!

Doug: There is an update to that story. Apparently, the Republican Governor actually stepped in and told them that they could not ban it. That's all I really know about that. But that's not to discount anything that you said, because apparently Oregon did the same thing.

Elliot: Right, well that's fantastic that the Governor stepped in, but then again, why the hell are they trying to do that? I mean if that's not political! That's got nothing to do with pharmacy. That's a purely political act. I mean, seriously! These guys need to stay within their guidelines right? You use drugs which work. We're the biggests critics of pharmaceuticals in terms of their side effects but when you have something that has been shown to be effective time and time again, this seems to have nothing to do with whether it's effective or not. It's almost like they are having guidance or they're being driven from upon high somewhere. There seems like some kind of agency which is telling them what to do.

I find it astounding that they would go ahead, especially when it's not even a black box drug. You have certain drugs which show to be extremely dangerous for certain people and so they eventually come off the market. First thing that comes to mind is thalidomide for instance. It's shown to produce birth defects and whatnot. Hydroxychloroquine is not one of those. As I said before it's not without side effects. They're not taking statins off the market, are they? They're not taking any of the other hundreds, if not thousands of drugs which cause genuine damage! It seems like one of the only drugs which could potentially be useful in this kind of scenario - yes, it stinks very much and I'm surprised they can get away with that. Well, I'm not surprised, seeing what we've seen the last couple of months. I can't say I am surprised, but, yeah, odd.

Tiffany: We're used to seeing them ban the use of alternative medicines or herbs or homeopathy or things like that, not just run-of-the-mill pharmaceutical products.

Erica: I wonder if it's like a theme, where doctors if they used to prescribe diet or sunlight or Vitamin C, could lose their jobs over it, right? Or they could be turned in. Now we are seeing that with alternatives to the vaccine, right? So, like you said in the beginning of the show, Doug, it seems like they want to eliminate any sort of competition very early on and plant those seeds in the mass public that get their news disseminated to them from these little sound bites and paint anybody that strays from that vaccine thought as crazy or not worth their salt, instead of having the dialogue, keeping the dialogue open. We watched it happen with Vitamin C at the very beginning, I think we even did a show on it.

Elliot: Yeah, it seems they really must be scared of this, right? They're coming down so hard on it, it's very much a threat to their agenda. I think it gives you quite a good idea about what their agenda actually is. One might be forgiven at the start of this for thinking that their main aim was to come up with a useful treatment {laughter} and that they were being cautious of alternative treatments because they wanted to protect people and they wanted to come up with a good treatment. But now that we have several good treatments, they still ain't interested. It kind of just exposes them for what they really are, about what their intentions are, what their aims are and what they want to achieve. They have no intention of protecting people or promoting their health. No, they want to get their vaccine and they will not let anything get in their way. These people are crazy, you know! They are far gone! Plaughter} Nothing is getting in the way of their aims. They will do anything and this is where it is starting to get quite dangerous, because if you speak out against this then they will destroy your life. We have seen this with the doctors. The doctors are losing their jobs. ER doctors, for God's sake, just for a tweet, they might get banished from their professional body! It's a dangerous kind of social environment that we've entered into over the past four months.

Tiffany: It seems like as the months have gone by, the hysteria against hydroxychloroquine has become even stronger. At first - you mentioned Ohio - they stockpiled hydroxychloroquine. They purchased about two million tablets of it just in case some more studies came out that it worked. And then all of a sudden nobody is allowed to use it, but you said it was reversed. But I think before all the talking points were issued and before every single State got into lockstep with the whole Covid agenda, I think more people held hydroxychloroquine out as a potential cure than they do now. I think, like you said Elliot, it just speaks of the whole crazed vaccination push that they want to push on everybody, come hell or high water. They want that vaccine no matter what and that makes me even more afraid of the vaccine. {laughter}

Doug: Yes seriously. Elliot you mentioned earlier that this was political, that this isn't medical, that this is definitely political. There was a tweet actually put out by Dr Simone Gold and she is the one Tiffany mentioned that got fired after that America's Front Line Doctors' press conference and she says in it:
  • 'Why are social media company employees with no medical degrees or clinical experience censoring the prospectus of practising physicians?
  • Why are journalists claiming hydroxychloroquine is ineffective while there are numerous studies showing its efficacy against Covid19?
  • Why are State Governors restricting physicians from prescribing an FDA approved medication for 65 years and empowering pharmacies to overrule your doctor?
  • These actions are unprecedented and have never happened before in medicine'.
And I think that is a really good point. They haven't happened before in medicine. Have you ever heard of a drug that is this controversial? We're seeing all kinds of things, people getting cancelled in this cancel culture environment. Have you ever seen a drug get cancelled like this? I don't know, it's crazy.

Erica: Especially after being in use for so many years. I mean, it would be one thing if it came out 5 or 10 years ago.

Tiffany: Yes, people have been using this for lupus and rheumatoid arthritis for years and no one said a thing, no one cares. Now all of a sudden the Covid comes out and oh my God, you can't use this medicine. Doctors prescribe things for off label uses all the time and no one says anything. Then all of a sudden now you can't say anything. We're used to seeing this, like I said, with alternative treatments, herbs and all that kind of thing and now we're seeing it with a mainstream drug.

So this not just sets a dangerous precedent for treating Covid but I think it sets a dangerous precedent for the government taking even more rights away from patients and their doctors. It's supposed to be a relationship where your doctor will use his clinical judgment to decide what treatment that he or she thinks is right for you and no one can interfere with that, most of the time, unless it relates to alternative treatments. But you might as well get an algorithm, get a robot and program the robot with whatever government dictates happen to be popular at the moment and say this is how you treat A, B or C condition. Just get a bot and do it.

Doug: It's getting there.

Erica: Like Idiocracy the movie, with the little colorful tab in case you don't read. {laughter}

Doug: Well, like you Tiff, I'm not a huge fan of pharmaceuticals anyway, so I don't really have any skin in this game at all. Remember when everyone was talking about Vitamin C. People were doing Vitamin C infusions and there was all that news coming out of China about Vitamin C infusions and how helpful they were and how successful they were? That's just disappeared, I don't hear anybody talking about that anymore. Suddenly it's all hydroxychloroquine. Everything is all about that.

Tiffany: That could be part of the whole thing too. Just get people to shut up about other natural remedies and just make it all hydroxychloroquine or the vaccine. {laughter}

Doug: Those are the only two options.

Elliot: It's funny that Fauci has initially said that we shouldn't have to wear masks, it was not advised that we wear masks. Same as the WHO, they originally said that and then they changed their tune and so did Fauci. The Board of Directors or the Director of Policy and Communications for this State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy, the one that we were just talking about - it just a baffling quote - he said when asked why they put in this policy to prevent doctors from prescribing or pharmacists from dispensing hydroxychloroquine, he said {chuckles}, 'The long and short of it is we want people to focus on what works such as is social distancing and mask use. We ultimately want to make sure people are being safe and not exposing themselves to drugs that have shown not to be effective in treating Covid19'.

So apparently wearing masks and apparently social distancing is said to work really well, right? But there is no science on that, at all. There is nothing. In fact, the science shows exactly the opposite, science shows that masks do not, categorically do not, prevent the spread of Covid19! So every single thing that that guy said, just then, is the complete opposite of truth. Hydroxychloroquine has been shown to be effective.There's no science to show that masks and social distancing have any effect whatsoever.

So where do these guys even get this information from? They are mouthpieces. They want to shut down any opposing, any dissenting voice, which is fully (bad audio) has been so thoroughly corrupted or so distorted by public health organizations, it's so far gone at this point that any practising physician, any practising medical professional who is trying to do a good job, who is trying to go based on what the science demonstrates, it's impossible in this climate. It's impossible in this cancel culture and it infuriates me to read something like that, because these people are making decisions on a State level for millions of people. And then on a country level, on a worldwide level, look at the World Health Organization, it's the world! So it applies to multiple different countries. We've all been dragged into this hellhole unfortunately and it's a bit of a mess. I guess that's what I have got to say on it.

Tiffany: Well, any time you can have a World Health Organization whose director is not even a medical doctor, you know we're living in an upside down world.

Erica: And if anything, it's really interesting to watch what videos and what people get banned and to actually go and try and find that information, because if they're getting taken down then they are obviously sharing something that goes against the agenda.

Doug: Well, I think we're at about our time right now. Anybody have any final thoughts on hydroxychloroquine?

Tiffany: Well I think that people should be free to take whatever they want to take, whether or not their doctor prescribes it. If they want to take Vitamin C, you don't need a prescription for that. If you want to just take your chances and don't do anything, who cares? If you want to take hydroxychloroquine, who cares? I don't think the government should have their hands so deeply into what people do with their own bodies. But I guess that in the climate that we're in now, it seems kind of stupid to say that because they're all up in it and they're not giving away their power. Personal sovereignty, bodily integrity is very important and adults have the right to do whatever the hell it is they want to do so if they want hydroxychloroquine, they should be able to take it.

Doug: My body, my choice.

Tiffany: Yes. That only applies when it comes to abortion.

Doug: Apparently it does. Alright, well I guess that is our show for this week, thanks for joining us and be sure to like the video if you liked it and subscribe to our channel if you liked it a lot and we will be back next week with another fantastic show.

Good byes

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MindMatters: Interview with Gary Lachman: The Return of Holy Russia

gary lachman holy russia
The American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce once said, "Through Russia, comes the hope of the world." He spoke those words in the era of Stalin, and it would be another 60 years or so before the end of Communism. But starting in the tumultuous 90s, the great country straddling East and West not only has made a comeback on the world stage - it is seeing a spiritual revival of sorts. Forgotten thinkers are being resurrected in the minds of Russians, new movements are cropping up, and old ones reinvigorated.

While most Westerners may be familiar with Russia's turbulent period of totalitarianism, and the works of a few of its literary giants, there are whole areas of the nation's philosophical, scientific and spiritual inquiry that are largely unknown to many observers. Until now.

This week on MindMatters we are joined by Gary Lachman, author of the new book The Return of Holy Russia: Apocalyptic History, Mystical Awakening, and the Struggle for the Soul of the World - and delve into some of the history, movements and individuals that helped shape the religious, social and cultural DNA of its people. It may come as some surprise to know that many developments in science, as well as religious questions, were being seriously addressed and worked out in Russia shortly before the scourge of revolution squelched, and in may cases destroyed, the lives of the people who dared go where few had gone previously.

Join us as we see how this resurgence of Russian thought isn't an anomaly, but is, perhaps, a kind of synthesis, and integration of its hard-won lessons learned, and part of a long tradition we can all learn from.

Running Time: 01:27:57

Download: MP3 — 80.5 MB

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Objective:Health - Operation 'Warped' Speed - These People Are Crazy!

O:H header
On this episode of Objective:Health, we talk more about the latest corona-craziness. President Trump announced a plan to have a Covid-19 vaccine available by the end of 2020. Dubbed 'Operation Warp Speed', the details of the plan seem to come straight out of the film Idiocracy.

Heading the operation, for instance, is GlaxoSmithKline vaccine chairman Moncef Slaoui, a man who oversaw the Pandemrix vaccine for swine flu in 2009 which resulted in over a thousand recipients getting brain damage. And remember that GSK has the distinction of paying the largest fine ever paid by a pharmaceutical company at $3 billion back in 2012 for covering up the deadly side effects of the diabetes drug Avandia.

Combine this with the fact that fastest ever vaccine development currently is four years, and the development of a coronavirus vaccine, while attempted many times, has never been successful (often with disasterous results) and you can see why an estimated one third of Americans are not willng to take the Covid-19 vaccine if and when it becomes available. These people are insane, and anyone willing to put their lives, and those of their families, in their hands are either ignorant or equally insane themselves.

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health as we look into the crazy details of Operation Warp(ed) Speed.

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Running Time: 00:31:14

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MindMatters: The Ideal And Value of Beauty

From time to time we are struck with something we may deem "beautiful". We see a work of art, a landscape, or a face that speaks to an almost ephemeral ideal which demands our attention, acknowledgement and contemplation. But why does this occur? What is it that we, as individuals, are perceiving as beautiful? And what exactly is beauty anyway? In exploring this largely taken for granted dimension to human experience we ask: What place should it hold in our lives, and what value do we hold for it - and it for us?

This week on MindMatters we explore and expand on some common conceptions of things beautiful - from the mundane to the sublime. And we see how noticing and arranging things to be beautiful can be an invocation of our greatest ideals and values. In a time and place where we are surrounded by ugliness, the gifts and astonishment that may be found in beauty may be one more key in connecting to the highest part of the Universe, and to ourselves.

Running Time: 01:04:28

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Objective:Health - The Future of Food - Controlling the Population Through What We Eat

O:H header
Diving deeper into the swamp that is the future of food from last week, this week we look into the issue of food being used as a weapon for control over the population. Corporate agriculture, real and manipulated food shortages, inflation, chemical food systems, genetic modification, fake foods - all of these and more are used as a means of ultimately controlling the populace.

Is there an escape? Can we still have a say in what we eat in a future food system dominated by a handful of corporations who control and track all food from the seed stage to the final sale? Will we still be able to grow food for ourselves and our families and wider communities? Will food freedom be a thing of the past?

Join us on this episode of Objective:Health as we look into the scary future of the human food system.

And check us out on Brighteon!

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MindMatters: Father Joseph Azize Interview: Gurdjieff's Legacy and the 'New Work'

Few scholars and writers in the world today have the experience and in-depth knowledge that Father Joseph Azize has of G.I. Gurdjieff's Fourth Way work. In this new interview with the author of Gurdjieff: Mysticism, Contemplation and Exercises, we explore a range of issues : Have students and organizations based on Gurdjieff's work watered down and distorted what the great teacher wrote and instructed? At what point do ideas - in an attempt to make them more "accessible" - lose their power and potency altogether? And by contrast, what does it look like when integrity is maintained?

This week on MindMatters we discuss these issues as well as some more of the specially designed exercises Gurdjieff prescribed for his pupils that we began to explore with Fr. Azize in our first interview. Looking specifically at the mystic's "Second Assisting" and "Web" exercises we examine what they were intended to do for the practitioner - as well as what the larger implications and possible benefits that such work had, and has, for humanity as a whole. Join us as Joseph Azize gives a number of very nuanced and informed explications of Gurdjieff's ideas, and what value they hold for those seeking to climb the staircase of one's own being.

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Objective:Health - Project Salus: Track the People, Track the Food

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Project Salus is a massive tracking program launched by the Pentagon using artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and a bunch of other tech the average person has no idea even exists. With it, they say they'll be able to predict COVID hot spots (so can we; just look at nursing homes), supply chain problems and other logistics issues. These systems already have geolocation data that allow them to do mapping, resource allocation, etc.

The scariest part of this is they will have the ability to trace all food, down to the individual coffee bean, from it's inception right until it gets into your cup. This is a level of control never before seen on planet earth.

Tune in to this episode of Objective:Health as we look into the deeper implications of Project Salus.

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MindMatters: The More You Sound Like Everyone Else, The Less Interesting You Are

blind leading blind
There's a reason teenagers want to be individuals, yet end up sounding like carbon copies of their peers: they actually want to be like everyone else. And while most grown-ups probably think they've grown out of such mindless conformity, they haven't. Adults discussing hot-button issues sound like clones of each other for the same reason: they're not actually thinking for themselves.

College and university professors, the mind vice of social media like Twitter, mainstream political pundits, or just everyday peer-group influence: all provide the material with which to form convictions and opinions that are not really your own. It may be comforting to know you're just like everyone else, and all the evil is within the people you disagree with, but it doesn't make you original, authentic, or right. And to anyone looking in from the outside, you just sound like a mindless automaton speaking someone else's words.

Today on MindMatters we discuss these issues: conformity, originality, authenticity, and breaking free from the prison of ideological language designed not to find the truth, but as a weapon to bludgeon one's ideological enemies.

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