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SOTT Focus: NewsReal: Trump Survived Deep State Hit-Job... For 'Higher Purpose'?

second shooter trump assassination rally newsreal
There was almost certainly a second gunman at the Trump rally in Pennsylvania last week. The police and Secret Service 'confusion' and finger-pointing over who had what security duties is a hallmark of 'deep state' involvement, but would its operatives really leave it to a skinny 20-year-old to take out their 'Number One National Security Threat'?

This week on NewsReal, Joe and Niall take a closer look at the venue layout of the Butler Farm Show fairgrounds to suggest that a professional marksman was situated in a window below Crooks, who probably only fired the second volley of shots after the first three barely missed Trump.

Which begs another question: how on Earth did the pro miss Trump? Divine intervention? Maybe, but there was also some 'high strangeness' in the air that day...

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SOTT Focus: NewsReal: Trump Miraculously Survives Assassination Attempt

trump rally assassination newsreal
© Photo: Evan Vucci ⁩/ AP ⁩
That was close, REALLY close...

Joe and Niall with their initial thoughts on the failed assassination attempt on Donald Trump.

The shooter was probably put up to it, and it's miraculous that the first shot only grazed Trump's right ear.

What an amazing turn of events...

Running Time: 01:23:43

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SOTT Focus: MindMatters: Do NPCs Have an Inner Monologue? Discussing the 5 Pristine Inner Experiences

Self-talk. Visualizations. Bodily awareness. Unconscious thought processes. In our day-to-day course of existence our minds assimilate, respond and react to any number of stimuli from within - and without. But how often do we stop to consider just how we do this and what faculties of apprehension are actually put to use? And do we even have a framework, vocabulary and level of awareness from which to do it?

Inner speech (inner monologue), inner vision, sensory awareness, emotions and unsymbolized thinking are all categories that, according to psychologist and researcher Russell T. Hurlburt, can help one come to know what one's "pristine inner experience" is. Along with such a framework and the research inspired by it come many questions. What does it mean to be "in the moment"? Do all people use all categories of inner experience with the same frequency? How are we used to describing our inner experiences to ourselves and to others? Were personages like Gurdjieff on to something when he encouraged people to observe themselves?

Join us this week on MindMatters as we question the many assumptions, presuppositions, and mediations that come between cognizance of individual inner experience, and a relative state of unawareness regarding just what makes us tick.

Running Time: 01:36:09

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SOTT Focus: NewsReal: Israel-Hezbollah On The Brink As Putin Visits North Korea

israel hezbollah houthis putin north korea
Israel continues its slow-motion genocide of Palestinians, this week brazenly placing an injured Palestinian on the bonnet of a military jeep as a human shield, targeting more humanitarian aid workers, bombing more refugee camps, and bombing more UN buildings. Will Israel soon also invade Lebanon to do to Hezbollah what it has done to most of Gaza: wipe Lebanon off the map?

Also on this NewsReal, Joe and Niall look ahead to what promise to be 'furiously' interesting French and British elections, review Putin's visit to North Korea - his first in 24 years - and its geopolitical significance, and note that the Houthis of war-torn Yemen are STILL successfully blockading the Red Sea from shipping bound for Israel or the West.

Running Time: 01:48:31

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SOTT Focus: NewsReal: Macron Defiant in Face of Democratic Revolt

macron election ukraine switzerland
Chaotic scenes in Parisian politics last week as French president Emmanuel Macron, the moment EU parliament election results were announced, called a snap election 'to defeat the far-right'. But given the trouncing his party received in the former, how can he expect to fare better in the latter? Our hot take: Macron will remain in the Élysée, refusing to take the hint that the people want him gone.

Meanwhile, the stand-off between the West and Russia over Ukraine remains as tense as ever. Putin has stated his terms for a settlement, and the West has rejected it out of hand, promising instead more and bigger weapons deliveries to Ukraine. Serbian president Aleksandar Vučić is predicting 'major war in 3-4 months', and the signs all certainly seem to point that way.

But will some global 'reality shift' intervene - a new pandemic? An economic crisis? Natural disasters? All this and more on NewsReal!

* Show starts at 12:56 *

Running Time: 01:17:36

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SOTT Focus: NewsReal: US President, Vying to Hold Onto Power, Secures 'Conviction' of Political Opponent

trump biden guilty persecution newsreal
The leading candidate to win the next US presidential election is now a 'white-collar criminal and a felon', we're told, on the basis of a farcical 'trial' that saw Donald Trump 'convicted on 34 counts' of paying his lawyer to make some woman he had a dalliance with go away. In 2016, 8 years ago...

This trial and its outcome is so obviously politically motivated and 'democratically-concocted' that even Never-Trumpers are reluctant to hammer Trump too hard with it, fearing that it will backfire and only increase the former president's support.

Meanwhile the West's 'plan B' to split Ukraine between themselves and Russia continues taking shape, Western dissidents are relocating to Russia, and reports have begun appearing in Western media 'revealing' that the Covid 'vaccines' may in fact be causing excess deaths.

For how long more do we have to stand these utter cretins?

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SOTT Focus: NewsReal: Georgia Dream - Empire of Lies to Open Second Front Against Russia?

newsreal georgia protests fico iran assassination
It's sure shaping up that way in Russia's Caucasus neighbor, where the government in Tbilisi is facing a veritable battering ram of Western NGO-activated protests in response to its move to rein in thousands of... those same foreign-funded NGOs. So, Kiev's Maidan movement redux? The country's PM fears this to be the case, telling media that NATO seeks to open a 'second front' against Russia.

Meanwhile, multiple 'hits' and plots against various countries' leaders suggest intense interest on the Empire's part to force regime change in 'wrong' leadership. Was the would-be assassin of Slovakia's PM Robert Fico acting alone? And who organized the failed military coup in the Congo? In that context, was the death of the Iranian president and foreign minister just a tragic accident?

The apparent 'quickening' of geopolitical, social and environmental events is undoubtedly connected to Russia's advances on the battlefield in Ukraine, where Zelensky now rules as dictator and his regime is teetering. The Western Powers are confident they'll walk away from this as Lords of Western Ukraine, but will Russia accept such a 'deal'?

Running Time: 02:03:10

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SOTT Focus: MindMatters: Transforming Darkness: Shadow Work and Pathocracy with Colin E. Davis

colin davis
So you've been 'red pilled'. You're well versed in false flags, deep states, secret governments, and state-sponsored assassinations. You've watched documentaries about stolen elections, the New World Order, child trafficking, and mind control. And then when you were through with those, you read extensively on the criminal acts of intelligence agencies, psychopathy among the elite, exotic weapons, and more.

And now you simply know, in your bones, that the reality presented to you on CNN (and most other places) is total B.S. - and have the hours and days of sleepless nights, shocked reactions and chills running down your spine to prove it. But, perhaps, no one ever told you how to assimilate such life-changing information. And, perhaps, no one ever guided your expanded insight of how the world really works - with an equally expanded insight into how you really work. (Or, if you have experienced it, you can stand to have a few reminders!)

This week on MindMatters we are joined by writer and researcher Colin E. Davis whose new book, Transforming Darkness: A Shadow Work Toolkit for the Red Pilled Initiate addresses just such issues. Using Jung's idea of the Shadow, or the dark side that exists in all of us, Davis not only provides a survey of works describing how this darkness comes to be and is manifested in the world, but also provides references to some of the best modalities that aid in addressing them. Understanding the world we truly live in is a most worthy pursuit, but the balance required to see ourselves as we truly are, and as we live a 'Red Pilled' life, is no less crucial.

Running Time: 02:06:53

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SOTT Focus: NewsReal: It's Armageddon! Iran Strikes Israel, World Trembles!

iran israel armageddon newsreal
Nah, not really. Although, that's what they'd all LIKE you to believe. Trust us, you'll know Armageddon is here when it actually happens, and you won't need the media to tell you so.

Following Israel's barbaric attack on the Iranian embassy in Damascus two weeks ago, Israel and its Western stooges have practically goaded Iran into 'taking revenge' (while warning its government to 'keep it proportionate'). This finally happened last night, and both sides are claiming 'victory' from it. In reality, US-Israeli air defense did not block "99%" of the airstrikes, but nor did Iran do much damage. As Joe and Niall explain, this follows the pattern of 'strike and mediated counter-strike' we've seen in the Middle East since the assassination of Iranian general Soleimani in 2020.

In the meantime, the Russian government is pressing its Western counterparts for answers to its questions about the funding and logistics that went into the Moscow concert hall massacre in March, unusual seismic events recently took place in New York City and off southern Africa, and questions remain about what has happened to UK royal Kate Middleton.

Running Time: 01:38:46

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SOTT Focus: NewsReal: Moscow Terror Attack Mars Putin's Landslide Victory

moscow terror putin election newsreal
...but it won't change the outcome of the war.

133 dead civilians mowed down at a concert in Moscow by 4 Tajik gunmen-for-hire. Who paid them? Western media is sure they were 'ISIS', yet they were caught trying to escape to Ukraine. And that this occurred amidst increasing strikes and counter-strikes between Ukraine and Russia, the true motive for this atrocity is clear: to unsettle Russia and provoke Putin into escalating and/or deviating from 'the SMO plan' to demilitarize Ukraine.

Also in this NewsReal, Macron denies that his wife is a man and flexes his muscles for Putin, Israel prepares to drive Palestinians out of southern Gaza (and into Egypt?), and the Kate Middleton mystery is 'solved'.

Running Time: 01:47:09

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