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Biden's aggressive, hopped-up 'State of the Union' speech inadvertently revealed the state of the American union: fatally fractured. With 10 million migrants pouring into the US during his term, in service of stuffing the ballot boxes and packing the military, this desperate 'Late Rome' attempt to maintain the political status quo in perpetuity is destined to fail.

The unanimous self-delusion two years ago that Ukraine was going to 'defeat' Russia has given way to bitter acknowledgment that Russia is going to win... 'unless we do something fast!' In the meantime waves of drone-strikes are daily targeting Russian cities, and Russian counter-strikes are picking off the best war machines the West has 'gifted' Ukraine.

Macron is STILL talking about 'doing a Napoleon', this week speculating - to the Polish foreign minister's delight - that French troops could soon be in Odessa, and meeting Moldova's PM to 'guarantee their security', fully aware that there are TWO pro-Russian regions within tiny Moldova that would welcome entry into the EU/NATO about as much as Donbass Russians.

Final topics in this week's NewsReal: Texas governor Gregg Abbott's suspicions about the Smokehouse Creek wildfire (the largest-ever in that state), the comprehensive defeat of government proposals to 'equalize' Ireland's constitution, and the revolution in Haiti being falsely portrayed as 'cannibal gang warfare'.

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