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SOTT Focus: NewsReal: Gabon Coup: ANOTHER French 'Former' Colony Breaks Free

gabon coup niger newsreal
The extraordinary sequence of military coups continues in West Africa, where the small but resource-rich country of Gabon last week overthrew its pro-French 'neo-colonialist' puppet regime of 55 years. What does this all mean? Are these coups in Mali, Burkina Faso, Niger and Gabon all coordinated? If so, what might Russia or China have to do with them? Will this development affect mass migration to the West? Will NATO intervene to 'protect democracy' in the region? Joe and Niall bring some historical and geopolitical context for answering these questions...

Running Time: 01:33:21

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SOTT Focus: NewsReal: That Mugshot, 'Wild'-Fires, BRICS+, Putin Offs Prigozhin?

mugshot trump prigozhin plane newsreal
The latest 'indictment' against Donald Trump for what amounts to Crimes Against The Regime has produced a 'mugshot' that symbolizes the biggest political 'own goal' yet for the Democratic Party. Seriously, what the heck are they even thinking?! Trump's even popular in the hood now! Meanwhile, in Russia, Yevgeny Prigozhin is no more: he appears to have been shot/blown out of the sky outside Moscow, ending a half-year of bizarre and politically dangerous antics from the ex-owner of Wagner PMC.

Also on this NewsReal, Joe and Niall discuss the rash of highly-mediatized wildfires around the world throughout August: is it 'climate change'? Or is it people who want you to believe it's climate change? Either way, the media narrativizers are clearly capitalizing on them to attract clicks and drive home fear. Good news is, BRICS doubled in size last week as de-dollarization, multipolarity, and democratization gather pace. A process of global transformation is underway and there's nothing the imperialists in Washington and London can do to stop it...

Running Time: 01:44:56

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SOTT Focus: NewsReal: Hawaii Wildfire Tragedy: Man-Made or Natural Disaster?

hawaii wildfire maui lahaina newsreal
The tragic wildfire in Lahaina, Hawaii, this week has killed around 100 people, spurring intensified discourse around 'climate change', land (mis)management and so-called 'directed-energy weapons'. What is most likely to have caused this fire? Its timing, so soon after the propaganda onslaught about 'global boiling', seems a mite coincidental.

But first up, Joe and Niall discuss the 'bombshell revelation' that Barack Obama once wrote to an ex-girlfriend about having homosexual proclivities. This salacious 'news' isn't, of course, the real news about the Obamas: it's merely a clue that potentially unmasks the carefully-crafted image of the Obamas - and potentially confirms some of the worst rumors about them.

Running Time: 01:56:24

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SOTT Focus: MindMatters: Gurdjieff and the Inner Evolution of Man - with Alan Francis

alan francis
Do human beings have 'higher bodies'? Is there an essence or essential part of one's being that individuals can consciously help to grow? And what does the development of the personality have to do with these possibilities? Philosopher and teacher G.I. Gurdjieff presented the world with an esoteric framework for self-development that has been carried forward by a number of thinkers.

What does esoteric growth look and feel like? What are some of the processes involved? And how does one go about verifying that such a process is even occurring? Does an inner questioning end when one reaches a higher state, or does it just go deeper? Joining us for his third appearance on MindMatters is author/teacher Alan Francis. Alan's decades of experience with Gurdjieff's work have helped him crystalize some insights as to how we may become more than what we are. He is the head of the International School of the Fourth Way, and the author of 'Secrets of the Fourth Way.'

Running Time: 01:27:54

Download: MP3 — 121 MB

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SOTT Focus: NewsReal: 'Global Boiling' Lunacy, Africa Unites Behind Russia

global boiling newsreal
Forget "global warming," we are now "in the era of global boiling," said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres last week, citing 'the science'. What crack are Western leaders smoking? It's been a relatively COOL summer - at least in Europe - so far this year!

In the first hour of this NewsReal, Joe and Niall plumb the depths of Western lunacy regarding the weather, followed by a discussion of the latest anti-colonial, pro-Russia coup in central Africa.

Running Time: 01:37:00

Download: MP3 — 66.6 MB

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SOTT Focus: NewsReal: As Ukraine Counter-Offensive Fails, Putin Warns Warsaw Against Joining War

cerberus heatwave ukraine newsreal
The NATO-backed Ukrainian 'counter-offensive' to break through Russian defensive lines in southern Ukraine (now claimed by Russia) is still - two months in - going nowhere fast. Last week the Ukrainians targeted the Kerch Bridge - again - ending the 'grain deal' and shutting down Ukrainian access to the Black Sea.

Putin, confident the offensive has been a complete failure, claims it has cost the lives of over 26,000 Ukrainian and foreign mercenaries. He is also 'exposing' Polish designs on moving into, and militarily occupying, western Ukraine, suggesting a new and more dangerous turn in the Great NATO-Russia War of 2022-2023.

Also on this NewsReal, Joe and Niall discuss the outrageous lies being passed off as 'weather news' by the media, which somehow manages to simultaneously cover up the REAL 'Earth changes' taking place all over the planet...

Running Time: 01:45:06

Download: MP3 — 72.2 MB

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SOTT Focus: MindMatters: Cold-blooded Kindess: The Longhouse Mentality and Psychopathology - with Dr. J.D. Haltigan

jd haltigan
J.D. Haltigan is a developmental and evolutionary psychologist who writes the Multilevel Mailer on Substack. His research and writing focuses on psychopathology, social media-induced mental illness in the young, and the psychological phenomena underlying Woke ideology and the culture wars. Lately he has been writing about the negative effects of traits like compassion and empathy when not balanced and held in check by trait systematization. J.D. has also written a review of Andrew Lobaczewski's Political Ponerology tying its insight to our current sociopolitical situation.

How does a doctor of Developmental and Evolutionary Psychopathology see psychopathology at play within academia - from the inside out as it were? Gender ideology, race differences, the censorship complex, emotional dysregulation, leftwing authoritarianism, 'vulnerable narcissism', the weaponization of compassion, etc. - there is a whole slew of prominent features and developments in academia (and Western society as a whole) that, to the classically trained academic of psychopathology, are hard to ignore. And ignore it he doesn't - even if it means taking a step back and away from some of the institutions he would normally be working within.

This week on MindMatters J.D. Haltigan, PhD, gives us his unique perspective on what's wrong with the woke and culturally Marxist mindset so prevalent today in many of the West's top schools. And using his background and research, delves into such questions as how pathology has become something of an evolutionary strategy, how the most prominent traits of men and women have been skewed and weaponized, and just where political ponerology fits in with all that we're seeing.

Running Time: 01:00:46

Download: MP3 — 83.5 MB

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SOTT Focus: MindMatters: Unmasking Psychopaths and Narcissists in Business and Politics - with Dr. Clive Boddy

clive boddy
Clive Boddy is Associate Professor of Management at Anglia Ruskin University, a leading researcher in the field of corporate psychopathy, and author of the book 'A Climate Of Fear: Stone Cold Psychopaths At Work'. Today on MindMatters, we interview Clive about his research, why psychopaths do not make good leaders (despite claims to the contrary), how they contribute to employee job satisfaction, and how toxic leadership intersects with incompetent leadership. Once a taboo subject, corporate psychopathy has gained widespread acknowledgment in the last decade or so. But another related subject is only now breaking through academia and public consciousness: political psychopathy. Clive discusses his own work in that field as well, with comments on screening politicians for psychopathy. We even talk about Star Wars.

Running Time: 00:54:26

Download: MP3 — 74.8 MB

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SOTT Focus: NewsReal: France Riots Suddenly End - NATO's Ukraine War Racket - Climate Hysteria Spikes

newsreal ballard ukraine riots
Remember last week's breathless hot takes on how 'France has fallen'? Well, the urban riots have ended, and you won't believe how: local drug-lords simply called them off, reminding Joe and Niall of the links between the criminal underworld and jihadi-terrorist networks, which are known to overlap via Western intelligence connections.

Meanwhile, NATO heads of state are gathering on Russia's border to plot 'full-scale ground war' against the 'rogue state'. Are these people serious? Probably not. Remember, always, that war is a racket.

Also in this NewsReal, climate hysteria breaks new records as Western media claims - in unison - that 4 consecutive days last week were the 'hottest days ever', propelling hardcore AGW adherents to new depths of lunacy...

Running Time: 01:32:33

Download: MP3 — 63.6 MB

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SOTT Focus: NewsReal: Wagner Mutiny, French Révolution

wagner riots france newsreal
Oh mon Dieu! France - nay, all Europe - is about to fall!

Or so the screamers say. In this NewsReal, Joe and Niall take a calmer look at the riots in France, and last week's high-octane events in Russia.

First hour: Prigozhin is a snake, and why Putin had to make an example out of him.

Second hour: the root cause of France's riots is a six-decades-long 'African-French' problem that is insoluble - save a miraculous paradigm shift in Western elites' worldview.

Running Time: 02:16:46

Download: MP3 — 93.9 MB