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This episode is the third of a six part series where Jay and Hunter interview Laura Knight-Jadczyk, a world-renowned paranormal researcher who authored a groundbreaking series called The Wave and founded a metaphysical research community called The Cassiopaean Experiment.

The conversation covers a variety of fascinating topics, ranging from reality creation and the limitations of "New Age" techniques like affirmations or mantras, to the chaotic nature of the realm border crossing and the potential influence of 4th density beings through emerging technologies like artificial intelligence.

Tune in if you're interested in expanding your understanding of the metaphysical realm and the interconnected nature of our existence.
"We are in the middle of the wave, and changing realities is violent and chaotic. There are people who are going to be soul smashed. But at the same time, the Cassiopaeans have said, 'What a glorious way to go to the fourth density.'" - Laura Knight Jadczyk

What You'll Learn
  • The Complexities of Reality Creation - Take notes on how to create your own reality, and examine the most common pitfalls, challenges, and limitations associated with popular New Age techniques like affirmations or mantras.
  • Balancing Your Emotional and Logical Centers - Discover the critical role of controlling your emotions and applying logical thinking when pursuing your goals, and understand the unique challenges that each gender faces when it comes to managing this volatility.
  • Cassiopaean Perspectives On Plant-Based Medicine - Learn about how substances like mescaline, ayahuasca, and psilocybin, which are commonly used to heal trauma or elevate consciousness, can disrupt the natural pace of psychic development.
  • The Role of Melatonin in Psychic Enhancement - Explore the unique properties of melatonin, its benefits for cognitive development, and how the toxicity of modern society is hampering our body's ability to naturally produce this psychologically transformational chemical.
  • Difficult Conversations With Religious Conformists - Hear about the challenges of discussing Abrahamic religions with close family members and friends who strictly adhere to the Bible as their sole source of knowledge often resist considering new interpretations or historical information that might shake the foundations of their faith.
  • The Chaos Of The Realm Border Crossing - Learn about the realm border crossing, a significant transition point that affects both individual and collective consciousness. Understand why it's crucial to be aware of your frequency resonance vibration (FRV), as it influences how you will experience this chaotic and potentially violent transition.
  • The Potentially Nefarious Agenda Behind Artificial Intelligence - Consider a working theory from Jay and Hunter that AI might be an extension of 4th density beings, who face challenges in maintaining a physical form in the 3rd density. Hear Laura's reaction to the implications of AI being part of a broader, more complex agenda by higher-density entities and weigh that against the role the AI currently plays in your life.
Key Moments
  • 00:00:00 - Introduction
  • 00:02:01 Reality Creation & New Age Techniques
  • 00:14:23 - The Interconnectednesss Of Humans & The Creator
  • 00:23:08 - Gender-Specific Challenges With Balancing Emotions & Logic
  • 00:32:56 - Cassiopaean Perspectives On Plant Medicines
  • 00:44:40 - The Realm Border Crossing & How To Prepare For It
  • 00:51:35 - Challenges Of Discussing Religion With Fundamentalists
  • 01:01:00 - The Psychologically Expansive Role of Melatonin
  • 01:08:26 - The Potentially Nefarious Agenda Behind Artificial Intelligence
  • 01:21:37 - Closing Remarks & Laura's Resources
Guest Biography

Laura Knight-Jadczyk is a renowned researcher and author specializing in the fields of paranormal phenomena, historical cosmic catastrophes, and psychological studies.

With a career spanning several decades, Laura has dedicated herself to exploring the boundaries between physical and non-physical realities.

Her extensive work and unique insights are captured in her numerous publications, most notably her groundbreaking series "The Wave," which delves into the intricacies of hyperdimensional realities and their impact on human history and consciousness.

She founded the scientific and metaphysical research community, The Cassiopaean Experiment, where she collaborates with other experts to investigate and discuss these complex topics.

Learn more about Laura and her work at

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