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More 'Twitter Files' published this week confirmed widespread US government and LGBT+ activists' interference in 'managing' social media platforms to 'de-amplify' dissenting voices on secret blacklists. Besides outright censorship through banning, we also learned their 'rationale' for banning Trump, and that shadow-banning is really a thing - you were not imagining it, and everyone in the media and government has spent the last 6 years gaslighting you about it.

Also on this week's NewsReal, Joe and Niall examine the bizarre claims in German media this week about the uncovering of a 'royalist plot to violently overthrow the government'. Thanks only to dawn raids on 130 premises by over 3,000 police officers was democracy this week 'saved' in Germany, which narrowly avoided being taken over by armed, elderly, aristocratic, anti-vaxx, QAnon conspiracy theorists.

No, that's what they actually claimed!

Finally, Viktor Bout has returned to Russia. Why on Earth would the US government release 'the second-most-wanted-man-alive' after Osama Bin Laden - who they labelled the 'Lord of War' and the 'Merchant of Death' - to RUSSIA, in the midst of a conflict against that country of apocalyptic, existential proportions?

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