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Mon, 19 Feb 2018
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Probiotics may alleviate lactose intolerance

Lactose intolerance is one of the most common food allergies; symptoms range from mild discomfort to extreme intestinal pain. Complete avoidance of dairy is perhaps the easiest way to avoid these problems, especially for young children. However, it might not be the only option. According to a recent study, infants with lactose intolerance, when given a specific probiotic strain, were able to tolerate lactose and even reverse their cow's milk allergy.

Comment: The above author is conflating milk allergy and lactose intolerance. Lactose intolerance is not an allergy; it's the absence of an enzyme necessary for breaking down milk sugar - lactose. It's also extremely common, leading many researchers to theorize lactose intolerance is not the anomaly among adults, lactose tolerance is! While it may be useful for babies who require milk, for the rest of us, avoiding dairy outright is the best answer to lactose intolerance or milk allergy.



Cardiovascular damage can be prevented and repaired by vitamin D3

vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 may be effective in the treatment of hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases, including heart failure, myocardial infarction, vasculopathy, stroke and diabetes.
Cholecalciferol, also known as vitamin D3, can significantly restore the damage to the cardiovascular system caused by several diseases, including hypertension, diabetes and atherosclerosis, according to new research from Ohio University.

"Generally, vitamin D3 is associated with the bones. However, in recent years, in clinical settings people recognize that many patients who have a heart attack will have a deficiency of D3," said Ohio University's Professor Tadeusz Malinski.

"It doesn't mean that the deficiency caused the heart attack, but it increased the risk of heart attack."

"We use nanosensors to see why D3 can be beneficial, especially for the function and restoration of the cardiovascular system."

Professor Malinski and his colleagues, Alamzeb Khan and Hazem Dawoud, have developed unique methods and systems of measurements using nanosensors to track the impacts of vitamin D3 on single endothelial cells, a vital regulatory component of the cardiovascular system.


US football commentator resigns because the 'dangerous' sport has been linked to ALS, dementia and CTE

American football
© Corbis via Getty Images
Cunningham was captain of the University of Washington's winning team against Iowa in the Rose Bowl in 1991 (pictured in the center of the image). He later played for the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks.
  • Ed Cunningham, 48, played for the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks
  • In 1997 he became an analyst; he is now a top commentator for ABC and ESPN
  • On Wednesday he quit saying he can no longer support the 'dangerous' sport
  • Two of Cunningham's former teammates have killed themselves; post-mortem exams showed they both had CTE, a brain disease linked to football
  • His move comes amid a growing swell of research tying the sport to ALS, dementia, CTE and other diseases
  • But the NFL cut ties with researchers investigating the study; reports said they were 'bitter' that the studies were led by a 'vocal critic of the NFL'
Revered football analyst Ed Cunningham has resigned from commentating for ESPN and ABC saying he refuses to support the sport in light of studies linking it to devastating brain diseases.

The 48-year-old, who played for the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks, has spent 20 years carving out a career in sports journalism.

Apple Red

Study shows gum arabic, or acacia fiber, boosts prebiotic activity

gum arabic
© Getty Images
Probiotics have received much attention in recent years. Television commercials advertising yogurt with live active cultures, news bits that discuss the miraculous power of good bacteria, and kombucha may have peaked your interest in probiotics. While probiotics can be helpful for introducing new colonies of good bacteria in your intestines, they can only thrive in the presence of prebiotics. Prebiotics are fundamentally the "food" for the good bacteria, helping them to grow and flourish, ultimately benefiting numerous aspects of your health. A recent study is showing that gum arabic, a hardened sap from the acacia tree, may be a powerful prebiotic.

Gum Arabic's Prebiotic Potential

If you're familiar with gum arabic, you probably know it's used in the food and nutraceutical industry as an emulsifier. Beyond this, gum arabic contains a substantial amount of fiber and is even sold as a fiber supplement, typically marketed under the name "acacia fiber." Dietary fiber, particularly from gum arabic, is a prebiotic and is essential for strengthening the population of good bacteria in your gut. A study from the British Journal of Nutrition showed supplementation with gum arabic increases good bacterial strains, most notably Bifidobacteria and Lactobaccili bacteria. [1] Probiotics get a lot of attention, but discussions about prebiotic supplements are few and far between.

Comment: Prebiotics are proving to be as important as probiotics for gut health and all the associated conditions related to it.


Better Earth

Blue Zones: Lessons for living longer from centenarians across the globe

blue zones
© National Geographic
We all inhabit this beautiful blue planet, breathe the same air, eat food grown on our world's surface and drink fresh water sourced from the Earth, yet some people are a whole lot healthier than others, and in fact, live decades longer.

These are people who live in what has become known as 'Blue Zones' across the globe and we can learn a lot from their way of life. These zones describe the characteristic lifestyles and the environments of the world's longest-lived people and, remarkably, the average person's life expectancy could increase by 10-12 years by adopting a Blue Zones lifestyle.


Flu epidemic now taking aim at the Super Bowl

super bowl football
© AP
How bad is this year's flu?

It's so bad, the Nevada Red Cross is recommending Super Bowl partiers "huddle up" Sunday not only with friends and beer, but with "soap and disposable hand towels."

It's so bad that an ESPN report - revealing that the dreaded virus has stricken Philadelphia Eagles starters Tim Jernigan, Ronald Darby and Mychal Kendricks - set off a ­#flugate conspiracy-theory free-for-all on Twitter.

"Damn, Bill Belichick planting flu in our players now?" one ardent ­Eagles fan tweeted of the rival New England ­Patriots coach.

The country is experiencing the worst flu season in a decade, with no sign of slowing.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Friday that the flu season continued to intensify the week ending Jan. 27.

Comment: See also:


HIV drug linked to AIDS-like immunosuppression

antidepressant pills
What if the very drugs used to treat HIV infection are contributing to the development of AIDS?

So-called 'antiretroviral' HIV drugs in the integrase inhibitor category such as raltegravir and elvitegravir have been long touted as life-saving interventions, and yet, concerning new research indicates that they may not be living up to their promises. Published in Cell Death and Disease and titled, "HIV integrase inhibitor, Elvitegravir, impairs RAG functions and inhibits V(D)J recombination," researchers at the Indian Institute of Science discovered that when mice were administered the drug elvitegravir, it resulted in significant reduction of mature B lymphocytes in 70% of mice studied.

Because the purported effect of HIV infection is disruption of the immune system, any treatment that is immunotoxic or immunodisruptive has the potential to worsen the condition and contribute to the diagnosis and progression of AIDS. Indeed, there has been a long history of criticism against the view that HIV infection alone is responsible for a set of 25 varied diseases which collectively comprise Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). The etiology of AIDS, like most syndromes, is multifactorial. Indeed, published studies have already implicated drug toxicity as a driver of AIDS deaths.1,2,3 For instance, according to Matt Irwin, MD:4


Kenya: After half a million women are sterilized by tetanus vaccine, pharma company has license suspended

vaccine needle
A state-sponsored forced sterilization on a massive scale has allegedly taken place in Africa according to opposition leaders and the public who are railing against the government. An industrial pharmaceutical laboratory has since had its license suspended by the Kenya Accreditation Service as a result of the controversy.

Kenya's opposition leader Raila Odinga-who swore himself in as president on Tuesday-claimed that at least 500,000 young girls and women may be infertile, following a tetanus vaccine administered by the government in 2014 and 2015.

The controversy began coming to a head in 2016 when Agriq-Quest Ltd, a Nairobi-based pharmaceutical company got in a dispute with Kenya's Ministry of Health over their tetanus and polio vaccinations. A group of Catholic doctors originally made the accusations claiming that the vaccines may contain a hormone that is dangerous to young women and can cause potential sterilization.

Comment: See also:


US: 16 more children dead from flu - peak still to come, says CDC

flu shot vaccine
© Global Look Press
Sixteen flu-related deaths were reported Friday by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in its weekly flu report. This brings the total number of pediatric flu-related deaths to 53 for the season, which began in October.

According to the report, influenza activity is now widespread in 48 states and Puerto Rico, down from 49 states in the previous two weeks. Oregon joined Hawaii in lower activity levels for the week ending January 27.

"Our latest tracking data indicate that flu activity is still high and widespread across most of the nation and increasing overall," said Dr. Anne Schuchat, the acting CDC director. "So far this year, the cumulative rate of hospitalizations is the highest since we've been tracking in this way, which goes back to 2010.

"This is a very difficult season," she said.

Caused by viruses, flu is a contagious respiratory illness with mild to severe symptoms that can sometimes lead to death.

The CDC also recorded an uptick in the percentage of patients who visited health care providers complaining of influenza-like illness across the nation: 7.1% of patients for the week ending January 27, up from 6.5%, the newly revised estimated from the previous week.

Comment: Are the children dying from the flu across America vaccinated?


Sleep cycle disruption could be an early warning sign for Alzheimer's

old man stare
Damage to the brain can occur 15 to 20 years before the clinical symptoms appear.

A disrupted body clock, leading to sleep problems, could be an early sign of Alzheimer's, new research finds.

Changes in the sleep cycle occur much earlier than memory problems or other symptoms of dementia.

The finding is an important sign because damage to the brain can occur 15 to 20 years before the clinical symptoms appear.

Comment: It wouldn't be surprising if circadian disruption turned out to be a contributing factor, or warning sign, for cognitive decline. The more research done, the more it seems proper circadian hygiene is one of the most important factors for our health.

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