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Karen Kingston is a biotech analyst and former Pfizer employee who says Texas AG Ken Paxton's recent lawsuit is charging Pfizer for many "lies" about their CV19 vax being safe and effective. Kingston contends this is going to begin a great awakening to the murders and disease caused by these injections. Many doctors now say the CV19 vax did not help a single person. Let that sink in. Kingston explains,
"What Paxton and his team are going to do is expose thousands and thousands of lies that you were told by Pfizer and, specifically, CEO Albert Bourla. Albert Bourla went on a campaign of deception and a lying spree that resulted in a killing spree, and Bourla knew it. Ken Paxton and his legal team are charging Pfizer under the Deceptive Trade Practices Act of Texas. There are five counts they are being charged with across 18 violations. The 95% efficacy was not what you thought it was. . . . There was no evidence that it would stop transmission and infecting others. There was no evidence it worked against the variants. Then . . . there was the charge of scheming to suppress the truth about the failing vaccine. . . . This is huge."

How big is this? Kingston says, "It could be $350 billion in fines for Pfizer, and they cannot get out of this by going bankrupt."

Kingston goes on to say,
"I think the actual truth is you were not injected with a vaccine. The immune response you got, and they called it a robust response, is really your body's response to being poisoned to foreign material that is in your body. It's genetic material as well as inorganic material. This is not a vaccine, and people were involved in criminal human experimentation as were their children. They were experimented on with a biotechnology pathogen. This is per our National Institutes of Health and our U.S. military."
Kingston started warning about the death and dangers of this CV19 vax more than two years ago on She called the CV19 vax "poison," and the millions of deaths and injuries worldwide prove her right. Sadly, Kingston will continue to be right. She says the peak in disabilities won't happen until 2025, and peak deaths from the CV19 injections come after that. Kingston says,
"I also predicted that people would be dying from aggressive cancers and large cancer tumors out of nowhere. I also said this is criminal, you can sue Pfizer and you can have criminal charges against Pfizer. I think we are going to get a great awakening to do that, and people do not have to remain a victim. This is murder, and it is no different than me having a cupcake company and I put cyanide in the cupcakes. . . .and I did not expose to you my natural ingredients. That's murder."
There is much more in the 1-hour and 2-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with renowned biotech analyst Karen Kingston as she gives another update on the bioweapon mRNA/nanoparticle injections and why the recent Texas AG Pfizer lawsuit will cause a CV19 vax great awakening to mass murder for 12.5.23.

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