Özlem Türeci
Özlem Türeci, right
Questions are being asked to why the co-creator of the first Pfizer COVID vaccine seemingly suffers from partial facial paralysis, a side-effect of vaccines, but no one really talks about it.

Özlem Türeci, a Turkish-German physician, is credited with developing the first messenger RNA-based vaccine to treat COVID for biotechnology company BioNTech in 2020.

However, despite being given given copious amounts of air time by the mainstream media, she appears to have escaped one crucial question - what happened to her face?

Robert Kogon has drawn attention to the manifestly provable observation that Türeci is suffering from partial facial paralysis, or Bell's Palsy, a fact which is "flagrantly obvious" to Kogon after viewing the clip below.

According to the journalist, the fact that she is afflicted with the condition is "more or less obvious in all video and still images of Türeci."

The FDA's December 2020 briefing document on the COVID jab acknowledges that it has caused cases of Bell's Palsy.
bells palsy side effect
The most notorious case of post-vax facial paralysis befell singer Justin Bieber, who announced that he was suffering from Ramsay Hunt Syndrome (RHS) in June 2022.

Canadian actress Jennifer Gibson also developed Bell's Palsy two weeks after receiving the Astra-Zeneca vaccine.

As Kogon points out, Türeci actually had the condition before COVID vaccines were developed, but she didn't appear to be suffering from it when she was younger.

"Could she, however, have somehow developed the disorder in connection with her laboratory work on mRNA drugs?" he asks. "Well, we do not know. But the below photo of Sahin and Türeci in the 1990s shows that as a young woman Türeci had no trace of facial paralysis."
Türeci younger
"One thing is sure: If Albert Bourla was suffering from partial facial paralysis, everybody would be talking about it and social media would be lit up. But Bourla is merely the CEO of a company which markets the drug," writes Kogon.