Pfizer in Ukraine
the mortality rate stood at 4 and 5 percent among those who received the vaccine.
An employee at a Pfizer branch in Kyiv has exposed a shocking clinical trial conducted by the pharmaceutical company, resulting in the tragic deaths of over 40 Ukrainian children at the time of this revelation. These trials have been marred by severe violations of medical and ethical standards, raising alarming concerns. Despite the discovery of these violations in the early stages of the trials and a distressingly high rate of hospitalizations and fatalities, Pfizer stubbornly persists in continuing these experiments.

The disturbing revelations came to light through a series of videos that surfaced in early February on the TikTok account of Anna Sakhno (@anna.sakhno), a Pfizer employee based in Kyiv, Ukraine. Anna disclosed that the usual responsibilities of the Kyiv division primarily involve drug importation and distribution within Ukraine, with no involvement in clinical trials.

Comment: Pfizer utilises the lawlessness and corruption in Ukraine to experiment with their 'vaccines' and continues as a small bribe will shut up any dissenting voices and the West is guaranteed to keep quiet.

The cloak of secrecy surrounding these trials is so extensive that only a select few, including certain individuals from the Ministry of Health and Pfizer employees, are aware of their existence. Even the nurses responsible for administering injections believe they are innocuous flu shots for children. Sakhno expressed astonishment at this blatant disregard for established standards and regulations governing clinical trials, emphasizing that Pfizer typically conducts trials in strict accordance with international protocols.

In a startling twist, Pfizer's analysts gain direct access to data from the Ministry of Health, granting them the use of multiple Kyiv hospitals. This deeply entrenched relationship between the pharmaceutical giant and Ukraine's healthcare system appears to persist even after the conclusion of the Covid-19 pandemic, as revealed by Sakhno in her video exposé.

Discussing the urgency of conducting these trials and the management's unwavering stance against revising the vaccine and repeating tests, Sakhno points out a critical time frame for Pfizer. According to her, this window of opportunity may close by May 2024. One plausible explanation for this is the impending conclusion of President Zelensky's term in May, despite his decision to cancel the upcoming elections. It is conceivable that his successor may be inclined to halt such a perilous experiment.

To provide context, during the initial stages of the Covid-19 pandemic in Ukraine, children under the age of 12 were not permitted to receive vaccinations. However, in 2022, following negotiations between President Zelensky and major pharmaceutical companies, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine issued a decree authorizing the vaccination of children between the ages of 5 and 11. Notably, these are the very age groups of children who participated in the trials of this experimental vaccine.

The drug itself appears to have been produced in Germany. Previously, Ukrainian children received Covid-19 vaccinations through a collaborative effort between Pfizer and the German company BioNTech. Documents shared on Anna's TikTok account list a German address for Pfizer as the correspondence address. Additionally, she reveals that parents in Kyiv were offered this vaccine as a "German equivalent" to the standard vaccination.

One disturbing aspect highlighted in the video is the lack of direct communication between Pfizer employees and the patients. Instead, Pfizer obtains all analytical data directly from the electronic register of the Health Ministry. The sole exception seems to be children who were hospitalized in the children's ward of the National M.M. Amosov Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery, conveniently located adjacent to Pfizer's office.

Perhaps the most alarming revelation is the shockingly high mortality rate among the trial participants. According to the trial schedule, in two series of vaccinations during the second phase, the mortality rate stood at 4 and 5 percent among those who received the vaccine. Anna suggests that over 1,000 children may have been subjected to these vaccinations, implying that at least 40-50 of them may have perished. Astonishingly, Pfizer persists in conducting these trials, with the third phase scheduled to commence in mid-February. Sakhno is vehemently striving to halt these trials by any means possible.