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Tue, 17 Jan 2017
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1,800yo stone tablet discovered off coast of Israel features Greek inscriptions with second recorded use of Judea in region

The inscription enormous tablet, which weighs more than 600 kg, is now on display at the University of Haifa's library
A stone tablet recovered from the seafloor off the coast of Israel has revealed new insight into one of the bloodiest periods of ancient Jewish history.

Researchers have revealed for the first time that its inscriptions give the name of the Roman governor who ruled over the biblical state of Judea in the lead up to a failed revolt by the Jews.

Archaeologists say that in addition to revealing the governor's name - Gargilius Antiquus - the tablet features only the second recorded Roman inscription to use 'Judea' for the region.

The slab was first found on the seafloor about 18 miles (30km) off the coast of the city of Haifa and is believed to date back to the 2nd century CE.


Unknown ancient city in Greece discovered by archaeologists

An international team of archaeologists from Sweden, Greece and the United Kingdom is exploring the ruins of a previously unknown ancient city at the village of Vlochos, municipality of Palamas, central Greece.
© Swedish Institute at Athens / Ephorate of Antiquities of Karditsa/Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports
The city’s acropolis is barely visible during a cloudy day on the Thessalian plains.
"What used to be considered remains of some irrelevant settlement on a hill can now be upgraded to remains of a city of higher significance than previously thought," said team member Robin Rönnlund, leader of the fieldwork and a doctoral student at the University of Gothenburg.

The archaeological remains can be dated to several historical periods and are scattered on and around Strongilovoúni, an isolated hill towering 705 feet (215 m) above the vast plains of Western Thessaly.

"Most striking of the visible remains at the site are the well-preserved fortifications, at points still 8 feet (2.5 m) high, but the lower slopes below the hill show clear indications of being the location of an extensive urban settlement, now covered by silt and sediment from the nearby river Enipeas," the archaeologists said.


Theodore Shackley: A Life in the CIA

© Dennis Brack/EPA/Corbis
CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.
With special thanks to Douglas Valentine (buy his new book, The CIA as Organized Crime)

Theodore Shackley is one of the most infamous figures in the history of the CIA. His career in the CIA involved him in many of their most notorious operations. He recruited Nazis and traitors to spy on the Soviet Union and the Eastern Bloc. He managed the covert war on Cuba from the Miami CIA station after the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. There he formed links with many suspected of being involved with the JFK assassination both in organized crime and the CIA. He was chief of Station in Laos during a massive expansion of the dirty war there. Laos was also at the center of the international heroin trade which was used to finance the war. Next he became Chief of Station in Vietnam where he oversaw death squads, fixed elections, manipulated the media, and distorted intelligence to please the Nixon Administration. His next assignment was the Western Hemisphere division where he managed the destabilization of Chile and tried to stop Phillip Agee from revealing the Agency's many dirty dealings in Latin America. Next he was in charge of the Far Eastern Division while America finally lost its decades-long war in Asia with the fall of Saigon.

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The Truth Perspective: Interview with Russell Gmirkin: What Does Plato Have To Do With the Bible?

Just how old is the Old Testament? If Moses didn't write the Pentateuch, who did? For millennia, people have thought the Hebrew Bible was as old as many of the events it depicts. In recent generations, scholars have thought it was created over a long period of time, with various authors and editors. But the writings in the Hebrew Bible may not be as ancient as we've been led to believe.

On this episode of the Truth Perspective, we'll be interviewing Russell Gmirkin, independent researcher, scholar, and author of two of the most revolutionary books in biblical studies:
Russell's work radically challenges our understanding of the history of the Hebrew Bible. He demonstrates that there is simply no evidence that the Bible existed prior to the time of Alexander the Great (ca. 325 BC). All the evidence indicates that the collection of books we know of as the Hebrew Bible was written around the year 270 BC. And not only that: they relied heavily on Greek literature, particularly Plato's final work: Laws.

Listen in as we discuss how, when, and why the Bible was created.

You can visit Russell's website here: russellgmirkin.com

Running Time: 01:56:09

Download: OGG, MP3

Listen live, chat, and call in to future shows on the SOTT Radio Network!

Che Guevara

Power to the people: The legacy of John Lennon lives on

"You gotta remember, establishment, it's just a name for evil. The monster doesn't care whether it kills all the students or whether there's a revolution. It's not thinking logically, it's out of control." - John Lennon (1969)
Militant nonviolent resistance works.

Peaceful, prolonged protests work.

Mass movements with huge numbers of participants work.

Yes, America, it is possible to use occupations and civil disobedience to oppose government policies, counter injustice and bring about change outside the confines of the ballot box.

It has been done before. It is being done now. It can be done again.

For example, in May of 1932, more than 43,000 people, dubbed the Bonus Army - World War I veterans and their families - marched on Washington, set up tent cities in the nation's capital, and refused to leave until the government agreed to pay the bonuses they had been promised as a reward for their services. Eventually their efforts not only succeeded in securing payment of the bonuses but contributed to the passage of the G.I. Bill of Rights.

Similarly, the Civil Rights Movement mobilized hundreds of thousands of people to strike at the core of an unjust and discriminatory society. Likewise, while the 1960s anti-war movement began with a few thousand perceived radicals, it ended with hundreds of thousands of protesters, spanning all walks of life, demanding the end of American military aggression abroad.


Time to Admit the Deception: 75th Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor False Flag Attack Paved Way for US Involvement in WWII

The Pearl Harbor false flag operation of December 7th, 1941 which provided the excuse for the US to enter World War 2 is about to be celebrated once again. This Wednesday (December 7th, 2016) will be the Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary event. The horrific event was yet another in a long long line of false flag operations that have been carried out by unscrupulous criminals (our misleaders) over the years. Just as with the 9/11 false flag attack, around 3000 American lives were sacrificed so that the US Government had the pretext they needed to go to war. As the 75th anniversary approaches, it is appropriate to cast our gaze back in time and set the record straight on the Pearl Harbor false flag op in the hope that this information will spread far and wide, and prevent future leaders from using this hackneyed tactic to trick people into submission and achieve their dark political and geopolitical goals.

The Pearl Harbor False Flag Motive: Providing a "Legitimate" Cover Story for the Long-Planned Entry of the US into WW2

To begin with, the Pearl Harbor attack is not a false flag op in the sense that the US attacked in its own ships and planes. It is a false flag in the sense that at the very least Roosevelt let it happen, and as the evidence will show, he made it happen. Most of the US Pacific fleet of planes and ships were intentionally left there as sitting ducks with no air protection, an easy target for the Japanese torpedo planes. The Japanese managed to destroy nearly 20 American naval vessels, including 8 massive battleships and over 300 airplanes.


Amber-preserved 99 million-year-old feathered dinosaur tail discovered in Myanmar - '1st of its kind'

© Elsevier Ltd. / cell.com
Feathered dinosaur tail
The tail of a 99-million-year-old dinosaur has been discovered in Myanmar, complete with feathers, bones, and soft tissue, according to a new report. The finding is the very first of its kind, much to the delight of scientists across the globe.

The remarkable discovery has roots in 2015, when Lida Xing, a researcher from the China University of Geosciences, was wandering through an amber market in Myanmar, when he came across something that caught his eye.

For sale at a stall was a piece of amber that had been dug out of a mine. Inside, he could see some ancient ants, and a fuzzy brown tuft. While the salesman believed the brown object to be some sort of plant, Xing suspected it was much more significant than that - part of a feathered dinosaur.

He persuaded the Dexu Institute of Palaeontology to buy the artifact, and began studying it alongside colleagues from China, the UK, and Canada. They soon discovered that Xing was right - the object preserved in amber indeed belonged to a dinosaur.

"I have studied paleontology for more than 10 years and have been interested in dinosaurs for more than 30 years. But I never expected we could find a dinosaur in amber. This may be the coolest find in my life," Xing told NPR. "The feathers on the tail are so dense and regular, this is really wonderful."

Xing's colleague Ryan McKellar, a palaeontologist at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum in Canada who was involved in the study, said he's "blown away" by the finding, which is the "first of its kind," Reuters reported.

Their excitement is understandable. After all, it's the first time that feathers together with skeletal material from a dinosaur have been found in amber.

Cow Skull

John Pilger: Pyramid Lake is Dying

Pyramid Lake 1867 (photo Timothy O'Sullivan)
1976. An investigation into the lamentable state of a paiute reservation in the Nevada desert.

Comment: In this 1976 documentary film, the son of the great Red Cloud, chief of the Sioux Nation, repeated the words his father spoke on behalf of all Indians:
Now that you have been forced to surrender, you must put aside the wisdom of your fathers. You must lay up food and ignore the hungry. And when your house is built, and your storerooms filled, you must look around for a neighbor to take advantage of and seize all he has. That is the way it is now, the way to get rich, the way of the white man.


Human remains found at ancient Neolithic site in the UK

© CR Archeology
Archaeologists excavating on the island of Anglesey off the coast of North Wales, UK, have uncovered two partial human remains and thousands of artifacts at a vast Neolithic site, in what has been dubbed an 'unprecedented' discovery.

The company CR Archaeology has uncovered over 6000 artifacts at the dig in Llanfaethlu, including a broad array of pottery designs dating from the Neolithic and Bronze Ages, in what appears to the largest find of its kind in North Wales.

More significantly, the discovery of human remains may transform historians' understanding of the beginnings of agriculture in the region according to the archaeology firm, who have been working alongside Wynne Construction, Gwynedd Archeological Planning Services and Anglesey Council.

"Human remains are incredibly rare outside of megalithic tombs in this area as bone seldom survives in North Wales. Several teeth have been recovered which will enable scientists to discover more about Anglesey's first farmers," said archeologist Catherine Rees.

The teeth found in human remains hold the key to understanding the individual's diet and the location of where they were raised.

Through additional examination, a picture will begin to emerge of the kind of things the people in this area ate 6000 years ago and whether they grew up in the region or had migrated from more distant shores.

Rees commented: "It is no understatement to say Llanfaethlu is one of the most significant archaeological discoveries of the last 50 years and it is clearly of international significance.

"It provides the potential to examine Welsh history over millennia, examining the changing culture and land use.

"This site will place Wales and Anglesey at the forefront of the current archeological discourse and Llanfaethlu will undoubtedly become a 'type site' in the study of Prehistory."


Looking back at the attack on Pearl Harbor, 75 years later

© U.S. Navy / Reuters
The damaged battleship USS California, listing to port after being hit by Japanese aerial torpedoes and bombs, is seen off Ford Island during the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, U.S. December 7, 1941
December 7, 1941 is known as the day that will live in infamy, marking the US' official entrance into World War II, which helped shape the role the US plays in the world today. Many are gathering to honor the 2,403 American lives lost at Pearl Harbor 75 years ago.

The 75th anniversary of the attack by Japan on the US naval base near Honolulu, Hawaii will be remembered on Wednesday. The remaining survivors, such as 104-year-old Ray Chavez, will go to Hawaii to honor those who lost their lives.

"I can't forget it. I never will," Chavez told NBC News. "I got very emotional that day. There were so many, many innocent people that were lost."

For those who lived during the attack, the day is full of painful memories. Edward Waszkiewicz, 95, was a 20-year-old when he heard what sounded like the "end of the world coming," he told USA Today. He looked up and watched three planes fly to "Battleship Row," a group of eight US battleships, and watched as "all hell broke loose."

Comment: It's worth remembering that what history teaches us about Pearl Harbor is not exactly the truth: