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Wed, 23 May 2018
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Golden Globe red carpet fashion: Unisex jumpsuits keep the focus on actors' work

Golden Globes
Pundits from across the entertainment industry are hailing the fashion requirements put in place at last night's Golden Globes as a resounding success, agreeing that the Hollywood Foreign Press' mandate that all celebrities wear identical gray full-body unisex jumpsuits achieved the intended goal of refocusing the ceremony on the craft of acting and filmmaking.

"The spirit of the Golden Globes has always been about celebrating individuals' achievements in film and television, not their physical appearance or wardrobe, and the hundreds of required one-size-fits-all bodysuits worn last night certainly helped redirect attention to where it's due," said E! correspondent Kristina Guerrero of the compulsory gender-neutral garments that Hollywood A-listers were obligated to wear as they filed in a straight line down the red carpet, sans makeup, at precise intervals.

Mr. Potato

Very cheeky! Commuters bare bottoms for 'No Pants Subway Ride'

© Ruptly
Hundreds of people braved wintry conditions on Sunday to celebrate the 'No Pants Subway Ride,' a yearly event which sees commuters forgo trousers on public transport.

The comical event, which first began in the US, saw scores of people jettison trousers, skirts and shorts in favor of simply wearing underpants on their lower half during train rides in the cities of Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, New York and London and more.

The Stiff Upper Lipp Society organized the London outing, during which more than 300 people gathered on a cold day in Westminster before hopping on the underground.

Gold Bar

€1.3mn gold-plated vodka bottle stolen - Bottle found intact at building site, drained of vodka

€1.3 million vodka bottle
© Scanpix Denmark / Brian Ingberg / Reuters
A €1.3 million vodka bottle, said to be the world's most expensive, has been recovered at a building site in Denmark. While the stolen bottle is intact the contents has been downed.

The one-of-a-kind bottle, made from 13lb (6kg) of gold and silver mixed together with a diamond studded cap, was reported stolen from Cafe 33 in Vesterbro, Copenhagen Tuesday night.

The Russo Baltique vodka bottle, famous for its appearance in the Netflix TV series 'House of Cards,' was recovered intact Friday, according to Copenhagen police.

The bottle is now in the possession of the police after a member of the public found it on a building site in Charlottenlund - a suburban area on the coast, 10km (6 miles) north of Copenhagen.

Comment: Somewhere in Denmark there is a drunk thief who just read this story and is right now banging his head against a wall.


Little dog lives to bark her tale after being snatched by an eagle

zoey bichon frise
© facebook
Felipe Rodriguez says he thought he was hallucinating when an eagle snatched his sister's little white dog from her yard, flapped its massive wings and disappeared over the trees.

Did he really just see that?

He had. Zoey the 8-pound bichon frise was gone, taken by a hungry raptor Tuesday afternoon not 50 feet from his sister's house on the banks of the Lehigh River in Pennsylvania, Rodriguez said.

"It seemed like something from the 'Wizard of Oz,'" he told The Associated Press on Wednesday. "I'm a city boy. This doesn't happen in my world."

Even more astonishing: Zoey would live to bark the tale.

More on that later. But first, let it be said that eagles are quite capable of taking a small dog or a cat.

"It has been documented before, but not that often," said Laurie Goodrich, a biologist at nearby Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, a ridgetop preserve that annually records tens of thousands of migrating hawks, eagles and falcons.

With food scarce and waterways freezing up, raptors are "looking a little more widely and taking advantage of whatever might be out there," she said.

Rodriguez said he was by himself at his sister's home in Bowmanstown, about 80 miles (128 kilometers) north of Philadelphia, and Zoey was playing in the fenced yard when he heard a loud screech, hurried to the door and looked out.

Comment: One very lucky pooch! Then again, being the 'chatty' dogs they are, she probably talked her way out of it.


Waggy New Year! Russian Armed Forces show off their canine colleagues

Russian armed forces dogs
© MoD Russia/ You Tube
In their New Year's video, the Russian Armed Forces show off their canine colleagues, who seem to be just as happy giving a friendly lick as defending the Motherland.

Russia has long prided itself on the bravery and skill of its armed forces, but behind the 'Spetsnaz' commandos and state-of-the-art weaponry, there's also a side of the military we don't always see.

On Monday, the Russian Ministry of Defense released its New Year's video, in which its latest batch of recruits wished everyone a very happy 2018. In the video, they run and jump their way through unforgiving terrain to the sound of patriotic marching music, stopping only to get tasty treats and belly rubs.


Mattis' presentation of US policy in Syria becomes a little clearer with some word substitution

The point of satire is to look at things in a new way, and the easiest way to "write" satire is to take the actual text, and replace relevant words. The easy assumption in Washington is that we somehow have the right to be in Syria, and that depends on whose ox is gored. To read the original, click here.

Russian Defense Secretary Sergey Shoygu said on Friday that he expected to see a larger Russian civilian presence in the US, including contractors and diplomats, as the fight against hate groups nears its end and the focus turns toward rebuilding and ensuring the militants do not return.

Russia has about 2,000 troops in the US fighting the hate groups. Shoygu's comments are likely to anger US President Donald Trump, who has previously called Russian troops "illegal invader" forces.


Bodycam footage of The Ruthless Squirrel of Brockport finally released by police

squirrel attack
© Brockport Police Department / Facebook
Two New York police officers were assaulted as they responded to reports of a break-in at a home in Brockport. The vicious attack was captured by one of their bodycams, the footage of which has now been released by police.

Officers Sime and Dawson responded to a call Friday that an unwanted guest had broken into the kitchen of a local residence and was pilfering the pantry. Upon entering the home, they heard a commotion coming from the kitchen. When they went to investigate they were ruthlessly assaulted... by a cornered squirrel.


'Meddling ain't easy': Lavrov riffs on Russophobia during late-night talk show

Sergei Lavrov
© Ramil Sitdikov / Sputnik
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
Russia's FM has lightheartedly shared Moscow's 'international achievements' with the host of a Russian satirical show. With many elections to interfere in, only the Japanese emperor managed to buy more time in power, Lavrov said.

Recalling the elections in France, the Catalonia independence referendum and the Brexit vote, the seasoned diplomat, known for his sense of humor, was asked to share Moscow's foreign policy plans for next year.

"You haven't mentioned all we've done. What about Sweden, Denmark, Montenegro, Macedonia and Austria? We've worked hard, [meddling] isn't that easy," Lavrov joked on NTV channel's 'Mezhdunarodnaya Pilorama' ('International Sawmill') show.


Guinness record: Russian orchestra plays all 9 Beethoven symphonies in one concert

Sergey Stadler
© Ruslan Shamukov/TASS
A concert where the St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra under the baton of Sergey Stadler performed all the nine symphonies by Beethoven in one day has entered the Guinness World Records. The city's concert association, Peterburg-Kontsert, which the St Petersburg Symphony Orchestra reports to, received a written notification from Guinness World Records Russia.

"Following a recommendation from the Guinness World Records Russia expert department, a decision was made to recognize the application as an official record scored in Russia," the letter said. "The editorial board congratulates you on the recognition of your achievement that profiles the Russians as a creative nation and, on top of that, shows the creative mentality and an offbeat approach to the presentation of classics."

The music marathon that carried on for 8 hours and 3 minutes has gone down in history as "the longest philharmonic concert with a program consisting of the works of just one composer in the rendition of a single orchestra under the baton of one conductor."

The event took place on November 26, 2017, at the stage of the St. Petersburg State Academic Capella. Guinness emphasized in the letter that the participants of the record marathon have the opportunity to send applications to the CIS Records Book, the Book of Records of Europe and the Guinness Book of Records.

Comment: "Symphonies are the best representation of my true self. I always seem to hear within me the sounds of a great orchestra." --Beethoven

Take a break today and appreciate the master in all his glory:


Priceless! Tucker Carlson lists 100 ridiculous things libtards deem racist

Tucker Carlson
Fox News' Tucker Carlson tweeted out a hilarious list of 100 things people have deemed "racist" this year.

The Fox News host and Daily Caller founder told his followers that "we live in revolutionary times" and that some "wild things" happened in the past year.
We live in revolutionary times. Wild things happened in 2017, and they'll keep happening next year. In these dangerous political times, it's important you know what is and is not racist. So, we made a list for you. Let us begin. #100RacistThings

- Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) December 22, 2017