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Thu, 24 May 2018
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Pelican attack sparks graduation ceremony chaos

Pelican crash graduation
© Grant Dillon / Reuters
People react as a pelican flies over a graduation ceremony audience at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California, U.S., in this April 28, 2018.
A pair of pelicans stole the show at Pepperdine University's graduation on Friday when they crashed the ceremony. Footage shows the birds swooping down on to the graduation attendees as people scream and laugh.

Their dramatic descent, however, brought graduation proceedings to a halt as the large birds menaced the crowd. One of the pair landed right in the crowd and appeared to jump from seat to seat while flapping its huge wings. Guests tried to help the pelican lift-off again, but it merely landed just meters away on the red carpet stage instead.

One proactive security guard attempts to draw the whole incident to a close and send the birds packing, but the pesky pelican is having none of it - biting the man he attempts to pick it up. The snapping bird stands its ground as the graduation continues close by.

Comment: Looks like this isn't the only case of pelicans turning up where they're not supposed to be.



Canadian posties come through: Grandaughter's letter, no stamp or postal code, makes it cross-country from British Columbia to Prince Edward Island

canada grandchild letter
© John Robertson/CBC
'It really touched my heart,' says Joe Lawless of the letter from his granddaughter.
The letter made it to Joe and Nancy Lawless from their granddaughter Octavia, who lives in B.C.

Joe Lawless says it was a surprise when a blue envelope arrived with the mail in his and his wife Nancy's mailbox in Summerside, P.E.I.

There was no stamp or postal code. There was just the street address, province, and part of the city name. And it was addressed "To Nana and Papa from Octavia."

Octavia is their nine-year-old granddaughter who lives in Maple Ridge, B.C.

"It really touched my heart," Lawless said of the unexpected letter.

Penis Pump

Big in Japan: Giant wooden phallus carried down mountain for fertility fest

Penis fest
© Ruptly
A penis festival is clearly no hard-sell in Japan as crowds gathered at the Osawa hot springs in Hanamaki Sunday to celebrate the annual Konsei Fertility festival.

The main attraction - an enormous wooden penis - was carried through the streets before being bathed in the hot springs. The wooden deity, referred to as the 'Konsei-sama,' is meant to bless reverents with fertility and safe births.

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60 Minutes Australia 'exposes' Jordan Peterson as misogynistic bad person

Professor Jordan B. Peterson
The day before 60 Minutes Australia aired their episode on the mythical "wage gap", featuring Jordan Peterson, they released a sneak peek. Truly, it should win an award. It may go down in history as one of the pre-eminent examples of mendacious editing in history. Or perhaps NBC's treatment will get that distinction. If it were any more over-the-top, it might resemble this.


Slovenian man builds a time machine to take him to the 45th century for 20 seconds

time machine

Don’t forget the soldering iron
Here we go again. Either a man in Slovenia has developed an operational time machine or the teachers in Ljubljana are doing a better job than others around the world at teaching creative writing. In what has come to be the standard modus operandi of alleged time travelers, this one covered his face, had his voice distorted and use only a first name. However, unlike most others, he showed his "homemade" time machine so that intrepid copycats might join him in traveling to the 45th century. Grab some computer parts and duct tape, get ready for a huge electric bill and let's see if we can meet "David" somewhere in the future.
"The first traveling with my machine lasted 20 seconds then I started to prolong the time and I saw many interesting things. I even saw the aliens, which lives inside us. I communicated with the future people. I too much wanted to bring all the facts but I understand that my invention could bring harm and evil."

Comment: Invasion of the time travelers

Blue Planet

Dear flat Earth conspiracy theorist: This selfie from the top of Everest shows Earth as round

Flat earth 1
Most people over the age of five know that the Earth isn't flat. But for some reason the flat Earth conspiracy just won't go away.

Although there is already an overwhelming body of evidence which suggests that the Earth is round, one picture might have just put all the theories to bed once and for all.

Flat earth 2
© Reddit / Amazed_Spirit

Comment: There is actually nothing you can do to convince a flat Earther otherwise. Any and all evidence to the contrary will be explained away illogically. Perhaps that's what makes it so funny. Or scary. See: The real conspiracy: Flat earth is a psyop


Trump and Macron: 'We do have a very special relationship. VERY special'

Trump Macron

"Come with me, Manny - our relationship's gonna be Yuuuge"
Power moves or le bromance? During a recent visit to the White House, French President Emmanuel Macron was the latest world leader to experience President Trump's awkward power handshakes and oddly-timed affection. Watch how he handles these cringe-worthy moments.


Are you secretly a Russian troll? Take this quiz and learn the awful truth!

Based on Atlantic Council's guide to identifying Russkie trolls

Dear Reader,

You, yes you, may be a Russian troll. Either that, or the Atlantic Council is the thoroughgoing exponent of Neocon doctrine. Yes, of course, we already knew that. But we may as well take some amusement out of the confirmation. We have collected every tool from Atlantic Council Fellow Ben Nimmo's guide, where he writes: "Here's the sort of evidence which does help ID possible troll-factory accounts." Then we turned them into questions:


Deaf and partially blind dog stays by girl's side for 15 hours in Australian bush then leads her to safety

dog australia wilderness save girl

Blue heeler Max was awarded a police honour after staying by her side for more than 15 hours in the wild and eventually leading rescuers to the child.

Max came to the rescue after three-year-old Aurora went missing when she wandered off into bushland on a rural property in Queensland state.

Emergency services launched a desperate search for her on foot and from the air on Friday, but could not find her.

But they were aided in their search by the 17-year-old dog, who had stayed with the child during a rainy night before leading her distraught family and rescuers to her on Saturday morning.

Comment: See Also:


DNC files lawsuit alleging US should never, ever stop focusing on 2016 election

DNC chairman Tom Perez
© DNC chairman Tom Perez
Demanding greater accountability for the race's outcome, the Democratic National Committee reportedly filed a multimillion-dollar lawsuit Friday alleging that the nation should never, ever stop focusing on the 2016 presidential election.

"Our lawsuit lays out, in no uncertain terms, that the nation should never under any circumstances move on from the 2016 election results," said DNC chairman Tom Perez, adding that the 66-page lawsuit filed in a New York federal court asserts that the American people must remain solely preoccupied with every little goddamn detail from the 2016 presidential race.