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Fri, 17 Nov 2017
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Russia's foreign ministry trolls CIA recruitment drive for Russian speakers - offers 'expert assistance and recommendations'

© Global Look Press
Russian Foreign Ministry has come up with a tongue-in-cheek response to the Central Intelligence Agency's tweet calling on Russian language specialists to help "unveil the truth." The ministry mocked the effort by offering its own experts and advice.

The CIA's tweet addressed to Russian speakers included a picture asking in Russian: "Do you know what you can do as a CIA linguist?" It then cryptically promised would-be spies a place on a noble mission to "unveil the truth."

Comment: Gotta love that Russian sense of humor!


RT rates the top 10 Kremlin critics & their hilarious hater campaigns against Russia

© Reuters
Russophobia has been resurrected. Paranoia and political agendas have paved the way for a culture of fear and mistrust of Moscow.

The 'knee-jerk Russophobia' is being propelled by a furious few, some of them making a very good living from it, thank you very much.

Simultaneously denouncing 'misinformation' - and making up their own stories - underqualified and overzealous Kremlin critics are bringing back decades-old suspicions and stereotypes.

From announcing the 'new' Cold War, to celebrity endorsements... RT rates the top 10 Russophobes.

1. John McCain: The life-long Russophobe
© Aaron P. Bernstein / Reuters
Lifetime award
First place is also a lifetime achievement award for services to Russophobia. John McCain is a veteran, and failed presidential candidate, and boy does he have it in for Moscow.

Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorists have murdered, maimed, raped and abused tens of thousands. But, according to McCain, President Vladimir Putin is more dangerous.

McCain spends much of his energy these days pushing for as many sanctions against Russia as Congress can stomach. We're not saying he's obsessed, but way back in 2005 he was trying to get Russia chucked out of the G8 when everyone else was still friends.

Comment: Well that didn't take long:
Russophobes react: RT's top 10 Kremlin critics celebrate validation of their existence

RT's list of top 10 Russophobes has been greeted with joy on social media by the lucky few who made the cut, most seeing it as proof that at least someone has taken notice of their years of relentless, baseless Russia-bashing.

Number 1 on RT's list was Senator John McCain. Who else? The veteran Russophobe and former presidential candidate certainly knows what losing feels like, so he was very happy to find he'd bagged the much-coveted top spot.

No tweet from NATO, which came second, but the alliance is still stuck in the Cold War era so is probably not quite as Twitter-savvy as the rest.

Louise Mensch popped her head over the parapet of paranoia to say thanks for the validation. She even pinned the list at the top of her page.

Silence from Hillary Clinton. She may have written something, possibly on the wrong server.

Ed Lucas and Anne Applebaum were 5 and 6 on our list. Lucas seemed pretty happy about his inclusion and was kind enough to point out a factual error, so thanks for that. He was clearly content that everything else was true though.

We've heard nothing from Morgan Freeman and Rob Reiner. They're most likely waiting for the script to tell them what to say.

BuzzFeed tweeted this.

We're not able to confirm whether it is a coded response to their ninth place on the list.

But most heartwarming of all is analyst Molly McKew. She was so over the moon that her rantings have been recognized, her timeline consists of no fewer than eight tweets or retweets linked to her 10th place. We can expect her to be working hard to move up that list.

Apologies go to the hardcore Russophobes who failed to make the cut. There's always next year. You know who you are!


Comedian sets out to insult the flag of every country on Twitter

© Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Vexillology is the study of the history and symbolism of flags, or just an interest in flags in general - so, if you're a Vexillologist I recommend you look away now.

Award winning comedian Ken Cheng has recently taken on the rather mammoth task of disrespecting every flag, from every country, one by one.

He's doing it on Twitter and it's going down very well indeed.


How Nasa responded to fears the world was going to end September 23rd

© RomoloTavani / iStock
We hope you don't have too much planned for today, because the world's going to end... Apparently.

Some conspiracy theorists believe that today is indeed the "Rapture", triggered by the alignment of several planets and constellations.

The sun and Jupiter will be in the constellation Virgo, and Venus, Mars and Mercury will be in Leo. This is allegedly a one-in-7,000-years occurrence, and is supposedly a fulfilment of a sign in the bible's Book of Revelation.

The rumours also involve a mythological planet called Nibiru, which will apparently crash into earth and wipe us out. But it was also supposed to do that in 2003 and 2012 - who knows what's keeping it.

In other words, there's a whole lot of conspiracy theories floating around online right now.



Satire: Jordan Peterson refuses to pander to Pennywises delusions

© Beaverton
Controversial U of T psychology professor Jordan Peterson once again ignited a public furor last night, refusing to refer to a popular Stephen King-based horror film by the gender-neutral pronoun "IT", on the grounds that the titular character, Pennywise the clown, is obviously a "HIM."

According to eyewitnesses, Peterson spent 12 minutes holding up the box office line at Toronto's Varsity Cinema while he repeatedly requested VIP room tickets for "HIM", to the confusion of numerous employees.


Family films three kangaroos 'squaring up and hitting each other' in neighborhood garden

© Newsflare
The 'fight' appears to go in slow motion to start with
The family came across the three roos as they drove down a quiet street in Australia at night

A brawl of the marsupial kind has been caught on camera on somebody's front lawn. A family came across the three kangaroos apparently fighting as they drove down a quiet street in Australia at night.Footage shows the group of animals squaring up to each other in the battle, which took place in the front garden.

The family stayed safely inside their car as they spotted the trio of raging roos on the other side of the road.

Two of the animals appear to box in slow motion as the video starts, jumping and slinging their arms. The third then gets involved, and they push one another before one kicks out with its powerful back legs.

Cell Phone

5 reasons your Facebook feed is useless

© Dinendra Haria/REX/Shutterstock/Metro
Just put the phone down.
Before writing this, I took a moment to scroll through my Facebook feed.

I don't do it often, and the five-minute browse was a welcome reminder why - Facebook sucks you in, and not in a good way.

Can you ever imagine for a minute that on your death-bed, you'll be thinking to yourself, 'I really wish I'd spent more time on Facebook'? No.

So for anyone who wastes hours a week on Facebook, here are five things I just saw in my feed, to remind you why you should probably put down your phone and do something else.


Formula One cars to run on broccoli insists new vegan champion!

© Formula One
Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton has told his Mercedes team he will only continue to drive for them if they develop an engine that runs on vegetables, after turning vegan in order to save the planet.

Hamilton issued the ultimatum just hours after his victory in Singapore put him 28 points clear at the top of the Formula One championship.

"It's time to do something to save the planet, and that something is for me to go vegan," explained the enthusiastic new vegan who just couldn't wait to tell you about it.

"Of course, some people will say it's my private jet flights and gas-guzzling cars that are destroying the planet, and that might be doing some harm, but really, it's that steak you had last night that is killing us all.


Mark Steel: We need to hear all sides of the story in the Grenfell Tower inquiry, not just one-sided anti-fire views from the residents

© Steve Bell
Whatever else the Grenfell Tower inquiry reveals, it ought to commend the efforts of the local council to rehouse the survivors; there are 196 families in need of accommodation and already permanent places have been found for two of them. At this rate, they'll get the whole lot sorted in only 24.5 years.

Government Minister Sajid Javid explained: "We mustn't force families into snap decisions; we must work at the pace that suits the needs and circumstances of residents."

This considerate approach must be the reason for the gentle pace of rehousing, because the last thing a family needs after its home has burned down is having to make a snap decision about whether to move into a new home, or stay in a bed and breakfast with nowhere to cook or eat or live. Then they'll have to make more snap decisions such as which cupboard to put their cups and saucers in. They don't need that after all they've been through, so it's heartening that the authorities have been so sensitive.

Theresa May did promise a slightly quicker rate of rehousing, originally promising that all would be "rehoused permanently within three weeks". But she clearly meant the three weeks at the start of March 2041 so we shouldn't be critical.

Comment: Crazy Marxists want to give homes to Grenfell survivors. Thankfully, we live in a fair capitalist society


Jennifer Lawrence is the voice of crazy in a world gone crazy!

Jennifer Lawrence: "I's is smart."
Jennifer Lawrence is the darling of mainstream media who can do and say no wrong. She continues that streak in this expose by Paul Joseph Watson by showing off her comedic abilities, even when she's not trying to by funny.