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Thu, 18 Jan 2018
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The Millennial job interview

stressed woman
© Daniel Brea
How a job interview with the typical millennial might go...


Heroic street dog saves woman from mugger (VIDEO)

Brave dog stops woman being robbed by thug in the street
© Podgoricki Vermeplov
The man in yellow approaches the woman from behind before trying to mug her
No more proof is needed that dogs are amazing - but here's a clip of a heroic dog showing how brave they can be.

Incredible footage shows the dog leaping into action to defend a woman from a robber.

The video, filmed in Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, shows a man in a yellow hoody following a woman walking along a road.


Finnish broadcaster under fire over fake Soviet 'Battle Moose' story

Moose elk
Finland's national television and radio company Yle has come under heavy scrutiny for violating journalistic ethical guidelines for its notorious piece about "battle moose" the Red Army allegedly trained during WW2.

Finland's Council for Mass Media (JSN) claimed national broadcaster Yle violated a number of paragraphs of the Journalist Ethical Rules when it published an article about the Soviet Union allegedly training "combat moose" to attack the enemy.

A review of the story revealed that Yle's controversial article was based on an April Fool's joke published in Russian media in 2010. Not only did Yle fail to make corresponding remarks about it in the text, as required by the ethical rules, but it also used manipulated images to illustrate the story.

Fireball 5

Educational exercise: A meteor struck the grounds of a school in Northern Ireland

When the children of Castle Gardens Primary School, in County Down, Northern Ireland, came traipsing to school on Monday morning, they found a scene of devastation in the playground. Trees were wrecked. Asphalt was torn up. The police service were on hand, in emergency-response mode. There, in the middle of the yard, was a smoking bundle from outer space: a meteorite.

Grey Alien

Take me to your feeder: Birds with spooky dark eyes mistaken for aliens turn out to be barn owls

Birds with spooky eyes mistaken for aliens in India

Birds with spooky eyes mistaken for aliens in India
A video shared by Indian builders of so-called aliens turned out to be startled barn owls.

The feathery predators were filmed on a construction site in Visakhapatnam, capital of the south-eastern Indian state of Andhra Pradesh.

The builders who filmed them can be heard talking excitedly as two of the three owls stare at them with large dark eyes.

The birds are adolescents, just moving from being chicks into adulthood.


Red alert! Soviet war machine spotted in the River Medway!

Cold War-era Soviet submarine
© Paolo Fumo / RT
Kent seems an unlikely place to encounter a 1,950 tonne Soviet war machine. But don't be alarmed if you happen to spot U-475 'Black Widow' looming out of the river as you cross the Medway - the Cold War hasn't resumed and the Soviets aren't about to annex Strood.

Built in 1967, Black Widow saw active service with the Russian Baltic Fleet at the height of the Cold War. Although modest compared to Russia's latest Project 885 Yasen-class nuclear submarine, the U-475 was pretty formidable in its day, armed with 22 nuclear tipped warheads and 53 explosive mines.

But how did this cold warrior, built during the shoe-thumping premiership of Nikita Khrushchev, end up moored, of all places, in Rochester?


Children in Need charity celebrates raising 15% of Buckingham Palace refurbishing cost

Buckingham Palace
© Royal Collection Trust
Children in Need has raised a record-breaking £50.1m, which is about 15% of the amount the British taxpayer will spend refurbishing Buckingham Palace.

The astonishing amount, which is roughly £60m less than 650 MPs claim in expenses every year, will go towards providing vital assistance to children who everyone agrees should already be receiving it.

Prime Minister Theresa May congratulated the charity on raising a sum of money equivalent to 0.046% of what it will cost to renew a nuclear programme that deters absolutely f__k all.

Magic Wand

Neighborhood memorializes Tombili - beloved street cat, made famous on the internet

cat statue Istanbul
© Nevit/CC by-SA 3.0
Tombili, beloved cat of Istanbul's Ziverbey neighborhood
In a city crawling with cats, it takes a fabulous feline to truly stand out. Enter Tombili, a chubby white-bellied tabby cat with a peculiar penchant for slouching against steps rather than sitting atop them. His friendly nature made him a beloved resident of Istanbul's Ziverbey neighborhood. He was, as locals were quick to realize, a cool cat.

Tombili's fame spread beyond his usual haunts after an image of him lounging in his preferred pose went viral online and became a meme. In the picture, he leans against a step, one paw draped over his tubby white tummy while the other rests atop the concrete. He's poised as if about to ask a question, perhaps a casual inquiry about how long you've been coming to the neighborhood, before launching into his own life story.


Fun in any weather: Russian husky's snow tubing obsession

snow tubing dog Russia
© Youtube/Viral Video UK
Playing in the snow has never been more efficient!

After a decent snowfall in Volzhsky, this husky's owner decided to take his pup out for some fun. With the rope connected to his collar, the young dog gleefully slides down the hill and immediately runs the rubber donut back for round two!


Florida man arrested for DUI while riding his lawnmower

Kenneth Burton Alleshouse
Kenneth Burton Alleshouse
A man was arrested on a DUI charge last week in Port St. Lucie after police spotted him riding a lawn mower, carrying a case of beer and driving erratically on an access road.

A Port St. Lucie police officer spotted 56-year-old Kenneth Burton Alleshouse on Nov. 3 at about 6:15 p.m.

Comment: See also: Lakeland, Florida woman charged with driving under the influence - on horseback